BJ & Jamie: Fortune Cookie writers Block gold up the butt. 2/15

Wednesday, February 15th

The man who has been writing messages for fortune cookies is quitting..  He says he has writers block and just can’t think of anything to say anymore. And another Man was busted with 7 gold bars in his butt.



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Vijay and Jamie here's a headline Jamie and I are baffled her for a different reason than mine but listen. Fortune cookie writer of thirty years quit it's because of writer's block. After they say who has been out sergeants and you know Portuguese open them up and it says like you know. Whatever the one you love is closer than you think stuff like them. Yeah initially in your lucky numbers you're lucky numbers right exactly yeah but here's the thing is I'm looking net fortune cookies. Yeah they're four agents. Really easy and me how hard is it let me read some okay. Okay you give freedom to be in that I'm gonna try to explain. Your reluctant student to believe that this guy is completely burned out. You be hungry again in one hour. OK okay it's fairly different as a fairly accurate. The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese. From yeah yeah. And tis better to have loved and lost that's done it with steam and now you need penicillin. I don't think he wrote to the topic of the funniest. He's. These are these saying fortune cookie stuff. Says hey I'm not being snookered on that when I'm not really is yeah it's there is there really won't. I've never seen a fortune good use of he's married but spikes leave it be okay I've never ever seen and I. Right Ella you're gonna meet a woman later tonight name Betty. I've never seen that generally I don't think I don't think those are real okay. Does say an X are going to be part didn't don't you think you could write I could. Let me give you the details and carry this guys seems Donald Lyle. He has been writing. Fortune cookie fortunes. For over thirty years he works for one Tom's foods everybody has seen want on the outskirts error everywhere okay. He is what's called. This guy says quote high. I used to write over 100. A year. Which they get duplicated because you know you can't imagine a blood blood flow and this is over a thirty year period. But lately he says he's down to two or three a month because he cannot come up with anything new. Nothing fresh nothing no no new fortunes so he's gonna have to quit and turn it over to some young park okay. It's just too much. Yeah exhausted himself TV and to me it seems super easy night here's one. You're eating it for dignity. And there's one there. I just came up when that went deep. Do you realize how many fortune cookies are made every day the waiter called on your food as one. It can't be real they're not gonna give you fortune cookie that's this as a waiter just costlier food just to read a million of these. It suits one Don foods. They do four point five million cookies every. Hey every in every day. Hey dad meaning by that mean your consumed. Four point five million produced every man and I mean he's constantly having thrown away. How much are with the ocean be without sponges. Tough talk pop pop pop pop pop up. Cunanan's body aren't that that the real with the body. Is it iron. Courtesy is contagious so is syphilis. That's the truth. As that you are open of the continual but I. We're going to for Hillary's lead your family here again herpes alone Korea if Imus and I don't think I mean in your head right and yeah. Do I don't think it's thirty years so he's feeling I don't think I could walk into the office every day and they have to come up with symbols saying. Hundreds of times. In doing that for thirty years. I don't again I don't know maybe it could you don't need steal some. Again steal from the Internet. And they're certainly out there. Rather than who you haven't but are you say that you are you promoting cookie fortunes are fortune cookie plagiarism yeah. Realize. What the Internet these super easy Bryan Wright made and he takes some of the trump stuff from his tweets Alice brilliant OK it's going to be a big lead to eight today. Did you hit it. Huge you could go yeah. He was huge your future is huge exactly right you just steal from pot culture right and seemed to delay any Italy right through a week or whatever Barack. Throughout. Grazing hey tell us about that that was the golden is but he Sean. OK we have time for this story now. Yeah I wanna do something for you okay. All right I'm gonna walk a bit of a dual walk and you tell me why am walking like this OK okay I'm ready. What does end up getting got a couple of ambiguities in it. You have a bad knee note I got seven the gold bars in my but could. Well that explains it got caught a guy is busted. With seven gold bars in his butt and they ask hey how did you notice searched this guy and they said well you kind of walk in real phonies. Yes sir Stephen they felt you know he's gold bars I'd like in the movies yeah yeah he had said that up this guy. Out in the newly rectum so I. I read he adds that wrecked he had said that. Seven lob city at a swat teams kind of like lowered to the ground if I can imagine what kind of buckled that he was. That's got a well inaugural ball how do you even. Seniors stinker right debt so that's a good clinched it and what kind of free and this is to help she put a manner. I'm really deadline is hot solid. Well now to report parenthood. Wouldn't hear of it this race between four tiered Fred if it's. Pretty wiley to put seven. I mean he had Lara now is that you have lots of questions could you do. I know. The guys tell it's. It's a true story the guy was getting off the plate and I guess is is it India. Where gold is like the most valuable to anything in the country OK besides cow brains yeah very but a gold is like the more so than anything and so it's become a big deal in India. So the guy put seven gold bars up India. Wow I don't then got off the plane. Walking right there is that whole plane ride with them in there yeah the whole playwright to blue and there helps you couldn't not. Change we see more on Alex I.