BJ & Jamie: Fox News Books wrong guest. 7/24

Tuesday, July 24th

Fox News books the wrong guest.           

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Vijay and Jamie I don't know anything about the Fox News that lay went viral yesterday what happened but can't sit home. We have somebody screwed up in the media world that now. On Fox News so we all know how Fox News loves Donald loves you and we all have seen and hate. Yes so what they strategically do it is CNN will have anti trust people on Bryant and not to have. Some people. I don't it's just the way it words thousands and it's fine does it they have both sides so let me shoot for the audience that don't want to stay here whatever side they wanna hear right now and it worked exactly so they looked. Kirkpatrick and she's a former representative and she was there on Fox News talk about immigration and customs enforcement. OK so you figure you're gonna get the argument because it's Fox News of how we need to secure the border exactly and how that so what we need to even take greater steps to ensure that people illegally don't come into the country that's what you're expecting right. Yeah so I haven't heard the clip does she say surprise in the know how she doesn't say surprise he just jumps right into her topic and then after that tells you who's. OK so they think they think they have an they think they have in to Patrick. But they don't listen. And joining us now that candidate the only Democrat on stage to support ice and hurt Patrick tell why you do support ice. I'm actually here to speak directly to Donald Trump. I feel that what's happening at the border is wrong I'm a mother of four. And I believe that separating kids from their parents is illegal and inhumane. I'm actually Barbara Italian Emma state senator representing a lot of him in your community and running for conduct in Massachusetts. Did he cut her off the. It is. There yet that's the clip they do is kinda give is that clue about how the whole thing a couple open at. I can I mower but I'll flooding here yeah. How they abruptly get out of it and didn't what their explanation is because clearly they didn't they did get today because they are just as a enter Patrick and looked at this lady was automation you won't soon denounced the president and as she is what ride into it. Was it he would personally. Happen I don't know. And how did you not know that was and dramatic event today and called it let me say they tried to melt. It's so weird. It's a weird look at the old clips to worry about you and that was it that went viral yes everybody was freaking out about that don't want New York. Oh OK okay if you were to leave that separating kids from their parents is illegal and inhumane. I'm actually Barbara Italian I'm a state senator representing a large immigrant community and running for clients in Massachusetts. Yeah and then they can't just go right back so yeah I. It took so much admire it and yeah. Somebody yeah. So. When you've got somebody when your book people on the phone that you can we do that like you know when you have to think they can pull the rug out from Monday. And I guess you know average former representative send out. Well yeah but it's it's I don't know why it's so what does it do the homework caddie gets big switcheroo like yes Sutherland real Robin Ria front and it is. Did you. Who is this okay I'm ready okay thank you might actually come back to her and they do know he had that they realized. Again my name is partly Italian and I refused to believe that Iraq only and are and try at the car. All right let's have them go back yet I'm I. The you. Shenanigans. Boy I don't hit the. Do you fired the still hot where you should see them they're playing these beautiful people on fox morning news now and then like America at that. They think that they have they did you these students yeah. Is wallet then yeah I know. Each inch and more on Alex I.