BJ & Jamie: FOX31 played the Hubba Hubba song on the 9pm news. 2/22

Thursday, February 22nd

The Voice of the Train Jeremy Hubba Hubbard song made it on the news last night. They also talked about Jamie’s crush on Jeremy.


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Vijay and Jamie I think just saw on this journey Hubbard saying I think this thing's a hit that dot Robert yeah. That's what I hear I hear that it's a circulating everywhere and when it really so is the deal Jeremy Hubbard is now my pretend boyfriend he doesn't know he's my boyfriend. That's being pretend he knows your easiest your pretend. It does not that you know yeah he's not participating so he's up for being the voice said. For the the voice of the trunk and TI yeah yeah so Richard. Murphy created the best song ever. And you can vote Jeremy online. You know before we finish this yeah. I did see at last night on fox 31 because I guess Jeremy and the crude they played this song and played a portion of this song. I'll bet you didn't play any of the Jamie parts. And let Cleveland a heartless at the very beginning yeah. Do you think that doing because he's dreaded trap of his you have support he has some boats you think this part here played. And hold on for departure tomorrow. They didn't play any. Thank you all back you up. Our devastated how easy stuff never got on fox thirty. If I'm wrong you can call us and tell us we didn't see evidence yet we didn't see. We've hurdle over this morning that it was played last night Jeremy you know trimming up some votes for himself have rights but I'll bet you'd Cheney's name on. Out at a much like that movie did remember Curacao RBI anywhere on the cutting room unless I. I do you remember. It's our next hour. Well I don't NS it was and then move and Mark Wahlberg yeah is starring Mark Wahlberg judge granted Jamie why Jamie that's sold much you know movie footage for that then yeah they cover up it got her. As an effort like five seconds. But the politics now and those are great the show but if you find out from callers somebody that saw it last night or whatever let us know okay. I thought well Becky Cheney's name never got on here we may have choosing doing that wins the final votes got to be and a. I down by then so if you're wondering how you can vote for whoever isn't the voice of the train. By the way I think it's been Jeremy Hubbard when you guys all happy have you heard his voice I like Ellen Roche boondoggle would cheered and then TH you know Allen has been there before he's currently at right yeah that would -- exactly Arlington new voice. Right this is 100 what's I think to him that it's you know he's right judge. Yes yes I look at our ten. And the damage to BJ into any that might sound and but. I don't I don't have. Yeah I don't I didn't watch in Natick keeper and they admitted that they. A big bowl started the yes you bet he still in love with her that the know you've got droves and they they mentioned. Yellow imagine that W column I guess yes is a dating a black cease. Who's a loser. Why wouldn't that dollar to donuts that I'm taking it he completely. Because his wife put fortunate. You would happen but I'm not home and it made me donating his. And he made it is problems they have some of the Internet. At. This. Tend to him Tim keep him too when you saw last night that you did you know exactly where they came from. Our way out of debt little guys put whatever order. And and you look at says Jeremy Hubbard eat eat get my vibrate like you gotta like him do it. I really really don't. Think. Well five. And that's it. There's no hope for the CIA yet voice guiding millions of me by actually levied rat you ran right you don't have to love and like I love them the right at sign that's fine. Okay thank you Dan I. There you go and they've left when he. While I feel we should the Celtics go and all I hear like you know. I mean. How did any talent have been married is truly a landmark Korea like get bored with the Jones yeah I don't know I don't know I can bring some spice Frontline yeah yeah yeah you good a ploy to avoid and you don't buy it. Word. It's a storms what I toilet I left but this storm. Stiller is how much the weather channel everything that is stored it I've ever that's like you know sleet storm or government but at that at it it. Reality. I don't have to tap OK okay listen let's go I bet. I bet Jeremy Hubbard and his wife that had that you know that plateau and Eddie Lambert though. Iowa the land and then you're like bullet go and subway and then NCAA. I didn't mean to lean did you wander the conversation and and sale that's the reason it left decisions because you're giving us credit for. You know hood who trumping up some votes for him that's what it is it's not a love faith if if you think yeah. Yeah I think they secretly leg may be thinks of me in night in Illinois alone with himself. And he does not out. Okay. Denver International Airport. The doors are closing. Her departure to home. Now let's trade is arriving. Please keep clear and hold on. Les Jackson and follow signs to ground transportation and baggage claim. In each weekday morning on Alex I.