BJ & Jamie: Frog may not be the best pets. 8/15

Tuesday, August 15th

BJ has some words for Jamie. You see Jamie has a bad track record with pets and Bj is a pet lover, well a couple weeks ago she got two tadpoles  and got a big tank for them and now they have lost interest. It seems the Tadpoles are not very exciting at all and you have to hit the tank to get them to move and she is sick of cleaning the tank.. Her question today is…  would it be ok to set them free in the creek behind her house.


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PGA NG game. Or oil what do you mean but the mean what do you mean what do I need to put an angry about you what let out. Nine unit and NAFTA you know me it is stickers you're angry the. The united get to think that's what it is you know at a punch buttons or not push the buttons punched the buttons punch the card well you know how to get to me. But I do now. I love that's odd. I love pets I hate her so I have here you go again we're going down that road once again. It makes me angry or is it okay I made the decision and I. Yes I guess you have you witness said it to me I have some questions. About John McCain hang on let me explain it. Jamie yep that's me is a pitiful. Poor excuse of a Taylor. She's not had a good history and that's why does it have died about where I got into a game and alive Iggy still lives gave it away and a Santa got mauled by coyote it does happen. You know Clifford B he gave away the dog remember had a dog you want to find too he's happy as can be all yet he was really happy plaguing the art with your child before you gave up a white again Chris. Yeah I mean we have a list of the things. And actually what I eat and was that turtle yeah the turtle in Tippett did have been flown helps if you see them. No I start to see I think what happened is I thought he was dead but he is really. Hibernating so so that didn't work out and then it and there are. Let's see what us to have some might moment cap I love that cat men and never I'm collar rat island that was at Iowa was no I had him for eleven years. About. She's turned to him maybe a month ago six weeks ago. Jamie TV and and I was just all of happy and excited because she'd found new pets pores on yet. Harry let her. Mary and Larry the dad. Balls coupled frogs lord Ted Olson at that time. Bought deal made a beautiful beautiful Condo the it's gorgeous yeah it's a beautiful place Palin didn't inside her house and yet but I mean I got a new rock. I expanded their living facility there in like a mini me each and. It's beautiful and of the news for day these centers have the that this morning she walks in and says any page you know lot. Frogs are boring I think. Cock Booker who can't have a way up there bar. They have dabbled that we got we got that back to school or beyond the blackboard or whatever that they still there. These polls even of their day or not because they get. They gave frozen like half an hour. And then they don't live. And he hadn't yet decided that they get in there I'd pay either. There are days I have those days for Russ it recliner on frozen Arctic concept is sitting hysteria stuff that's how the frogs you'd like them you guys to be friends. So they don't do a lot and then they just pee in the tank. And I'm always change in the rocket change in the water and that's what my legs become so my question is this I have and then be going. Lol it's coming I got a feeling it's already done is where I would've brought it out it's not done a promise that we be here this showing finally shine I'm a. So my expression as we have a little creek in the back. Nice it's it's the nature it's a creek it's nature yet it's from where they came from more than like more than likely temple common trick. I was thinking about maybe. Do those mutual hall wild kingdom moments where. You know you rehab that the dolphin you could that they Ben Aaron in our in a rehab a monkey and and then you just set him free. In the name brand. They go live life yeah under the stars and breaching a creep. An eye on the other hand Sean if that's beautiful let's just take a moment this is picture. Too little frogs in a once in captivity and then it could be up and it didn't open. Yeah hit pretty popular. No. You're gonna be lunch and dinner. They really don't want them as a snack they've never tiny endeavor Bennett creek they never lived in the wild. Can't change what gotten out of frog expert and I'm telling you right now you are on you're on a mission to put these frauds until their last league. They are so tiny nothing can even eat them nothing and if I was of any third anything can get him lol lol they're district. Though he never served lunch yeah do you think this is murder. That. It is murder it's inhibiting. Can it's okay. Into the and he just couldn't Craig's list. Pop out just what he thought you know I'm still IC Matt tools and. Well yes that's our right right right let's say he put those to add pulls out there Sean deterred what are your chickens lose what's gonna. Go. And dipped it objects at any farm it's gonna go after these frauds not I think that that environment that she's speaking it would probably be held and it plays for these ten to grow right that you get paid to say that looked into that are there frog lives I. Start at about animals and and their protection before you think about your payroll tax. Yeah I am so actually he's he's begin freeway on the growing anymore. He just raised it just a bit more but I don't think you understand the resiliency of samples being yeah. Guys you know these girls are jerky they're meant to transform in Matamoros the size in their own life so. For them their very strong that's actually an out into the why it's gonna stride and they're gonna eat yeah. Over they're gonna prosper. You letting the frogs who have a beautiful baby bottles right now well they have a beautiful. A Condo in it then that mean they're they're living conditions are habitat is absolutely gorgeous. Not saying apple that they can swim in and out of it all feel like time. They move they Lovelace I don't know I mean it's a fake I know ceramic pineapple and women and now the I think you're doing a disservice by keeping him in that. Because I also have a Mitt like a little ceramic surf board they hit the stretch they never get on the relating to now there offended by that are twenty. And Vijay wants to keep them backed keep them in an idea may have my Rhode Island since. Agree to take it because I think nuclear power they eat something that you got for you when your son and it's a responsibility and it's a responsibility that he gets old would you would you just turn it looks OK go gull up. But drugs you know I thought. Go oh yeah I hop. As like boyfriend gets Adam conflict here around me. Newmont is like that it is really gets a boyfriend so much and like oh my god I'm calling me no way into the negative knew what. And same thing with frogs from pets to get. Not know my son to hedgehog not saying oh get any editing and John he would take care of it don't TI. The frogs are kids yet until tonight and where they're in the greatly. Up Mary Curtis up McCurry yes they are they don't even know it until Atlanta brought one. That's golf but it sounds like amber and I don't think it can't. I product and I just on the right hand on the I got too much going on Syria there's a way I look at I got dogs I got all the stuff going on the the other heads and yeah. I'm sport that is right idea on your will stay and read by your recliner Likud. It big tonight light could stare each other than they have a lightning does turn on the light turn on the line in India and and I look at them frozen they look at me frozen in. Medical. Argument amongst T one M they'll take them out and hey don't put decree. There. In reducing Huntsman and I'm looking at first nearly and Rollins from extra perks drugs neighbor. Don't bring those frogs that you wouldn't yeah. At. Indy we did Morton's. Now it's nice nice.