BJ & Jamie: George Clooneys Crash was just like one BJ had once. 7/11

Wednesday, July 11th

George Clooney was in a scooter accident yesterday in Italy and it was a pretty bad crash. A car pulls right in front of him and George slams into the front of the car at 60MPH.    

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Vijay and Jeanne. American actor and director George Clooney was reportedly injured it. She's state. Italy's keep magazine reported that Clinton was leading his compel the Olympics are deep guilt a scooter when he crashed into a small truck. State news agency on the city was taken to a hospital of leader this torch with a slick contusion on his knee. All of this including two game lead in the medical drove to new York and thirteen need to build a miniseries based on Joseph Heller's catch 22. The accident meanwhile remains under investigation yeah paint you can see the video. Wow. Yesterday when we first heard of this accident that happened. It was Jesse Daiei has front tire banged into a car. George kind of flipped over on the side eat it what's the hospital checked him out he went home a mall at his side no big deal. Bit later in the show yesterday we started seeing pictures just Mercedes was this a pretty gut. And I thought while they did me a little bit more of an impact then the video comes out. Wow. George Clooney literally was a bug on the windshield he sure was I mean he was sure. Again there estimating maybe sixty miles per hour on his scooter. They see hit this car and then they said that he flew up twenty feet in the air but I can't really because of that the numbers in the video but they said he include twenty feet there. That's the number they game he did fly there's no doubt about this when you watch the video you see a Mercedes were over into an oncoming lane. But first scooter should still the right and misses the car. George Clooney is right behind that scooter any hay on the he had on yeah. I'm instant that I. And I like I told you guys earlier I didn't you watch the video the first time because I was like it's a watched George Clooney's accident and only and in whatever and I just scroll direct. But the beach is like no you've got as she that's how does god live dis crazy. T he country us and said he's. Answer you that he's got the need to be jumped up that scooter get a flip on the air. Yet is often of course always. And you get of those who blight Dana Williams. Yeah and you know an Alley cats and you'll put that to that video you latency and the. I've never had a car accident said that they said he said I'll I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine and then he'll start filming again in two days. Have you really violent car accident. I did and a motorcycle accident just like what he was it doesn't hurt really bad about mu three leagues later on later is hurt the next day. I did then you find out other things are hurting junior it well I don't. Jamie I had almost the exact same thing in. It's weird because I'm looks so much like Tony Hunt almost easier it was completely on his scooter to. No I was on any Harley-Davidson's tired I writer real millions of borrowers. I don't know why. I. Think about. I was looking at this month to vote young. Out of this it was Bradley Honda. It was all Harley did a hundred gold wing like Princeton rooms. With the roll bars on the sides I'm coming down Graham avenue where they don't. Island is village crash margins since the virus is an item like that. The SEC Bernstein. And infants where I was his passion detail. I'm in Phoenix Arizona I'm coming down grand avenue and this lady pulls out in front of the old lady all old Abby and old. She pulls out in front of me and see. Jamie I go across her hood into her windshield. Rolling over onto the asphalt but I survived ice about I'd. I'm you left quite a dent. It was a big by a corset. And put up. Should we care about my life didn't I can say OK I have I did I it. You ought to put it he asked what he didn't understand because he read bitch and a bike it's true yeah I think that's true you would he get them not motorcycle line of yeah it's really bad. Had his hand them in the bars only on some girl's hips or your I. Was a lady in the chuckle at what is 00104. Down. 01 downpour that kind of know that and it's days shifting on a moment then years went down neutral what did know because you've never done. Well she told me she explained it as Friday. Something the just let me take it when people sit courtside remembers them you want tells C store that unfortunately they're all true. Now I know they're just sat still and ice which. By the way that the story is this a short picked up some loose get one night to expand does that tonight whether it and the next day he had take that tell walk Shimon it was the right of shape and she's a biker like the thin and he's not a biker guy. So to get him back to his place after his night of. He had to crawl on the back of the motorcycle and hang on to her waist CC brown. Aren't she rainy my home this hearty stews hot mama blues. The literal picture yeah. Hope things you do and are 21 you had to pay to a volunteer. Who know me a ride with just two weeks ago would have. Yeah puff up. Each in the importance on Alex I.