BJ & Jamie: Girl Scout Cookies at Pot Shops. 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th

It is Girl Scout Cookie time and this year the Girl Scouts have allowed them to sell their cookies in front of Liquor stores and even the legal Pot shops.       


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Vijay and Jamie. You posted this yesterday it. Actually the first it was a sought. In this Girl Scouts bill and yes so large so as large yet the audience I do okay. An eleven year old. Well sound is making the most of California's relaxed loss for marijuana use her cookie sales are through the roof thanks in large part to her new. Go to location. She set up shop right outside Urban League marijuana dispensary. They dance as they sold more than 300 boxes six hours outside the store over the weekend. Uma must just large pool while he had just set up pregnant friend that marijuana blades and his cell 300 by president Kennedy's this. Has been an ongoing joke at the marijuana became legal in most states Colorado included right where people of joked about you know a lot of great place to sell put David gypsum blah blah blah. Finally. Girl Scouts they may decide hey it is a good idea. So they show up there at a pot dispensary in sales growth. Now I haven't heard it I guess even Conant mentioned it last night on on television here's what he had to say about adamant her yeah okay. In San Diego physicals Presidio a girl scout is in trouble. For selling cookies outside illegal we dispensary. However the girl isn't worried because she is now worth 200 million dollars. They. That Girl Scouts didn't love it. Oh really Agassi if that it is dated love it won't do they put out rules to how particular earn your match. Yes because right now boost sales are going on with the the only door to door sales and so the Girl Scouts can put their little way wagon loaded with car at cookies and then take it through the neighborhoods and businesses are gonna stop and pop stores so they were in their wagon op premises so it was completely okay it was. Within the rules. Well I I guess that girl's death and then they didn't like the now plummet they don't love the idea of a but but but they were within the rules because they did not attain. That's safer than going door to door with some creep yakking. And aunt and out shot the you mentioned that we we talked about just just a little bit off the year and you mentioned that you saw yesterday now make sure that we got is correct because I had to elect hear your point elect him as a you say you saw a girl scout with setting up shop there table in cookies. Outside the front door of a liquor store yesterday. I saw them out front of the liquor store yes. I'm up. I had a chance I saw one yesterday in front that does this make series though I guess is it was as strip mall. It was a symbolic restore them now who is in the end it. It ends up like he saw bulls all by itself freestanding store by itself in the corner of the parking lot they were out there in front. And now I think about they may have had a wagon and not a table but they were out front selling cookies but I don't now. I was just shot climbing out of him and think about it it and then yesterday I saw them in front of the native roots dispensary there in my neighborhood. Because you're at the store next to affect how. Having cookies Juba. I didn't buy any mop the amount to an all hands on the puck Stewart yeah yeah. To tell Leo he is still I was still only seaweed started to strip mall right and right next it was a is a health food store at. And I illusions I and she handles door right. And Aaron Boone. I thought ma. We stewards have to be like separated. Oh no no no no that minister all they can be ran alarm rose two hours there's you nevermind that she did say that there's some I know of that are like that picnics. And the girls and that's next door to the lakers were the same building that's almost perfectly at that it would not all most expect. A utility that. He saw the Girl Scouts outside this dispenser I did Amy and promised in the low liquor store and a standalone written and bills fields are going to be happy now. Nephew Boston yeah well that's within there. Then Hendrix with that written British guy he can really add it. We do that outpace it in my biggest question it gently there were talking about this all there my biggest question is weren't parents. They stayed there on the scene with them are the in the not always well I saw that shouldn't it was just a little girl. Does all buyers tell ourselves that you probably don't let him go nowhere are there I don't know. Put put my little girl out there in front of that pot store and or liquor store I really don't even with her I still probably wouldn't do that got across allied them passes agree with you I'm gonna say they do am I wrong about this with a five stating that with my little girl and her wet it. We're not gonna be standing in front of a liquor store or hospice that the app is say that's. It. Don't even want somebody taking her picture dire. If you think that's a great he's so instead they could easily post this they're gonna I'll look at this you're outside of the putts don't and they take her picture in the post that now my daughter is out there all the social media selling these cookies improbable plot store. I don't think I want. But the problem is not now now it's a thing and now avid going to be doing that because that thing and it worked and you know how competitive Girl Scouts are. She is Gordon for a stuffed animal like you can't believe. It but I don't know what the prizes are this year that when you know. I told them there was a wailed there was stuffed whale and there was a T shirt and a pay and Iran and remain as competitive stuff man this. You've got to get the price. And I'm sure learn that the signals are just skyrocketed me and my taxes skyrocket. Yeah but I. I don't get outs of it yet this is a cult. They go to BJ JB. Hey BJ gaming. I am a true leader the girl catcher and the Governor Patrick. On his right. Totally within the confines of archer girls that we can talents aren't about pretending liquor store. A strip club or a pot but it a little bit here where it. Little YouTube like not my. Told her my girl scout you're speaking on behalf of the girls guild's association of America right now and it's I don't think I would go. They trust the bridge from being in a brownie to a girls get out run yeah. People know how. A. Now. You left JPEG could. You've got though did you call. Does not good for jobs story. There. That's what you're worried about. That. That cultural and you're right. Shot of liquor start it up to an end to eat should. JB you're right any new dot your girls. And you. It during the call I didn't even know let me know. In this day and age of social media look at this little girl and seeing Diego if you've got a girl standing in front of a liquor stores selling cookies what stops any person walking up finding it just a little bit. It Dana let's say OK they take a picture post to social media it's going everywhere not a good. They're. Always did they. Re not sure if. Something met on record here but more important when she's got a T. It hit that act. Of days ago you want. Each inch. And more on Alex. I.