BJ & Jamie: Gun debate in the news, Trump Listening Session. 2/22

Thursday, February 22nd

The number one story in the news right now is the debate over guns and gun violence. The schools are going to start having armed guards at schools to try to help with this but is banning guns really the way to go?   


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Vijay and Jamie there's something very serious news that we're not a serious show you can tell right. But don't ask questions to him because everybody's talking about it. This Gundy. Don't want this school shootings happen in Florida and everything right in other talking about arming some teachers you know and we're done about teachers in schools that if they are you know they at least there's something there that's gonna deters somebody from. Actually coming into the school do what happened in Florida. But but they're talking about teachers that are. Doesn't savvy they have concealed permits they know what the hell are doing the got background checks that just that but psychological luck exams are taken. Are you. For it or against it. In fact judges and the France and that did you see that in nab Broward County there at this and Florida actually gonna start carrying. Let's hear what an like rifles. They carry rifles deputies will carry rifles on the grounds of local schools and Broward Broward County after around the Florida thing happen. I only Debbie these are qualified and train look here rifles on school grounds including they are fifteenth. They're good kids they are fifteen knew exactly what they say hey you come into our school it where we're going to be able to fight back we're gonna carry the same rifle. But but I would just say an overall let's just say that I. I think it's a great idea good take what. Let me tell you why because you know and I know when you see those guards walk in you know anywhere with it and it's anywhere with a huge doesn't. You don't excellent. You don't have them we have are airports armed we have all these places armed I mean any government offices armed everything everything is arm but not a school's. This could be as you debate now look we're not looking for you to argue with a it's we're not looking for. You know you give us the counterargument here Arendt and let's debate known London and its that this is our opinions. In you if you opinions. This could be a really big big debate over the next couple months except it's gonna happen. Here's what I would say is I would go to our FaceBook page I posted the most. Amazing speech by man who lost his daughter is harder did you watch it but it's good. He really I can't I can't believe he could stand there and have a point. And I would be just so in a fetal position that a week via and he has agreed to any basically I stole what he said which is we arm you know we. Armor he was upset because he said when I came here there was an armed guard in the elevator he's been in the elevator but my child was protected at a school right. And I looked there are many options CD you know with the sheriff's department this thing in Broward County with the AR fifteen sits. The these people are gonna call all these security people are gonna carry. And arming teachers are a lot of different options out there. And I just wondered how you felt about the schools end and guns actually being there ask for protection for the children. Because there are lots of people. That are totally against. Any firearm. Ever being on a camp. Luckily in the Douglas county sheriff's department goes to speak at my son's school you love. He loves checkered there he you know they love that he in the car's never and that because they speak a different things like drugs and honest I'm an assembly. In love what I what I see them there it makes it feel like they're all protected. Think it's a good thing I had a team it's a good thing to look at that this option because. Got to do something I never at any other people know you know who morgans don't help guns but eat you have to you have to outnumber these psychosis. I mean he did it and I think it all you have to do is plant to seat and some. 1718. Year old kid's mind it's always a male. A 1718 years old troubled kid you know is that there is a profile here. You gotta quit the seed in their heads and if I walk into this facility here is a good chance about ten or twelve people and their have guns. It's got to stop the adding I think they're gonna think twice before they go when they're alone with one god. What don't you think I mean acting don't you think like after and this is again I'm stealing all this from that demand. Whose daughter dad he said look after 9/11 we fixed it now it's a mean. What a pain in the butt to get on the airplane right yet and taken off our shoes and others remember when we used to get an airplane into the bottle water we can take a bottle water. Yeah you know this again and steer a plagiarizing everywhere he said but but he's saying that my kids this keeps happening at schools. If you wanna see a move video today that really is moving what's that guy speaks there this guy. This guy is a he's a pro gun guy he's a he's I think he's a Republican to. But boy he speaks from our teachers or such death and that is one of the best speeches because he lays it out is like this is ridiculous. We've got to do something and I agree with sudden he has to beat dot. It's got to be dug it out of concealed carry guy but so it's got to be done but you gotta protect these kids are. I hope so maybe we're not fair because we both have guns yeah so maybe we don't understand people that don't arm themselves. Can put guns and no I know incident that we both arms bought it. But we have a different mentality maybe than people that it may be the Donald Lee and even borrowing them in the house. Here's here's what I would say is that if you if you listen to our show and don't be angry we're just having a discussion here. If you believe in just no guns no guns no guns the guns you're living in a fantasy world. You're never gonna get rid of all the guns you're not gonna do what they'll but he's go to do that. So how do you know what's the sensible thing to do net. That's where we are the problem right you're asking people it. That's where we are let's use common sense. Yes that's all I'd. I believe that that's just me I think that you know. It's just like I said the guy said you know we're at 9/11 we fixed immediately. But this keeps happening at schools in learn not fixing it. That video and didn't Jamie was telling me that massive walk out yesterday of students. Who. I'd like the way you cut your eyes at the clock and you wouldn't you for kids and the car that what a horror or who's close the end but kids are walking out and they support you know as far as you know that especially in Florida. That they went to the ties to that they all know why they're walking out exactly let me tell a similar in the middle school had to block an. And I bet they had a math test. I gotta let us all you got eleven to twelve year old kids walking a little. I don't think it's like teacher but I bet you he. Said I doubt I I had I was like. The award. There are. In the immortal on Alex I.