BJ & Jamie: Hackers take over air plane on runway, and iPhone hack. 11/14

Tuesday, November 14th

There is a story out this morning of a hacker that was able to hack in and take over a Boeing 757 while it was sitting on the runway getting ready to take off.. The airlines say there is no immediate danger. Hackers from  Vietnamese security firm have already hacked the brand new iPhone X face recognition security.


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Vijay and gene and I read the story to you yesterday from the Estrich the wire here for the when the website up but I read a story to. Pretty scary about that airplane now. And I area. And believe well I believe he sometimes I didn't really believe it until I read it. Your reaction was the same reaction I had in my head about that Jeep when they took over the G controls this is about hackers. So you guys Aubrey unity I didn't believe Intel actually came out to be a ban public. Information you do half of the breaking and I do of the pre does actually to me this like funny out of a reader can. I mean I just read greenery and. A group a security researchers remotely hacked a Boeing 757. Aircraft without the pilot even knowing that if I was. Part to think about this all right so here you are you're on the tarmac. You're actually a one Leo bloom at least there. And you've got to airplay your full people. And you're sitting up there and you would the other co pilot evaluating attorneys kickback yeah house alive until it. A bit and any good multi lightly and. All of a sudden playing instruments start lighting up in the playing. Well beat starts movie he is now. It had been taken over so homeland security's cyber investigator he wanted to see if he could do. And so it was kind of like his challenge with the stunning ninety. Feel like to take over passenger jam on the runway. And as I know you can't they're great kids Baird took a peek at the Gannett. So there is a practice. Can we get we get. I know it takes quite a bit take over an airplane that's the key to getting him to abduct these are easier. Yeah okay excellent so we did and sure enough right on the runway right on the runway. At the airport in Atlantic City, New Jersey he takes over the ability to apply and control ace Kevin 57 PM. And I just screwed up my computer that's. Crazy but he I would diddle you bring in the Kiewit you know there was Jeep story. That wasn't that long ago did he have some prototype out there that they were trying to do with a like a driver less cars something it's some hacker took that sucker. Look at that sucker over and ran it right into the ditch yes so that's the scary part about this now. Knowing as saying hey hey hey it's un unlikely. And that word unlikely. To indicate a major threat to the airlines. And how I don't want the word unlikely. Used when it says about hacking airplane I want them to say there's no way in hell this kidnapped exactly island sand like. No unlikely is a bad bad word it's there are bad because recovery is no doubt it happened. Richard so for them to say what they're basically saying it's okay you know wat he did he act any got control the airplane. But that doesn't mean he could have flown that he couldn't meet something bad. Sit down. Us remember the other person took airplane over they went into this seats. And then they started I am you do and all the stuff that's what I've heard that the computer screens are in front of you here and somehow he hacked into it with his computer and to go over the plane in the air. The amendment that I'm in long time now in yes so this isn't it. If they can do what he's don't want this technology to get into the hands of the wrong people but I think you will heavy stock right and not get disc here's a little too were. This from hacker world. The hackers say they have broken into Apple's face ID program all. Just one week after the release of the I code ten. Italy and a week of facial recognition form of author and authentication. Or authentication. All of your phone to get into your phone to unlock it they know. Well hackers have already. Defeated that process in a week and they do it. Basically just held up picture. Way way it okay we recognizes your bass right yeah. You can take. Let's say it's your face. And IBM I got your vote okay. All of this monthly costs like let's say I'll decide who to look of and I decide to get like a 3-D. Replica of your face what you do it. It hold it up next your phone and open up your phone knowledge that they. That's pretty genius when you think about. Well you know well isn't that hard remember that woman she was on airplanes CF bring altogether with airplanes boats. She was on that airplane and she she had her her husband had her locked out of his phone and always made a man suspicious. Well he passed out on the airplane. OK we get it. That's snoring yeah I do an analyst and itchy to his guns and swiped his finger across. And then what I have she finds he's had an up big though torrid affair and they have to turn that airplane right around here remember. That's what need did we have no audio of the actual confrontation never on the airplane. India. Another Chinese. Sure there's a right audio. Dulles that was a big fight and a road broke out on a plane and show this is say what because it happened in India the deal sound like it's in India that's and in the end. When you know a lot of people in India speak several language. So I was agreeing now to do you hear the pack. Actions he has upset sorry I doubted you. And again. It's an important.