BJ & Jamie: Hank Got on the News! 8/11

Friday, August 11th

The plan this morning was for Hank to go down and his whole goal was to get in a live shot of the news stations and he did it twice!!


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CJ and Jamie. Think on the spot unseen at the trial for Taylor's list and I'm a guy who groped her box in downtown Denver. I bill gonna hate us I. So fox 31 to simulate a live report downtown at Steelers who have trial are reporter Eric yeah that is down to energy density but I'm. Yeah we like slammed regular. Little little poke and prod and if they did it by golly he's hanging out with the new media but he's near the lead. We don't know if you know which I. I'm just got to assume I mean that keep the good news sue me that night we did it hit me I don't think so you never now aren't pay Hank. Hank did seeking getting to know still been in recent days yes we have him on the line so I congratulated him actually do. We're trying to get in touch with him is he's down there we just noticed that you shot down there and across the street view of the word fearless in support Taylor Swift is there any one. On this DJ side yeah. You know I don't yeah knowing I went to me to talk to people in line to rush getting tickets to get inside they're not persons for this DJ yeah. Yeah Dan because those looks like it's unfortunate because tell you sent that she said on the stand yesterday she got on the steamy yesterday you know I think she drove the nail in the coffin in this thing because she was so dead serious when asked what happened she said we were backstage. Went to take a picture at that point he reached down the lifted my skirt. And grabbed my left ass cheeks. Understand that's what she said yesterday and she remembered it was cutting your marriage your left cheek. Well it could picture yeah you can tell this collapse he was she I don't remember him now. My impression Peter remember which acts to which he said so seriously and just so just adamant about this is why it happened. Yeah actually yes they who all hears. I. Hank we deal buddy you did it you did it to you about oh yeah I I did yeah it's. This is. So ill. You did you know Davidson you were dancing bloody weeks I have fox 31 page and that port and lady she's pretty and he's reporting that there's your cash stagnant eastern trial in the background. The winzip man. So she stepped aside these assumed it I mean you turned around and there was that he Jay and Jimmy logo and start all it was so we were doing exactly and here hey. And superpower we take you out for drinks and dinner and stuff. Wake me unity crowd neighbors don't think you I think we can get. And subordinate who want. I'll never enough for you yeah I think that Linux and so on now are all okay won't be watching for you going to keep dance that. This is important that are being inside the trial. All right Eric gets free dinner and triggered a we're at the. I Obama. Euphoria. Think I did notice that they did the zooming and it looked like you running at the are the only two down and what's up. There is more about there's probably about twenty people now. OK okay are good lots important. This is great you're killing all of my gosh you are scared me so proud EM. I mean a couple of days ago you gotta. Stunk it up with him but today you really don't know let her yeah delivering that you delivered I. Get active and Tokyo. Aren't look at all with how he's Qaeda or expect it to videos Hank do you have a keep on here what what you know which he zooms in on the. Yeah because of that we get our logo just don't go a little bit and more towards the white via distant little because of dodger right behind her head. Well I hope that the critiquing him and we could get closer than a city block a wife it. About negative and yet why don't you gotta Steenland speaking able to place. We're OK okay you gaga hazard and he just sometimes you got a coach and. I know listen closer. Oxford England we have a partnership for them they've likened some like man. Look and when we promote Jim Julio looked odd that I know I don't forget Jereme Hubble hugger yes he won an Emmy night. Not mentioning at the last today I'm so proud of them I love them so surely they can put up their shenanigans who surely. I don't know if you don't mean a friend eight for Pete's sake we'll. What happens to your and each inch anymore on Alex.