BJ & Jamie: Hank has a plan, he is going to try to get on TV. 8/11

Friday, August 11th

We talk to Hank and he is down at the Trial with 7 dozen donuts and a new shirt! He has already been on a Live shot with Fox31. He thinks the News crew may be on to him.     


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VGA and Jamie. On the spot unseen at the trial for Taylor's list I'm a guy who groped her box in downtown Denver. All right here we go ash and she trial headed downtown that day trial now. Hey good morning. Always go gray had a good day we hear your nobody we hear you're noted donuts this morning. I got a lot out of Daytona I got Evan Bok who made the. To put. And are you given the people stay in airline at the trials and no next. Oh yeah I'm gonna open down the line and so I hear it all these donut. Yesterday we went over the game played here about getting on TV and total bomb and costs are you want without even seeing a report from downtown pucks or are they. Yeah yeah. Is that there was just gone I was just I was just being behind. Yeah. Amateur yeah eat maybe they're rolling Tea Party if you will play Ali you're America's so far we have. Watching your hand yeah. A line. Okay and make sure you that you turned around because. We want to get to hash tag keys to trap which is on the back of your brain seizure and Richard thank. Rick is just a very nice and we have the I shut out to bad goodies imprints. What we have such a crowd sure to two days ago that's all people talked about didn't talk about trial now shows crappy your shirt goodies imprint they do custom T shirts at Maryland Thornton and and give every night and give love to get these imprint because. They may have a nice new shirt that's it's a nice shirt and. And although I think I'm not sure you're gonna get deep that we may have to use as the crop download super sweet I love that shirt upon. And so make sure that when fox goes live again you turn around I want to see hash tag teased her trial in that shot. We won't have to take off your best yet that's kind of thing that could go viral forced he's a huge drop yeah how he's lucky star. It. I don't know we that legal does somebody go over to somebody right away if she has a picture. I mean we get somebody else you guys have Gladys and you see so many red bite and. Yep yep I'm actually did write your neck pain at the B. We that's given me how you spell that. I have between you accuser come back here. Eight EI NBER. I think you end and eastern for a DG now at least the guy that we didn't see in the past two days JB and live with a long hair. Yeah yeah now yeah. He is Antonio look take your donors steal his thunder. OK okay I don't think there and hit it you does goes mobile bolt together and I'm sure everything will be life. We know them yes and I think that yeah. Will be fine yeah I've been like they're spread here. Do I don't head when fox 31 goes I do you tune randomly. Had keys to dryly that live shot. Regardless and thank you don't think thereon to you do you. Maybe blow them. Ultimately giveaway night my. I am I don't do it. I'm okay all right and I don't enthusiasm isn't quite there today yeah you know what I think you'll change though once we see him. Yeah there. It will hit you in 'cause right now he says he's dancing to the cameras by Hank and I I have. I had Pena he says he's in it for the cameras and the cameras they've heard about we've seen anything. Well some a little confused on like at his delivery. The way yeah bad mayor Sealy delivery he has a have you ever heard anything different did that delivery with. A cake they. Plus Hammond is due buddy he answered yeah including those wishing and a better attendance at. Are we keep what's good for me on fox 31 this morning. And the importance.