BJ & Jamie: Hank on the spot at the Taylor Swift Trial. 8/9

Wednesday, August 9th

Hank is on the Scene Down Town at the Taylor Swift Trial and he is getting a ticket  to go inside and he is talking to some crazy fans in line and trying to get on the News. Some of the people down there have been there since 4:30 this morning and are still super excited. What we do know about the trial is that the DJ took the stand for 4 hours and changed his story 7 times.  


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PGA and Jamie. I'm seeing at the trial for Taylor Swift I'm a guy who groped her box and downtown Denver. That's big time as it couldn't find the right but it turned out. So excited to have that opened in homes that aren't you look on what's gonna hang it makes our roving reporter he's at the courthouse this morning. Yeah how's it. The Rhonda in this so people get out here and now weigh in person ticket to get into the court now. Yeah well you're in line I guess you've got a place there are 1215 somewhere in line looks like you're gonna get him this morning and let me ask you this Gaby did get a ticket to get in their debt for the door or something are you going. You get a ticket if you want to read and I'm gonna go and then record out the sound like a lot of blown. In this trial of the century. It should. I will maybe I well I he's ready here's an embargo and and and that I might catch a little bit that even might open need to head in a little. Don't usually yeah yeah does he have to go skiers yeah. Just raise your hand until the judge I don't think you do that he just quietly leaned. Just don't know about it but now surely you've got you just quietly down and that's it they got a Taylor on your way out. Hey I want you to bring us because I wanna take a picture and put a baseball bring us the ticket. Oh that's OK. Yeah. I it's what you do is going in there and sit down and and you leave and then sell the ticket like to grant. I guess if you end up leaving you can't go back and yeah. And the courthouse and they yep go to bat and they won't let you back yeah. Let you know yeah. And there but what time to start I think it starts at nine yeah. Up to. Around 8 o'clock yeah I think UN at 9 o'clock stayed for about fifteen minutes or so I mean it's again. Isn't that you did it yeah I can see. And yeah Tuesday they that they they were and about an hour and a half. Can't now he can do this tank I think you know what analysts materially is there anybody else exciting that we talked to it's a line out in the last couple you have to utility drove eight hours to be here today and I lied to their employer that was great that's fantastic. Are you out there are. Some of the biggest bands here right now. And other. A couple of late Israeli unit of the bat you talk to Gloria. It's not to mention. Business. It's like I had. On how and why he would lie John tell. The way in line what what what's so exciting about this trial. I think I issued a celebrity in like a petty. Gases so that's the thing are you from Denver. I am. Yet to get out. Here at. Home and on the very cool very colts also argue. Are are you pulling for Taylor Swift to win this thing or the grouper boy. And here we need to find somebody that's pulling for the Vijay and I guess it was eight days. Think there's gonna be in meaning that grabbed your back allegedly linked via. What's not been proven yet set a legend like that so that word I got to give gonna have to side with him. So she tells your parents it's not a money Sunni college and stuff for the Braude right. I'm really needed Shia and you're. Sure he was a dad's day your duty just drop you off to get the heck cabinet. I. So yeah since 4:30 this morning. Here are my guides and nobody did and I'll bet that he's. Out now like an hour and asked her to do. I AM and can't think about Eric. And the implication that the pilot. Next hour could you just do it. Under I'll tell him down the line. Are you glad to sit down the line. And it I'm gonna end up energy Eli. And new business and he college kids like as long down well she don't tell we wish you the best of blogs say how to tailor for a sneak it in and I wrote I see it may get out of Iraq. The data even I don't think he more yet everyday I went and it and learn how do you sit and it. It's just I at all. It's crazy to think that guy. I dropped the ball that for the 30 this morning yeah you're not gonna get into the trial till 9 o'clock this morning. Yeah it seems that. And the other they do OK so yeah I think you know that these are some mega fans except for Hank words make him be down there but we do know that he's doing that's for free. This is we well in south we have to have taken something commitment for covering this after it. And so there all how can you not when she walks into the room starts screaming and clapping you know do you. Yeah I don't think you can't thank you it's thrown out of their hair and a chance. They aren't these all really excited this war into the courtroom and Arnold cameras allow these people aren't allowed to take pictures of any type. You can't even I don't think Dicker phony and without turning it off right now that you judge allows it. And so it's completely sealed off and you have these artist renditions that are coming out every dead four double what it looks like inside the courtroom without Dodd yesterday this guy got on the stand yesterday this Mueller got the DJ. He got on the stain in May and they ripped him apart. Al floor and didn't know it was all there for over four hours. Was really wore out eighty back on this theme again today. Yeah and they said basically what happened is that he was he was gonna get fired anyway and so he went intimately. All that's what they say he also claimed yesterday that he my eats. Have touched her ribs are regs are located in or scatter we've heard. I got this I loved is an artist's rendition and looks like Taylor finally got a straight to our own hook and she studies based. If you love I'm really happy about that she could again bring it to spray can't change we see more on Alex I.