BJ & Jamie - Harry Potter & Monkeys 8/16

Tuesday, August 16th

A Harry Potter book is worth a lot of money, also monkey stories are discussed.


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Vijay and Jamie any have you seen this sound story about the Harry Potter book that's worth 101000 dollars you know I saw you posted that I didn't read it I apologize what went woman and it I guess it was a misprint. On like page 57. Or some page 57 and instead of chase can find it here and wildly around. It was printed the wrong something was printed some early exit. Just like I know that you said earlier I hit a curb you thought about rob Kardashian sirens and stuff. But it can I say today you have nothing. I didn't I am very very consistent to that ticket is only. I'm consistent I'm not knowing in an. Oh you're talking about nose stuck true Oprah okay I'm just know that there's a misprint in some Harry Potter books that are out there and there were 101000 dollars. Okay I don't know exactly where our game and I don't know how many books there aren't right but I guess that somehow something got printed wrong yeah. Kim got my story. Yes it's Harry potters philosophers and the philosophers stone is the name of the book yeah oh yeah I couldn't. Under that according to these independent 500 hardback copies of the novel's first edition featured eight I neat I. Did I say that I thought I did say 5000 I knew it was close pan the 500. Now and this could actually make the book worth is not a money it's on page 53 you find a list of school supplies. For the wizard and wand is on there twice. It's that makes a stupid book about Harry Potter were 101000 dollars it's not like it's goings on collecting coins. Yeah that's. You Wiener. It's collectors it's not like it's not Shakespeare it's not and a cooling the legend is not into and that's produce Harry Potter book room. To a certain generation it is Shakespeare probably via 33 brilliance. And it's I I don't get any entertainment don't I don't get to know. And my house we have every Harry Potter book every wise I don't know that they around bugs. She loves background she's so ops. My got a lien on my girlfriend in the same same thing and she actually wants to go 284. Harry Potter world. What she is when Harry Potter yellow flag at Disneyland or where birds are Universal Studios and nowhere to open up she's met and yeah. And he jus go to our Harry Potter world it's like Harry Potter world. And it's it's got Harry Potter crap. Is like hearing titled world Maynard products for the people worry until a test what's worth 101000 dollars this book a big unit how many copies 50500. Its first edition. While her deals they're out there. And a hard back copy it and let me go check my and my collection of Harry Potter is a good library the eve of our our Fareed it's that the that the. I get something here I I just want approval what you guys write remember how I always say things happen in threes. Yes I'd ask that is your clear that we are got that I think yeah got a from the Bible or something. I don't know Bible and it now been evident eyes all you got this from the bye wing you added three Wiseman that they had three. Three whack. Three the Marines. Three weighing gold green mountain merry magazines. No I live now to another in 23. Things happen in threes folks he's usually I don't get on the third day are good. Giant bruise in the thirties I should perhaps there were three crosses the read there were three browser Israel. I'm telling you who comes from the Bible printers even boats. The ten yeah. Minnesota via a bonus that is correct the student there were three remote and you sent them or art I say things happen in threes and yeah I remember just about. A clean and nice. And and now you've been positional clubs are being zero. Three win the blind month runner and then every stooges. He there are looked like the outlook yeah. Yeah yeah. And then didn't plug. They have let let me prove my point OK let things happen grace good luck last week late last week where the story of what. That was on the loose on an airplane. A support you 10 paints multi team. Multi tech. It is Jamie yeah. And among among key was lose the support monkey on the airplane get this. Two monkeys stories today all I know things happen in threes yes one. Bob one is a Wal-Mart employee has bitten by a monkey. And in Lancaster Ohio Wal-Mart employee has been bitten by a monkey in the store's parking lot. Somebody in a monkey undercard that monkey got out of your car. Taxed I'm not. And the man am I feel like in third story. Yes my old friend went and yet that's too much storage right and third story their dinner dance. A bitter baboon. Broke. Witnesses fund say a bitter baboon is like man mad that Babylon that are young man at an abandoned. But Roche group that girl. On Ellen yeah see that and where that dads are still out there and upright even. Yet yet that didn't really sit added yeah it through our two little girls are visiting the zoo in North Carolina and they approach the baboon cage. The baboon got very upset with them and started swinging his coup eight and it girl as it was all of their face followed the law and their dad got sick and throughout. It was just a mess a mess yeah. Years. My point B. Things happen and they do anyway that's three monkey stories in less than a week folks. Again. Proving my rights that been what was. And captured the I'm not this is my fault I feel like listen we alternate with. That's so mean. To each inch weekday mornings on Alex I.