BJ & Jamie: Harvey Weinstein News is getting crazy he is a bad guy. 10/11

Wednesday, October 11th

Harvey Weinstein news is getting bad.

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PGA and Jamie. Let's get into this Harvey Weinstein thing what are cripple pig man I feel like everybody in oil and gas well I think the proof is in the putting now. Yesterday here on the show was about 830 yourself Jamie got these alerts from AOL. That's right until well. Manage well the I did we joked about AOL it was. Well let's send out an alert that The New Yorker it was just releasing an article about Harvey Weinstein debt he was being. Investigated for re. Three different women okay that's real hard so we went to the computer we started searching around and we found the audio of the sting operation was released yesterday one of the first to play yesterday this was about denying 30 or so yesterday morning and then all hell broke loose after we got off the air. All of a sudden the allegations started flying everywhere you Brad Pitt Matt date. Angelina Joseph everybody was coming out of the woodwork because of the steam tape that we're about play for you. I found a true story on this team the trees or. The US leave the girl that's in the audio here you're seeing why did she go back to second not ranked. Well according to what I read yesterday and heard she went out with him or met with him the night before. He grabbed her breast call Dirk. He halter. Well if you don't like being ready Gradison intact because she went to the police after hitting a haunted me put the sting operation put a microphone on her and sent her back. How re while they watched. If you didn't like how he treated you the day before why would you ever go out with them or second day but now let me say it makes sense right yeah. She went to the police this is an Italian though model actress trying to get a roll Harvey Harvey just trying to get her into his robe so that he could take you showered her watching. Fortunately curious fetish. It's just weird at aid so she goes back with the sting operation of the New York police department. The next day here's the audio listen to wanna creep in how demanding he has. I don't know if. The bar yeah. It's. It's. I don't come here yes it was a kind of look. They're trying to do I need to know president and why do you think I don't I received these things where I won't just sitting there embarrassed me. Okay I don't care who leases. One minute. Please I don't wanna just something I don't want. Can you lose it's OK okay you notice he. You know it's. I thought I could put the ball and don't have. Good news. Spiritual. We'll bring conference. Coming down and one minute. Okay anti crime rings. He's silly just wanted to use that. And there's another minute of this he keeps are raw but I guess so that didn't get enough evidence does Ali's too and is asked feared it. He's not doing anything wrong. Except for the fact that he admitted that he groped her breasts the dark before. Right and that's my partner and they didn't get to stay him on the status they did an extended an -- yeah you're right about that and their catching heat a lot of different organizations and people are speaking out saying hey NYPD why have you arrested this guy you've got proof here that he did grabber of the night before you got it but now heart he's out of the country he Victoria. EG he flew out of the country habits that. I don't know but let me say this. I got a friend yeah the nose the rehab situation yeah probably you know certainly the French duo of Fred what does it. It's not your business. The real people don't discuss other people's names aren't charged and get but I do have a friend yes. I don't know where he'd go to get a rehab for what he's doing. I don't know where you go. Because this guy is trying anything to do it for thirty years is they'll fix this guy okay. Yeah so I don't know where ego Bobby that maybe it's to make yourself look good cop trying to get it here in the real good that's what you're saying. I don't know where he got up. But as you said. The sad part of this this is being covered up yours. Yeah everybody is known and some actresses are now saying that when they complained you know it's such a it's such a shame because it's such. I don't know. You cut the metal because he bottom beat us write these able to be famous and this guy know they would be Palin's an it guy knows he'll do anything to be famous. And amp and you mentioned this to me you will we've discussed this a couple of times off the air this morning but Angelina Jolie seems to be the only person. That had a confrontation with the AM an altercation. And didn't go back. Never worked with him again she said that she was very uncomfortable in the he approached her and didn't you know most creepy guy stuff. And as she never went back again but all the other actresses. They they loaded the roles they wanna be famous like quipped I'll throw went dead sub Brad met and she's like me not a wait and then Brad has played hold on let me get my tape and get a fight with with him. And he said he never touch her again to than she did the next movie. That's pretty admirable. But that Brad Pitt wood in there and confronted this guy because. Brad Pitt has a movie career too bright guys very very powerful but he took big hits what that's beautiful but then I guess when it's crazy. Now on the other side of this issue is out to have broke up what. Ben Affleck is catching heat this morning from his ex girlfriend from years ago because he did it going to defend his girl he defended heart. Who's that girl. Aaron name's rose there are some roads routes. Russa soldiers on the I don't know all the details. Just yet but it's just it's just crazy now he hears a couple things when play for you. This is just absolute proof. That all of holly. Knew exactly what was going on the hard part it was written into the script. On a couple of different occasions over the past what five or six these Q now how long ago like 2015. As two dozen thirteen thousand. Twelfth hole and inept fickle. There actually twelve and when he thirteenth fight so Seth MacFarlane. It is in 2013. Is that announcing a nominations at the Oscars solicit. And I want to uncle Louis. The 2012 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role are. Sally Field in Lincoln. Anne Hathaway in lame as a rob. Jacki Weaver in silver linings playbook. Helen Hunt in the sessions. And Amy Adams in the master. Congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. Syllable name. Indian that was 22 that would set scurrying and. Hey here's another this is from the TV show 30 Rock which by the way I've missed that show that was agreed trio now this is from 30 Rock come into wood treatment. You wanna mess we are hopefully this. I'm not afraid of anyone in show business I turned down intercourse but Harvey Weinstein and no less than three occasions. Out front. Yeah and now ever everybody. Into the Scripps of these TV shows Harvey Weinstein. So the thing that I am disturbed me let you know every new his term and they knew what he did all that stuff he'd either chose to work with a we did. I just what bothers me the most about all of this is there a couple actresses I can't find their names right now but they actually said because they complained about him. They never they never got apart again. He's he would not hire them again because they said it was it wasn't right it was Rosanna Arquette. And Mir has some sort of you know they'd both said they rejected Harvey Weinstein unwanted advances and they were in lieu of each. Promised projects. Didn't know if that's what that's apart irritates it doesn't all the weather news is superb and continue to work let them or whatever that's you know. That's just. Then winning to be famous at any cost but these other women this is what mixing the Israelis like not so rape unit that we carried you don't get a picture. He is MO was to black apple people. Yeah if he did not give him what he wanted the annual black apple yeah he did get roles because he controlled heated pulp fiction needed Google party gets all many different movies. And that he helped too that till it wasn't just a threat if he didn't get what you wanted him he removed you from. Here's the news report yesterday of Angelina Jolie is a part of this. Another seismic shock in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow saying they too were sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein. Adding to a growing list of women how true then 22 had just been hired for the movie Emma. She tells the New York Times Weinstein put his hands on her and suggested they go to the bedroom for massages. I was a kid I was petrified. Patrick says she'd left and told her then boyfriend Brad Pitt who confronted Weinstein. Joseph Lee says after her incidents she chose never to work with him again and warned others when they did. Good burner yeah exactly good for our I don't know I have great news for Harvey what's the com I got to the best news ever more. Lindsay Lowell in this is defending him all yeah yeah yeah the Charlotte. So good now partly I think she did one of those like instead Graham videos or something I shouldn't be out but she really needs a movie role. Well he's gone. He's never diet again. She realized early this morning but let's say he can't help you now he is she doing here is here is Lindsay defending RB Carlos. And then. And I can they match apparently right now I have the right thing it's how little did you lose easy to have eluded her husband. Remember how we live in and will clearly hopes for a is there. Something else so I can throw. Well lately. Stop Lindsay stabbings at sexually harassed equipment and maybe he didn't find use attractive. As the other two ladies Lindsay. It's not able it made me that she's saying that his wife should be there to defend him. Known out in this case. Now I think gag you know Hillary didn't she looks I am yes he I think get there is always a point where you walk away. It's a girl remembered to Fermi well she's known about the institute and the wife she knew. All along what was going not here's what I think yeah and I think the wide test found the perfect opportunity with the firestorm of allegations. To really can't Sheen. Today kids together. I don't know if these tours on this kid's life back from an analyst yes yes so so but these Hussein at the peak of Harvey is trash. Is the time to cash and on his fortune because you're a victim you're the watch. Given that it doesn't go like that they don't care really what he did it's based on his pre nup. I can't in my theory I think like TV goes to jail doesn't mean she gets more money it's based on. No but he may eat right a bigger check to make himself look better. Yeah I don't know who did. It I don't I don't visit anyone do that I got hosed my divorce just. My. I don't think he's a bunch of money does that led to feel bad for B and her this what I did that but I can't you wherever. In. More on Alex.