BJ & Jamie: Harvey Weinstein is an old school perv. 10/6

Friday, October 6th

Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein takes a leave of absence over sexual harassment charges. Now he is giving an explanation.. He grew up in a different time and that is when the attitude in the work place was different and he did not mean to cause anyone pain with the way he acted.  


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Vijay and Jamie and this Harvey Weinstein it's okay first of quality say it appears that goes for. Well hey way to set that up that. I don't quite make it sound like that of defending his net worker a minute ago and sexist pig and all these eggs. God does the Fed that I've tried to yeah. Like I always do I'm offending but here at all. About trying to explain. How mentality here and I I'm not condone anything that's done. This guy loved his robe who. Yeah and I really explain Lee as again he's that huge movies hard it via Weinstein has produced and done some of the biggest movies and Hollywood I mean. Which is a huge studio that he had a partner of his started from the ground up and literally took over Hollywood. At one time they were the biggest in Hollywood by far until we need to shoot dead. A lot of these little starlets are gonna do it because they're afraid that they're gonna BM black box yet and he I want to massages. With his robot would teach our people just people that which judge isn't that. That not going on is what's in debt not Ashley yeah Jesus kidding when he said he this skinny jag. To come to his hotel room and watch and take a shower take each hour. When you see that like you would be better if he got to have your way. So I don't know why you throw in this didn't tell didn't hit it's how I identify look at the. Ever know which one is why is still behind you know. OK it's county judge blocks who did you watch him take you shall know Judd. It would be more fair if the junkie when did watch it and he got a look I will see the ocean park once he would see a picture of them he's hideous web web I think he really does yeah. There's always a perfect but on the millions of dollars makes you look better gotten Kia because so this picture of him he looks like Joe Cocker remember Joe Cocker before he died in a slight. And he's had settlement with women over the years. And the most recent with an Italian model where they is she said they held their abilities. And so he's paid off eight limit the problem. Over three decades Jessica Diaz is a problem. Fears might take on a gang here's the but her. Though the though here is what Harvey said in his explanation while her. I came of age shoot in the sixties and seventies when all the rules about behavior in the workplace were completely different. That was the culture. I appreciate the way our our I appreciate the way I'd be paved with colleagues in the past but I have cause some pain. So what he's trying. Say is god here comes here comes to close for weeks for it as a justification for the sexist and and so are we. Her grandpa. We all have someone in our family. They grew up in the sixties and seventies it thing and say things that are completely. Non. Politically correct these day. I don't think if you grew up in the sixties and seventies it means that you ask a woman to come to your exam room and take issue we keep that I did it or not. I don't have a woman comes to mash and well I guess some of the guys our but wouldn't say. It's a lot of men that grew open a different era earlier sixties even 50s6070s. I don't know that's not me I think but I know people that are like this that they say things not not to the extent I'm not defending and I just about to say. Out there and there are not politically correct when they open their mouth and say certain things could Jimmy national policy as a problem it's just like that. I'm sure he does sound we have Dan Connolly and I haven't had your dad. Says things that are not accepted right there non detectable acceptable. Yes that would be all about them people yes all the time we all have that yes we do. And there is something to that means we talk about powerball eat all the time. Even. Oh dear you are broads. Erika turner which we mentioned albeit ever gonna come as needed his hotel room biggest arrogantly and a note Jamie try to separate. Separate. Reading about this guy what I'm talking about is that mentality so let's talk about. This has got to do department okay six of the nation is what you're dead bop yeah. I guarantee you Bob. Might not call me every woman sunshine yellow and and that's considered offensive well it is a sense of commitment that contract I. She could no matter honored localities Zagat or whether guys act but the I give it to the promised to put it with the Weinsteins say you're losing Andy Kenny has this guy is known. Take him once and it's at Harbin explains that he wrote a different culture. Okay that's all I'm saying is that man that that mentality is still out there and man oh man it it runs put up older guy. He's them ever attracted. Yes the well dating back Alley said yeah I'm just saying that he runs in there's going to be. Educated and that's the thing is you need to become educated and if you're born in that area where you know American women in Canada moment. Beckett can dinners and having your slippers that when you cannot. You need like tanks. This kind of move that that their body and Harvey Weinstein has had every opportunity to realize what's excepted what stuff that god is crying and crash it. Don't know what I'm saying is if this guy you should know exactly I agree with son he's so wealthy people I did I didn't like that he doesn't have to tune now estimates saying I'm saying that we don't know that he knows better. Because of the culture he's big into Hollywood he knows better absolutely there's no excuse he's entitled because of all of his money yeah feels like he can do whatever work so I change he's not going to he's just going. Oh he does is just a way to excuses. Yes that is a brilliant excuses what. All went and got tigers say why why was he with all those women relative ease your amendment. My dad died who's six and oh that's right all her yeah. They don't make the end of the day. Saying is that mentality still exist. But the plain talking about sending messages are you are making excuses for your bird bird and left but left a I. Style column Clinton and all of you hot cards like. I checked that it all the. Harvey is in a world trouble. Anything I don't know for the year ironing it well paid you lost. I don't he's could go to jail that nothing in them but I do think these gonna lose his a lot of his clout in Hollywood. But he's already tallying sixteen. 465. Something like that era Dan. Let's back to I mean huge storm Harvey Weinstein a big big Hollywood exact he's in a world of trouble for women are saying that he came onto me every with the robot. Why every case she's in a row why these women around this guy that's always an erode. Yeah questions I don't even know. The ropes for good at the relevant. No but do. Each inch and more on Alex I.