BJ & Jamie: Hatchimals disappointment and Elway in a cab in DC. 1/24

Tuesday, January 24th

Hatchimals disappointments  some never hatched and that is a problem.. One mom who got her kids one and it never hatched and her kid was devastated! The company is being accused of the old Bait and switch and she is seeking one billion dollars!   - and there is a story of John Elway in a cab. The driver says Elway was the greatest ever and he had no clue John was in cab.        


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Vijay and Jamie I have bad news free and those that. Water. Two months what about the veterans class action lawsuit. It was kinda knew that was coming I didn't William remember right after Christmas we talked about how they didn't hit. Pitch over the holidays I knew that I never saw lots of common unit ever solicit this you guys it's it's actually never hatched Q not suit. A Bakersfield California woman is suing the company nine hack tools what are the hottest toys this past holiday season. I guess some attorney some LA attorney some big wiggle mark big on name. Is representing the woman. In a class actually Lawson of the toy which never. Ever. Hatch to that apparently it broke her child hopes and dream night. I guess it happened in those several cases where kids got up on Christmas morning we opened up their hands from Santa Claus left match. And it gives an added defects to some to us they didn't they didn't hit gee you probably knew you nurture them and sit there and he just played gonna come. Metal things in their movement around in a little break here in little break there and think's gonna hedging their branches. And kids completely lost did you have to started cry. In it and she said Christmas is Roland what little girl remember one girl took it and backs. Against the counter. I know inside the house because she was so upset. And I think we were talking about just after Christmas on how all g.'s parents are gonna try to get even here hundreds of reports hundreds of reports of nationals not opening. I don't know how you have a lawsuit though when you Ellis defective. Let me get a class action I'll get a dollar you know what you did effectively going you get your money that the rights route. Just take you back to the store and I'm sure they give me your money back and on the Rio lawsuits they're claiming that they've got like mental trauma. Right because they were impressive roster doesn't ruin Christmas for my kid and than six years old in ready to accept and that was a big gift. And then some people are trying to sue for what they paid for online but that's an afternoon. Because he can claim that you pay the thousand dollar were right in and Nat because they they were early sixty dollars fifty to sixty dollars but. We solve uncle and strike hundreds and hundreds of dollars on not Craigslist OSHA had gotten one and now. Because it's mine had not opened I could be part of his loss in the right you like two dollars and I've always look for good bosses. I'm demos class actions and I told you and there's a lot of resurgent after find recedes and all this crap and they get two dollars a year that the budget cut in Illinois gets regions. This. Long name I see I see these commercials have flown around all the time like Korea Iran knows someone so drug and so it did you can go bad you've got a lawsuit garden is no match England I've thought about it actually just lie in the apartment you don't turn jumping out of they don't livers that are not well I know but that they do they did it's meant. Right are they really and that went totally different thing assistant to and jealous. Is that again went you know maybe maybe acting just pretend that I can patch won't get you get in on this one. Well I think yes number seats and stuff it's not Betty what would some. What the shot or she he can say I. We we can use the receipt yet I don't have it anymore denigrate and it has been in other. He turned and yeah I think you just get there this is what makes money on this. That we get it down aren't as. Here's the audio from John Elway in a cab and this is crazy what is what are the odds here. That's happened there this can't be right here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania of all places Pittsburgh's in the playoffs against New England Patriots. There's a cab driver who's dressed in all Steelers gear here he's a big fan of Pittsburg Steelers. This group gets into his cab and they started asking him who the best quarterback of all time we got to figure he's gonna say Ben Roethlisberger right or Terry Bradshaw from the Pittsburgh Steelers he says no. The best ever was John Elway. Would he doesn't know is in this group that got the camp. John always in his camp and they were courted the guy that is some. Eight at one of the teen yeah I didn't they go on and on this guy that the audience about four minutes long sub edited down so so so they go on and on this guy and he just he doesn't change his mind John Elway is his favorite in John deceive the medium again. Those opposite from me I'm some in the cabin I'm slam of them yeah. Every caller yeah what we're talking bad about Iraq could be the idea oh yeah I'm in the cabin somebody says hey it was a big guy if they've beaten. You heard it if you are lucky dog JP YTS and eight. Gary it's the opposite every time but not general John Elway this guy I am telling you he's got a horseshoe appeal but. He really does he has all the luck in the world to write speeds. The portion of the heroes he's very. Key areas that can't beat it into a can remember John Elway is in the car in Pittsburgh. Using dial in number one okay rubble and. And I think that I thought he really. Don't know eight. I'd these girls love. Then she did land. Ethan doesn't. Who. That way. Notably when he. Can you would have never know how little Obama. Now now and my little. Number woman though why he's number one. Here mind. Rick Warren read more about it then Leslie let me say that he did go ahead and I think that there and it's good wouldn't it would be. I've put celebrated. Tom Brady and I'll put it. We had a big bird and. Iso in there and other talking about John always money how much money he's gotten the girl mentions how she slept in wooded. And bad it just said to correct you a quick Ed sat in Washington DC. They were driving around the canal the inauguration stuff I'll. That's what they were in a cab when they sound a little tipsy don't play well. Last night that the reports it that they were in Pittsburgh they were in Pittsburgh its down side I don't it doesn't really matter but during the cab. Yet they do so I don't have been hammered you know little party away not to let John always the backseat with his sunglasses on. And then it's revealed to him that job who he thinks is the greatest quarterback. Ever in the history. Is sitting there right there in his presents. To the. Yeah now he's not. The way you Medina and oh yeah and if it. There. Edelman and all of her. I don't think mr. In the judgment of the the Pope a I'm doing. Why do women many of them are being. That her and it's pretty funny I did see because he was out there for the inauguration. Did you see I gave a huge celebrity light was there to hear people are taking pictures of them at all but that's good like almost more popular than trump when he was there. He's a lot of people are recognizing you really was. John always in the campaign and what are the odds are you've got this cab driver you're in you know thousands of miles away from here. He's all dressed in Pittsburgh Steelers you get inside the car if he thinks he was the best quarterback very history. Yeah. And I wouldn't name them as the best and instead they got him up there they got their for sure he would be out there I don't know if I can name an absolute but John Elway yeah. Honestly lingering. And that what appears to mark. He had. It affects physical wound up against him win here and that I don't like he has taken out I wonder what kind of tip. John Elway gave today Kendra. Did they ever sang because that can't govern changing was the best quarterback ever he just talked about how much money your word gotta let it cool until on this guy right yep for sure I'm sure he did I don't know how much attempted they ever saw an article meltdown then nobody a recess. Until I bet it's pretty -- ago and I really amazing. Katrina and now he's not well whatever way you Medina. And oh yeah and that. Outrage at each inch. Importance on Alex.