BJ & Jamie - Highlands Ranch Healthiest City 9/27

Tuesday, September 27th

Highlands Ranch, Colorado named the healthiest city in America.


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Vijay and Jamie are from time money magazine. This is she. Mujica. Highlands ranch Colorado. The healthiest city in America. Yeah that can't drink where moms could be here if you've heard little exercises have paid off. And I feel like this show. Should take some credit for this. Because is we have yoga pants but don't do yoga but no. Let me say it again okay. The number one healthiest city in America and America's number one in the whole country from time money magazine. Highlands ranch Colorado. Congratulations girls and I think our show has something to do what this why. We don't live where it. While electric today. Some incident where election I. Exactly the way we don't know that we we helped EDS to deal if I would have movie guys brands occurred. It would not we would have been like Porsche. It would it would drop. Similar to but I did back in the school about the scaled down on all the kids in the haze right. I'd be in the seas Maine and it jacked up that teaches cheap gas that yet and there goes to teach your loans and she's probably got five kids and home. Ebony bird is turning to about this but hey I. Highlands ranch here's how they determined. That highlands ranch color rattle. But number one healthiest place in America burst well look diseases no disease nobody sick to their. Especially the water. And rain and low disease they don't have. Crazy I and we'll say that allowed people that live there because I have a few friends that do know that a lot of our outside working on their yards all the time. Like I mean all the time like crazy people healthy it would trigger weir and highlands ranch competition of yards. It's not this this is the big day I kept. Well sorry this is their day they just won the healthiest city in America need your art and Arab. And then the other good thing and I'm islands or into the kids are all Adam bikes Malia a lot and that's good price fantastic. That isn't very dart around traffic some. Also elect a highlands ranch Colorado. Has they'll look to do this the lowest obesity rate in America I don't we don't act I. You can take us you can thank me. It's you'll pay it but a homeless young well and he can bring you could no limit your right because moms where you could. He even says the physically active residents are always out there are always doing stuff number one in America. They're always out doing things started street Jude people are just that's what they do in answering I think your math they where they'll lose the limits you know why they win the lululemon plus. Because you can see their ass cheeks in proud of those he added the seats are kind of there. You know I didn't know what does she do. And. But it it if I had. Can't highlands ranch cheeks it's December and. They get to the same thing you don't. Isn't the if you could. See who and yeah me and look at the. Hundreds of people like what's that they like apple please do funny you should say yeah next on the list. An incredible. Great diet. Why are residents of highlands ranch Colorado you people you don't have deep friars like me. No I don't have that asked of you eat salad unique prone and they like sushi yes they like sushi and I soon she'll act block a volley being hailed. They loved that Santa loved hale congratulations I'm human scale eaten they do is copy benefit act as. They're down. Yeah I am my gum Caylee is. But it isn't good then yeah incident and the union exactly that but away tennis teachers can't they just. Collins Colorado. That is no displays of American number two was up a lot so I could little book who Hawaii. Let's see somewhere in my academic degree which Connecticut Woodbury Minnesota small places the when damaged titles ranch Colorado wealthiest. Did mention aid that is present leading drinkers of red wine women in highlands ranch. No they did not says leading goal of our guest Maya those women drink a lot of new line down with a tale. Yeah after Youngblood yeah. You know what you're giving disclosed if you want I mean I'm sure it's very very healthy that's number one on the list of don't want to take their way to view but does a dark side down there in the ranch yeah. It's the red wine yet red wine and angers some. Let's. You appeal hobbled. They'll pop I have a jubilant that can hide from me and I think that's a lot like going on down to is everywhere don't get me wrong. But I think we're overlooking a couple of breaks down and ranch well I do know a few months. During Lillian Allen and fish that they think that kids who. Perhaps it. Again. It when I know they can guess what makes this skinny yeah. So they can terminal and that's how you get on this like this unit is really getting it redolent with the other step is to. At a raw raw. But it's not real and it's it's currently at it's at Iran. So what they do is little coming you don't need to concentrate today it's hot I have an ad are all right. You don't need him on the weekends Namibia and of what was so wrenching story not gonna lie. So little Tommy Wright has is on matter all because he is ADHD DED yeah he teased at all is Panama. And so she. Takes them off of it in the summer. Guess again. Ma. Ma she asks the fifth seed Serena on your parade. Islands ring I get to buy a golf that are all maybe they'd been there. I obviously time doesn't know the stories Jay Leno that's. Yeah we don't talk a little bit enjoy your year business the UN and now. There are cameras aren't they they get that are all big no well there you go out the true it's been a change we see more on Alex.