BJ & Jamie: HOA makes people keep garage open all day. 1/18

Friday, January 12th

We all seem to have a problem with the HOAs. Now and HOA in California has implemented a new rule saying that all residents must keep their garage doors open from 7 am until 4 PM. The HOA says that it is because some people are letting people stay in their garage and that is against the rules.  Jamie wants to do some cool new stuff with her home but the HOA won’t let her so she is moving.   


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Vijay and yeah you know I know this story makes you angry Jamie. And I drive 81 and a half and it would be angry but. I know it makes you angry but if we don't coverage now it's gonna be too late next week and that's it. Chile story that you and I talked about all they're doesn't a couple of days it's irritating because you have to deal with the eight to weigh yourself yet there are not fans and to bully you fully relate to see actually how this goes a little too far. But you do understand the H away easy bowl. Too late. That they like anyway OK I think their jobs you know sometimes said to police officers. Get accused of cranking up tickets at the end of the month you get word that I have heard a PH away. They just look for ways to penalize issue. Waste to find news that's their revenues street. Well like even today that they wrote me a letter and said I had to me in my cars parked Amanda wrote yes in the called elect and I rode the back and I said hey mrs. Kravitz that's what I called a city mrs. Kravitz all my cars in the garage. And no more to that story EST you were helping out because there were some some kids or something back from school and needed a place. Part in my dress like you gave them your driveway in order to you know so their home to see their parents all holidays and the age no way they get there. Don't watch the yes. That in a way to hurt from college and at Olympic arts in the called the whack. Whenever here's an H await story out of California where people have to leave the garage door oh I don't even understand in this. He let me explain it to you again I do you have any audio and audio book here this for okay. Auburn greens resident Fred weight low cleans out his garage and I got to move all this. Stuff. Obama. But it's not something he wants to do we have to have this open from late in the morning so for me out here and anybody can help themselves and steal you blind and they do it in this solidly greens complex. The mandate from the homeowner's association says residents must keep their garage doors open from eight to four Monday through Friday. Failure to comply can result in a 200 dollar fine. This is not safe they shall we here keep sugar rush or closed feared what might happen if it's left open all day. This will just be an open door policy. And saying welcome take what you want. I'm lost it is ridiculous why do you have to keep the door open what is the rule by the only own. Will they found some people who are converting their garage is into rental space race because of rent so high. Really yeah so people were renting their garage is that other people. So yeah. They're like cattle we did you know prove this can we prove that people are living in grudges so they did it by having you open your garage from 8 AM to 4 PM every single. Because from 8 AM to 4 PM is when the 82 way people can drive around to the different houses. And look into these open garage just to make sure the not converted into our artists that you're renting it out right to somewhat. I understood is that what that's what started gala casino right now read all over the country is ridiculous I mean it's ridiculous and especially California. And so people make instant site actions so that well here's a two loopholes and have happened some people are just like. Okay they're charging other people's living in the grudges know 200 dollars more. And then has given it to the age away and not open and brought. So it only hurts the people that are living by the rules really. So the deal at deeper waters if you will living in their grudge they're just given they do a 200 dollars to pay the fine for the year. This makes no sense to me. This gives DH away if you think about it the HU way too much with this rule has more power than the police department yaks oil and exploit. They are forcing you to keep your garage door open so they can hear and see what's going on in the garage. The police department he would do that they have to have a war to come to your house they got to get a judge to sign off on it but DA chill way. They got the power to make you leave your garage door open so it can prove to them what's go to about a Medco are isn't breaking their rule. So then another couple of people and once tree adding his brilliant they said they didn't say Howell opened asked to beat so they crack. They cracked the grads are. And as it could just. My age your way you volunteer I never learned that I volunteered but they really know what a volunteer H Elliott that is ridiculous it's a. He. Knew this could. It if you're not a part epic in if you don't sign up and volunteer to be a part of India they can't do anything to me. They can't remember campaigning my house purple and asks it they were very unhappy that DA joy it was. It's so they finally settled with the intent may look okay here Paula let's cut a deal. Since you're not part of the 8 July why don't you just repaint the garage door that that change a lot of because the garage door was a big part. Okay that's okay yeah. Do that I'll go ahead chase hideous. It was an eyesore. All rumors of what it was partly purple so beautiful color I don't know what you where smoking and that day. Well here's what happen out. But fix the codes GAAP wrong and went over tome deep and they pay a few other movement did the expert to mix the Pena. And get the right color that color I showed them. And what I got mop bucket. Wasn't the same I don't play. They get even came close but give purple but DH like the point being yes because I wasn't a member of the H away. They had to work with me on they didn't they could dictate any. It's funny that would bring this all up because yesterday we I had a discussion with somebody MI sand and we decide the most. Argue Melia. Leah we're gonna what what we're we're actually looking today for a new house. Joke enough that we made this whole big decision because what I wouldn't do what house of what the age away it will let me do in my house I can't do. You can't do I can't because you have to have that certain to ask for the neighboring. That he was designed with a when it first started it no one's allowed an easy sell for example it makes me still angry that I can't do what I wanna do. And so I'm like okay we'll we'll decide how they're different like shutters are now thru the roof or what have I can't. Have anything that it has water in the backyard. Cannot buy him anything a fountain we can't anything. Change. What are those visuals. Who quite. Boy it's. Cracked up in the backyard right you have fled the area as well in. I had to John broke. What happened. And when he broke. We just used it in then and it just broke into the pompano. Over pumped remember that it was alleged that Clinton's recent on the ground I was awesome is totally soft again I'll talk to. I buys and one of the arteries after being your feet. You're setting a rock and no it hadn't had done well. Argues that haven't yet. You get a bucket in the been there that you set on. You look at that yeah I remember that. It just that it was a blow up. And sat on the ground and you had to put buckets in there in order to have a secret and even though the age away it would let me add a little hot. We buckets ivory silk. Now that's not cool. Desert hot the Blue Line to show they don't know that there's going to it as a place for sale right up the street 470 but now oh yeah by the boys don't no no that was removed. Would you add remove them and they found another facility announced his beatle in the house. And there. The marble it. And I do. Still it's mean what I would do it is is crazy and like you're serious you move yes removing. Brian. Earlier she was. Not Adam and Jay did Hillary do it Jerry Kelly speech you're gonna love this. You know how you can raptor call our turnout all kind of different. I didn't stop on sure there's companies out there that will allow your garage door to make it look like a plane or whatever. And it doesn't. That all rap goes dorsal looks like queen garage or ground or shot but when people look at that picture there ought to fruitful for. I see good so let's urging by. I've seen as a joke to do it yeah that is it's a big sticker over your graduate or so looks like you look into clean system. It appears that the garage is always open or if there's one that looks like there's a Ferrari in it are all older I got a day. Picnic I don't pretend note Rory little girl playing in order. That's why I had a week ago that it is shirts and Zelda sabres now agreed upon your money man yeah. Our Brian they aren't we get to. Keep lead thinking about moving. You know that's a big deal hits it hits it. I've in the house where six years yes there's a lot of crap yeah the day the earth so strengths and about your if she. We keep them changes. I can't hack it like get the resulting Atlantic today you and I can't do. There was when it anyway it would open up the back. Back wall yeah McCain can't keep it the way it looks so it looks like a signal caller on the line of every four held the top goal posts and it's guy. I get that you all it's not a big book I'm telling you is it crazy I'd think he should by the house and charged neighborhoods. We also okay. Hang out. And got the speech in each week day mornings on Alex I.