BJ & Jamie: Honey Smacks recall do not eat them. 7/13

Friday, July 13th

Honey Smacks cereal recall. The CDC is saying do not eat any of it throw it away. Do Not Eat it! And we all do the Cart shamming at the grocery store.      

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Vijay and Jamie there's awarding this morning I honestly don't know call her. Honey smacks and that's a Derek so you're getting up this morning this is gonna do you you're feeding this to your kids stop. Immediately go to like it immediately. Come so far a hundred people have fallen sick in cell amount. As since the Salmonella with the outbreak and connected T recalled unease that serial as a CDC. Warns due any day. They're sagging. The roto. It doesn't matter when you look at the dates are on their sell by date it doesn't matter it's got nothing to do would that. 33 states have been affected 100 people already and they're saying it could get far worse in its honey smacks cereal. It says they actually put it out on Twitter yesterday from that we should follow CDC. On Twitter. I do you do OK and so on the centers for disease and to open up on Twitter yesterday. The words do not the this area. That's and that's pretty strong enough sugar snap. But you know I only get him when I get that really fun pack a lot of. Both unpacked yet it is is honey specs and sugar snacks. It doesn't say being only one Tony obviously right. It's the same could yes honey smacks and I think that's what this which one is also a tiny and yes it's in their pick out there just yet again smacked policemen and that's the one not sure Christmas but there's. They they there are there more sugar than the conveyor. A little bit different. Art. Tomorrow Obama cereals. You don't Nolan when I looked up sugar smacks honey smacks came up apparently believed cheesy completely. Yeah Harris. Used to be gold sugars but it here writing we can be used to be way out and I think that's Kelly I know what they did that looks bad on a buck hum. You didn't and oh yeah it's yet the honey seems helped you down easy that. Gotta be politically correct and it just income neat I had no idea I thought they were called sugars bacteria that's what I remember are listed and so there's and called. And you guys and I don't know that his eat you're not a mom but there's a thing called Kart seeming. Apart cart now part heart that could heartfelt well I think it's a wild cards shaming carts I doodle town due to India. I judge people on their carts you I don't know why I do this it's a bad habit I. I literally in people catch me staring into their carton they don't do and I felt bad because the other day asked a similar cancer in England. And I thought I'm kind of plan under stuff because they don't look like. I. See I have still. I do because you know where it would drag it eating healthy error and so I hide stuff because I don't want anyone to know who I haven't look at their billing he's got a OK so. Create. As he I. I do it the odds are definitely I do the outside Alabama chocolate milk it near Augusta Oreo Cookies or whatever I'm Kirk cheating the people better than they did Gary yeah that if you aren't I healthy a hundred and that's how completely the opposite obligated Devlin doll. It does appear with your kid and then they pick up like the Ian W cream soda. But the good looks that way you can really put underneath them so it's an organic on top. It out for. Honor. In the importance on Alex.