Bj & Jamie: Horse Vs Gator..who's the winner? Condom clogges Massage parlor pipes...FISHY BUSINESS!! 4/11 (AUDIO)

Thursday, April 13th

Bj asked who would win a fight between a alligator or horse?? What do you think?? Condom clogs pipes at massage parlor.


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Vijay and Jeanne OK and cheated by cheating and the lead Charlotte Bobcats OK yes Sean yellow. Horse in an alligator get a flight who wins. Moved. Orson alligator you see those guys he knows zebras and it knows it does Els and stuff that he try the waters sun ping tortoise and the hare. Games. I'll. Go with naked. He went on to a horse and an alligator and get in the fight who wins. The snake. Alligator wins the fight between Red Sox the reptiles live report. Reveals that the horse can't beat an alligator. He's alligators run like thirty miles an hour. Look up at the monitor horse. Insight there isn't it. Don't let you play that's my fortune without the tortoise in the air because you expect the alligator when invited laid off yet Rahal. My bed just like you drive their rabbit to win because it's faster but the tour is always winds of rabbits I don't know what you do is make yeah. Kevin with snakes and Hillary Guinea where the humor coming from and I don't know a simple question does have a question gladiator when it lets ma. I think hard about this they wanna laugh. OK you ready via. IAM I thought was listening. I use an alligator bit in my hand as I was thinking about it it transformed into its name because I was imagining it kind of snake eating any I. Our budget airliner that yeah storm owns. They have got to vibrant you're busy night breakfast this morning so therefore he's at eighteen even pink streak right now. Poor guy they got Britney Brittany by the way predicament that he's gonna sit down for a sandwich for insurance you can use that Carney the right track where. It's worth it. Terrible yet and it can. There's a video circulating fans get him to get on the line thank you yeah viral itself out of Florida. And I'll horse comes upon an alligator they get into a fight this is like can't. She got zillow. Taking on T Cong. Long in that you get clearance in the old boy again one. The bottom line is he would not expect to put the horse actually wins the horse kicks the alligator and Dan you think the horses could run no horse goes back and ask for more that's it and in this case like honey badger. Of course just like force of course yes it's. The horse went back and check out there it is not skinny put the video I'm doing it right no horse you wouldn't take a horse demon attack not at all. He like was the aggressor move yeah yeah he actually it's the true story have you haven't they you don't get a chance in the video that that is missing and there is like Avant in my in my amber is he of that and then that borrowers glad would you do it rare. And it comes over John and they just start to take out. Should crack. I did this horse in the horse wins clearly error no decision yet you wanna hear a really. This is a growth story actually OK IP they and the car is perfect timing. No no no it's not like over the over the line as far as a being dirty dirty thing it just kind of sickening sound the way things. Okay attack. You gotta strip mall looking mania that could be any city this would have some happens to be Austin, Texas. But it could be and he said he got a big strip mall we've all seen of it is sad to strip mall you get a massage partner. Yeah rent from them back so you got to massage partner so one day. Inside the strip mall all the tenants are calling it the landlord because they got plumbing problem okay. I that's where it starts here who listened to the new story. These arrest affidavits say a pipe leading to the city's sewer system with Claude and then destroyed by hundreds of condoms. Austin police say that was one of several pieces of evidence that for the bust in March officers that yeah. Its search warrants it say they found 60000 dollars in cash as well as other evidence. But it was the original tip about the pipes clogged with condoms that started the investigation did not know. I division which is our human trafficking unit they received a tip from a property practice locations. Something and with the Al waste disposal system getting clogged and that they received it tip that they were concerned some prostitution maybe thirty. Mind that this particular area. Both sides parlor is busted by the cubs due to the pipe high yeah. They clogged up all the pipes inside the strip mall so the police are called it an. After people we're going to pay subs Dorado ordered that massage put all of those lead I read this later on in the story so there was this lady she owns the the massage parlor right right. They clocked her at the airport would like 300000. Dollars in cash. So it was a successful massage parlor so hard like yeah. 300000. Dollars. Wondered about those places to be honest I mean I know the ones in LA by the airport went to Europe do we all know you do it yeah yeah yeah think so. Well I know because Bonaduce. East end. Go there. Allegedly nobody told us how he told I told us it brought about how. Yeah I don't Lindsey Gardner went to the airport where the mismanagement not in the airport met by LA Texas and and that's a pretty seedy and don't century. I eat there all around there Newton. That. I don't I am I get an extra. Yeah a war yeah yeah and treatable if it does not look so well. Around here and we have the those Ted Wells. If you remember. A few weeks ago months ago maybe it was true grit car in the parking lot remember the massage parlor I yeah evidently don't know about the but he seems quite suspicious to me just because that car came from there was stolen he can't play that the room sized car owner a signs inside the car. That you could you easily six and. Stolen car is going. Paced well I'd just say a good to put it suspicious activity goes on massage parlors sister and this was one problem. But you know when I went to the Peninsula Hotel businesses in Beverly Hills you know and that guy hey there was. I paid extra yeah are we roll. Down wrong on our quick question. If you are using the cities and tarnish parlors that at at at. Jamie and I wanna know how wedded to Dexter is to go an extra bit and I insurrection famous student. They're going on in this town yeah it's got going on here it's no movie dry well. It just it just enough of Canadian. That was we it was weird in and to me is because it was the Peninsula Hotel which is the five star hotel management and dirtier mad about it he should. Could you shouldn't. Yeah actually yeah you should feel bad and I was in the next round is. Illegal. And he was happy. Yeah. Idiots at the cabinet back. I mean when you. Tell him it's. Why have you done no I'm just I'm just saying I feel like I say no it's a wonderful place and I feel like accomplice in some way Saturday. It did I think that any time here in a room moves stranger and I don't really care what the core is the let alone meet still considered pretty illegal. Rarely illegal. Just massage her you're out there yet they have still still owns an upper leg just a little love. I. The little beyond the law I think. And year yes any UBS CD plays are high in place doesn't really matter at the gets old saying gee I don't think I get. I. Never thought about. Cold accident it's hardly. Ever but when you write keynote 300 dollars for a massage of the. There you go. Look yourself at a Hyatt hotel hotel and refined products. In the importance on Alex.