BJ & Jamie - How to Marry A Millionaire 6/30

Thursday, June 30th

Former Pirelli supermodel has outlandhish demands for her divorce settlement.

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Vijay and Jamie who beat. I'm Diana didn't. It I've decided I'm going to marry Berry Berry Mary very wealthy below are a good plant did you say this supermodel she's gonna get 262. Million dollars to India for being married for thirteen years so the billionaire and yes he married S Saudi billionaire Renta Saudi. Death out he 61 and she's out of the house that's young anyway says she married to Saudi billionaire right they lived together effort. Arden were married for thirteen years she and again. Well she's hoping to get. 262. Million dollar and that's walking cash in those salad so that those guys those blue sheets over there I mean that's just like you right get checked he giver a debit card would that put Jon at the picnic that opera is say here hit the road trips. They they say that his well. He is one billion dollars billion via. And and so if she wants here's everything she needs okay amends resisting real fast. So she needs 73 million dollars because as a bunch of property she and then needs a lot of maintenance clear that she's getting the property. 73. Million dollars I need because that property that leads to make it but so can you imagine how much the property's worth if you just do that. Make it's it. She means what. She needs. One point three million dollars one point three million dollars a year for clothing. And one point three million dollars in clothing the U. That is not cold on my rental that's not Colson. I think they have a one point three million dollars in inventory include a that's just unbelievable. And she also needs 40000 dollars for fur coats. Now she needs a 146000. Dollars squared couture dresses that means their one of the kind you know good two hour. And then that she needs 28000. Dollars. Every year for. Use the girls has seizure blows it can get him that much clothing you back. Add to that extent yeah she is for an excellent and that means is now got delegates announce he's worth eleven billion I had and I feel like yeah yeah I knew he was a billionaire I don't know how much that several yeah I need to add another ones I was guessing three or 4111. Once you get past. Who put billions can't think about what you get past two billion really. Here's what I like it doesn't matter how do you get a testy battle or you know had to pay child werder or what's the other one child spouses work. So you always dumbing down your money your right so he says his lawyers in the that's funny and so we can't put our minds around. He's not worth eleven billion his attorneys say he. Is worth the media mere 865. Million. Act while analyst makes a big difference from her asking for bush last. Merely just I thought dull the but in I don't know how worse but I I thought yeah in Saudi Arabia. She did have a chance to you know watch giving him money yeah I don't think they treated the same point we toured California that they push into the London. California's did you did you stay in Colorado is bunch close to a do. But I don't know whether you want to court in London yeah how you would force Saudi Arabia. Amid you gotta go get a body of that although that's a. The kids who then think it it didn't. The mirror as she broke down on the stand and wait let's. That. And if she broke down on the stand when she said she received a phone call from her daughter crying saying we're going to be more. Yeah I the and when you see your picture. She looks like a money he looks like she's he looks like it but it's paid. This looked like she is just she did this when they master plan from day 10 yes she did well it. Absolutely. There is Smart she said that they just bought a house that she's getting in the court settlement right. She absolutely. Needs to decorate it and that's gonna cost eight point seven million dollars to decorate it. She also needs 37000 dollars for Wimbledon tickets. Minute and then only can she needs thirteen thousand dollars to attend sir Elton John's annual white eyeball. I is that he's. No she has to go Elton John's life eyeball and she must go to Wimbledon. And at at what point when she married this guide you think that all kicked dead heats are demanding ways hearse made me like gay wad right. I don't day what it kicked and he's like what the hell but I do. She further list and she needs four to 24000 dollars for staff. She listed 647000. Dollars because she has direct a yacht every year for two weeks for 647000. Dollars he's got to skip he he beat. 6000 dollars to tip the crew on the ot. 33. And 30000 dollars for Perez holiday at the presidential suite at the reds. 99000 dollars for the nannies room and she also has to have luxury face cram cream and that concert 121000 dollars a year for luxury. You scream I'm telling you she's not gonna get this money AA. In Saudi Arabia okay to Saudi Arabia. She's not gonna get the money because it's their laws are completely different but India artistic says women aren't even allowed to drive basically gonna get this money so it a ball. When a judge sees this and list. Don't laugh at like a really. Well I believe she went through it she even Wear sunglasses. She talked about the 35 watches she owns my guys. And she needs entertainment for 161000 dollars to go to the opera and they asked her honesty and which operas he won a seat she didn't name any that. There goes the case. Dodd. A speech in weekday mornings on Ellis nice.