BJ & Jamie: Hurricane Harvey update. 8/28

Monday, August 28th

Hurricane Harvey is slamming texas and the video and pictures are horrible.  There is a picture of a nursing home where the people are sitting in their wheel chairs waist deep.  There was also a picture of a man fishing for Catfish in the living room of his home. Reports are that the storm will go back out to the Gulf of Mexico and circle back around and hammer Texas with more rain! BJ wants to donate money to the people of Houston but we don’t trust the Text to Donate number.  


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Vijay and Jamie. Wind rain and the potential for catastrophic flooding Derrick Harvey how Gulf Coast of Texas can. Conduct an excessive a 130 miles per hour storm surge in some coastal cities could reach thirteen feet. And some areas may see as much as forty inches of rain. Some and it's been constant rain and heavy heavy wind. I mean you can begin billet one a little bit and you can feel it but it country. I gotta tie it that looks absolutely. Devastated. Yet I was looking at pictures this morning in all weekend long incident columnists in this started on Friday. It's it's it's something that I've never ever while Katrina. It's Katrina all over again in south Texas south east Texas in the Houston area Galveston Texas. And people are displaced and more rain is on the what they're only halfway through this thing decline and 800 year flood 800 year and even the the hundred year flood how to we know what happened 760. Years ago. I do I really am going to be 719 so far Harvey has dumped. Rainfall. Fifty inches expected for the entire area. 44454000. That's right 450000. Disaster victims already. It's it's just so that would never seen for the most part Dan I'm looking at the lines now people are in line for food. We can you imagine here we are ever race I know have their breakfast by go to McDonald's or some. They're in line for food in its. Only gonna get worse there in line for food and well I will say this there are a lot of relief efforts that are headed to Houston Texas as we speak into that entire area from every state every state even Colorado. Here I think the north's Denver fire department. I think there'll already down there and I know Pete California all over the country. Are headed down their for the relief efforts and hopefully they'll get food water down their because basically that's what you're gonna need right now. It's easy business it's it's just devastated it's devastating any Jay said just few minutes ago off there doesn't look like fun. The dental clinic analyst miserable for the people that are there and I'm sure it is. Did you see the pictures first of all the nursing home picture that you brought up earlier ranks that is absolutely amazing to teach fifteen elderly people. Are strained it inside of the nursing home the water rise. And it's so that there you know there in in wheelchairs when ladies in a recliner and she's replied it's a it's like a team he has a bad you know or regular though that like we're keyboards sitting and waiting for the water to rise. It's a she's sitting in a recliner. It looks like she riding me knitting and the latter is just up George. It looks like they were resolved the fact that Yemen is gonna kinda hell yeah. We're gonna sit here with the waters could. Almost sounded like or looked like in the picture this picture got depleted. Because the daughter of the owner of the nursing home saw it and realize these people had no help had been trying for it to call for help. No well nobody could even show up she tweeted that's what got somebody involved in this thing to save the lives. And that's what they are saying this is that one time the social media has done so much. Because people are begging for votes yes and help people with that and get him out of their house and that says anyone with a boat you can volunteer to help. Please caller please show up and so the guys like an hour wait solace this go you know across FaceBook and they served only votes that way. Did you see the picture of the guy catch and cash position is living I did. Can you imagine that I did you're catching catfish in her living room. It's as a man goes fishing in flooded home. After hurricane RB you called extra memory usage crocodile invented the alligator doesn't but it alligator infested waters is what he called for on Friday cutting its catfish and test and no I didn't and I'm sure there are some gators in there that might BetaNews got a these gators to their pitches got a big here's a way and I just heard just this morning I could not figure out how to arrange gonna keep going tool Wednesday or Thursday. But yes this storm. Is about to come out of Texas and the Gulf of Mexico right again and the same whammy is coming back at them again I know her Kingston down. Eighteen. I I always have disbelief. And life. Our kids can be assured them they just fizzle out over shore does allow I think it's a little back out there drift north and northeast and then go that way yes and then go away. This is gonna come inland. Circle around. Go back around the Gulf of Mexico and come right back to reveal Galveston and Houston area with another 25 inches of bringing their side. He's that's gonna happen. I will. Now and that meteorologist. Little brings something up it's a little controversial. And I need to do this as well. And it just say one thing. Oh I think you're gonna agree with me now what. I'd like to give. You have given money he would help owe uncle. To help the situation. We gonna give it to. That's a point yeah I don't know. When you give the money to secure directly to these people accused of art. Literally wanna hand and we get family down there like a check via okay because I feel like this tax thing. The girl's fun Meese well not to go for me it's the the American Red Cross. The guys that can be free music artists started go friendly page for everybody their infancy and the only thing I don't like about go find me is it takes a percentage off the top. And media they do yeah but I'm talking about that. At tech's number that circulates a red crescent where you give ten dollars every time you text this number. Lacking more so jaded because we've heard overtime you know like the CEO it makes like eight billion dollars just on the but I real well I chimps. And I'll that was disclosed I think they're Red Cross is. Now on the epic but yes. I feel like it when you do that the money goes into this big pot that my money could end up the end Ethiopia. Or some relief effort. I don't I think it goes to the guards in the about I'm just saying I don't wanna affect people from giving in Kerry and which I don't think this does but I'm always skeptical with this I'm always skeptical skeptical would that ten dollar texting. I mean Ali Hussein did you notice any connection to be quite honest I know I mean they're still standing in line. Utley he might have given you know all this money but you still see people standing in line for food mart. I think Red Cross that turned it around after there was that big exposure during a few years ago they had at the united way ahead in several different agencies that haven't anime is all a little skeptical of what went. Is back at me that at bat right that these people in Texas mandated they are suffering the. Yeah the evacuations in the omni hotel. Now I'm home I got snowed omni hotels filled up with water they're tired that the lobby all the way to the second floor. These Diebler in me out into the second floor they had to all go move up and Adam and so the girl in there no electricity no water no. Nothing but they can do anything and they said it smelled like fuel am. You know that they say they into the water in the city throughout the streets spells that way because it's all about just contaminated. And we were talking earlier too about. You know a lot of times when a flood happens these television stations they run to the area in the know find like knee deep water with a new and it. To make it appear that there's really bad bad situation. And really only about a half a block away its old tried and thought. OK so it's it's an optical illusion. What you're seeing in Texas is not an op collusion. They're saying that the entire city of Houston for the most part is underwater. That's hard to imagine to you at this city underwater. And that is it's unbelievable they're saying he will take years. To recover from this. I just don't know how other than take care of all these people. I don't need them and that's that they and I saw one woman she was in the apartment complex. And that says she had to live up to her neighbors she doesn't even know our neighbor. But she asks can I please come up there because my alma I've stuck with Clinton says she's staying with strangers and she say that they will come in getter. Because they're not an emergency situation because the neighbors upstairs have electricity. So there are coming together and now I don't nobody gonna do with all these people. Isn't I didn't million people affected well it it's a huge. Do you think it's yeah million in Houston and then I'll try to actually formally be yeah and they're already saying half a million people are already displacing in theirs in we're only halfway through. He's proved he's coming back I can't. We need better play and you know like we need to better play is yeah zero point in force stormed this category. I don't know I therein and gets cruise ships pull all good people off then that note. Each inch anymore. I.