BJ & Jamie: Hyperloop is coming to denver for sure New Voice for DIA trains. 11/15

Wednesday, November 15th

The Hyperloop is coming to Denver for sure and they are looking for a new voice for the DIA trains.    


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Vijay and Jane did you see this the hyper Luke is playing and I heard some about that when a what does that they had a press conference yesterday and I guess it's a done deal this hyper Luke that's supposed to go 200 miles per hour. Starting in downtown Denver is a done deal they're gonna start building it where's it going to. I'm not really sure that he met on that you sit downtown Denver to relieve the stress of the traffic. But I guess are supposed to Bert break ground running the first of the year. Out somewhere east probably near the airport where they're going to be testing all these all these capsules these tubes that are gonna travel 200 miles an hour. I'm BC and where's it going to. Guessing this is the problem. As I heard before and they talk about sniper that was and it also grew up to the mountains and didn't two relieved I seventy pound traffic but the thing as. Skis all the small towns or forget now that it one neighborly because they'll take away it's like Amazon yeah. It's like Amazon to gas stations and all those places along the way. Right people stop their anybody's guess he's still money and this is they survived. Yes they didn't want it so I'm wondering if it's an angle up the mountains everything I read on yesterday said that it was a downtown thing it's got to know somewhere from downtown at 200 miles an hour you can just go from YZ over them like streaks. Wait about a year before I get on it in well at the here's here's what they don't tell yet. It's probably going to be up and ready but 20/20 one now welcome. Okay that's gonna be a little while it's going to be down the road Biden did we not be used to hyper loops. Has it set in September you can go to bail in nine minutes and a yeah I don't know if they're gonna do the mounting though I think those people that know those little storage it. What is both Joe's pizza. Emma Bunton soldier knows I'm sure they're fighting this thing and yeah unless they have. Pizza delivery and hyper loop this thing is the test sites can cost fifteen million dollars to two calls were bad until more expensive. Important. Clicks and put together the budgeted one ancient well well that's the test site but think about it to test a 200 mile per hour tube. The two got to go somewhere yet he's got to go at least two or three miles. It was this down isn't Richard Branson build than two of them and also. That Elon Musk is need them the two of them not to media. Why does get on the same page at the. So it seems like we could all use our technology Britain togetherness and and they could be one big company. It looks like it's official that terrible company in Colorado transportation officials announced their partnership yesterday to create a network of roadside tubes. To relieve the congestion the heart of the city. What yeah. I'm CNET car department transportation. 470 public highway authorities that they're gonna operates out of them out to sea and error revote test site will be near 470 this groundbreaking is slated for early 2018 yet next year and that show is gonna put together assess and it's done it's very the great got to find out how. This agency you can and yes you know this was just reunion episode I was just giving you some. Start I heard it on the news yeah than last night about oh. As people. 4050 people. I'm 45 at the border India we. Port here that the people and that's all that is Kerry. Bicycling when asked if that's how many people here all along well for a fifty de Bilbao. Yet again being in a live right by forty or fifty people or your fifty people to build a hyper Lou I don't know miles an hour. I have more than me more than forty or fifty people make this radio station rod. Other's company plans are part of it people in Denver area and the next year between ten and fifteen million dollars on its tester excite. Can't tell you that would be cool that would be cool to get on hyper Lou it's the I wanna go to little to do instead they are TD. In the light rail I get I get on hyper Lou I am at my house in two minutes I'm Johnny what I'm saying to me is nine minutes to mail me. It does that tells me Dick at nine or leave it see you can't even imagine that not liking it with. No I can't get it takes out three hours with traffic it takes up more than Doug Mattis to get to that seat instead you yeah if there. A czar that privilege that you write because they can I'm sorry it's about half an hour to the snow and the in the months and yeah. He's hired saint of Mary or yeah important coach. There's no way you're gonna get a pizza would you go by there now. And we'll see if it comes to fruition yet test track. At. Is it dad trains and they're looking for a new voice over for the idea I traits does now is John Elway. Know our gala I think it's her. Eight low I think it is our talents like you are impeding the outlook as it used to be. I feel it was a of football player and I years ago it was so it it was like. And a real jewels putter or namely that she and show are obviously I can't say because I was confident I did it that would be very. Innocent about your impeding the sort of this train. Remember when you try to make the train and you even snapped a two tours yeah that's what the announcement playa and we need you on that says next stop. Concourse. Well when he tabs on the wants to replace a Dallara. Well they're not alone there you go to that act and others. Okay read Sharon to al-Qaeda and thanked me. Hello and welcome to Denver International Airport. Boarding here for all eight B and seagate is the got a press. Please hold on we are approaching the station for all day gate. It's I won't say it's the best it's probably as good as it to help. Bring a job that she yells at me a lot you know you and a little bit at the trade. Sure is ultimately can tell shut up I'm John I. I don't think it's beautiful short you don't give that anger were unhappy at the loan amount friendly he had Earl Bradley he left a year for all of us. I. The opportunities and think that the don't wait it out with big outfit and I went in college years Judge Judy Dugan. That's not to you. In. More on Alex.