BJ & Jamie: I Tonya the movie. 3/12

Monday, March 12th

I. Tonya is a great movie.                           

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Vijay and Jamie you know it's not ever just talked about why he went to go to your phone via. I feel like I have to defend and Tonya harding's wife. Oh my god I saw I Tonya over the weekend is such a good movie it is she's so and is it it's not even funny how innocent cius. Women she said she no no she said she never net. No they interview after the movie came out to dinner being said she knew. Use up that was going on in the movie they portrayed. No she knew about left and I'm getting I'm negatively to start but she knew one point oh OK but she didn't know about the club. She did not know about the club at all yet. And she did an interview. After that movie I I know is talking about but she knew a pollution devices that portion India and it can be easily Maria. So she knew that they was going to happen but she didn't know about the club so gut foray person that's ever. I've never seen the movie it's only been out for just view a couple of months so you've got to see but. For a person that that saw it from one side we're we're bird needs Kerrigan got whacked right. The movie must be incredible it's everybody to turn. And make Tonya Harding a year yeah I. Can't even I don't know understood I don't and I had to defend last night when I was like oh my god you got to see I Tonya. It's so good she didn't know and I wrote that land is doing the same thing you Georgia and I felt I got an advocate for Tonya Harding I. So what we take what I read that the here's what I read okay Tonya Harding said Indy you don't say because we don't want to give away the will be okay. Are you already said afterwards in an interview that she knew something was gonna happen to Newsom in the says something about taking Iraq. It she knew that she knew she was told that but she never acted on that's what I read okay. So in the Moby you're telling me that if I watch. There's gonna be piece of the movie that explains all that yeah to a degree yes that I am pro I'm targeting yeah. You kid. I. Cheney I believe you so it's just hard for me to fathom I doubt what the going into the movie now. Lately I didn't think I'd be. It can't look with with these amazing how Tonya Harding. He showed up. What's it the Oscar I think shoeless she is like hit and every award show over the past what tomorrow gonna hand on behalf of her she's become. Immediately I thought I saw and you. I agree I went into the movie not liking trying hard. I had my own feelings about her like she privileges of saying yes use a bad girl that person. And by the end of the movie I I I have island years I don't advocate for dog are. Her competition all right now I'm not seek the globe and right but let me just stilwell. We can't hurt competition got whacked in the league rehab and now they're out of the Olympics of Tonya Harding can get it. Not only did Tanya Harding then run with a bunch of clowns what was named go blew me. Go to eat out we can't even handy. No she's a hero. We we can't even tell you all the stuff because it'll give away the movie that you got to see it's so good it's still say. And the story in her life is pretty remarkable it is. They came to her mom I just have great yeah it's worth watching it wants. I bought you did I did. It's so good you meet you bought it like on Blu-ray who who who know. I don't I like it it didn't have a a rental options I had to buy it Paul also have known your. And I'll Latina device so I didn't have a renting option in zone this trio and you realize you haven't really bought it. And I know puts it if ever you know there comes time when we come to get that box at the I don't know yeah we got a dvd downloaded somewhere on and I never announces that that trend with world. How does say though that now the united. I'm like over the I got in yet again. Give me five bucks aren't but are. I'll watch so I don't understand it I'll watch oh my god she didn't know 'cause I again I don't know I just have this. Pre sell them Leon had a Tonya Harding an end it's not one of a thing now. Listen I am a long long time ago laid by the deuce bag in time the end of Brady and all them guys they all did this celebrity boxing and she is just a nightmare like I don't have good thoughts about her at all but I would hunger. I literally went a hug. But voters they haven't shut the hell I was sad when she was started talking about the celebrity boxing part I now is so sad. I'm thrilled that resolved just CNET. And I thought she had a really good employee. Here is huge here again. Who won the silver medal and you're about bitchy she was about winning and not. You're both of them that I left and she brought that well they're cared to them like real you children are likely. For the it can only go ahead I'd trust me it's you're gonna love it. All right I don't know how I'm going to be Tanya why am I just don't understand that. But I think our lawyer if you see it sometime this week you're gonna walk in here and you're to have I love Thai new shared on. If you think so everything it's not at. Are you go to trial can't argue to try and we'll see what happens to me don't change anything important. Now I.