BJ & Jamie: Inauguation Protests are planned. 1/17

Tuesday, January 17th

Donald J Trump will be sworn in on Friday Morning to be our 45th president. We all thought is was a joke a few years ago when he said he wanted to be POTUS. But here we are.. Inauguration is this week. But there are still groups that want to disrupt the inauguration..  Reports are they are planning an Acid Attack.     

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Vijay and Jamie. And gentlemen the 45 president of the United States of America Donald. This is the week. Mae and Freddie who thought Quinn did this happen it's Friday midnight eastern time. Thoughts Donald shore up this president. Here I just say that I remember about I don't know 510 years ago. When he said there. And the ascended the apprentice and said Sunday he wanted to be president we outlaw. That we've had in fact he said that on several occasions he's thrown his hat in on a couple of occasions do we know that. And I does it never happened but so we're not laugh now worries are present it's gonna happen this Friday there's no stopping. It's gonna happen well except for a bunch of people and he. I have to play rabbit exempted it okay like there's as is it's. I mean what can I I can't do anything except for just got paid at all get along yeah so that's my mentality is like. Let's hope he's a great president because that's like can do is hope these gray president that's only condemn all I can that's all you can do is an American right right is just go gosh I hope he does great job because if he does a great job do you are in a better position to exact. Zack and we should all wish that trend that's that's that's English I even posted that Adam. And not wishing him bad wishing him ill will or whatever is like asking your pilot to crash supply exactly that era. You know it did it's no old rhyme or reason. Nothing good comes out of him actually. Being absolutely horrible thing but hey good. Nothing in early this cell and so I just hope they keep your sanity and stuff siding with he blood winner and all that stuff. But things these whole groups that are. They play into it create complete chaos at the inauguration the end. All these activists. They they've gotten together and there's video now of them plotting implanting an acid attack gas on Friday. It's at a teacher now first of all that he. I thought the we'd gone too far. When all these different accents we're scheduled to perform like the blind eye for example let's say I just came a day when Kelly. Bocelli Coachella. Oh he is selling out should I do about it but it jelly noted Chile boat gently Bocelli both chili spaghetti but I have. Threats he didn't. Yes so he pulled out writing opera singer so he had to pull out here you get that Jennifer Holliday a check. From the New York didn't she sing I will survivors in the room. Known and and she's the she might have sang it at some point but she's a Broadway star. Yeah that she has now pulled out because death threats that said. And then you got this whole last thing for Friday but I have a theory on this as the Jamie I want you listen it's okay. This is a video the first part it can't really hear so you gotta be really paying attention here they're talking about. Disrupting the inauguration coming up on Friday. Within acid attack and then planning. A stuffed inside this attack like nails and glass shrapnel. To fly out and hurt people like he had not grow. Listen to this. Really love. Yeah. That's crazy. Unbelievable. Unbelievable now here's my thinking about. And because. This is part of a special. Either a TV show or an Internet show I'm not really sure. Because there's a commentator on their singing coming up we'll show you more. I think it's fake. You did I do. It's because. If this were actually happening indeed have video of these guys sitting down two to play in this bombing and the inaugural they would be arrested. Well they sent undercover video that doesn't matter doesn't matter you can fully see who these people are and identified the people. Anti job activists were caught on camera an undercover video discussing ways to disrupting gala. Celebrating his inauguration where there ideas such as we heard was using the ask did conservative group project and we need to convert varieties firm first test whenever. Released a video yes it showed three members of the DC anti fascist group. And brainstorming. Ways to shut down the inauguration. They call it the quote don't. Horrible ball could be a if I know now yeah I don't get it because a fully. On the video they disclose who these people are. And I don't see how he could have something like this play and to be talking about a NASA attack on Friday but this inauguration or talk of present United States come and appear. And in all these people that are going to be there a million people in Washington DC these people will be detained he would be arrested I think it's all done just promote his website. And there's another coalition called disrupt Jed when he has already confirmed that it plans to disrupt drugs inauguration. A female member of the group was heard saying that the coalition will do everything that again. You palace not a whole war with six kids and she spoke from. It hit headed it is unlikely that there I didn't have alcohol I was just doesn't I don't like that enough. That was really hard took its ground slow and I apologize and get a decent weeks and and I'm sorry I'm Bruno yeah. Threatened to shoot at it. I'm that you do blockade of checkpoints. And they said dad's death they're gonna block transportation access blades they're gonna do it. They said that they wanna make it in a big of a cluster like as possible. And. That's a play that's their plan is just to screw up everything and this bomb. Yeah that's Arnold. Yeah see I'm seeing these guys they would be arrested it is so quickly they've informed everyone that it's just a hoax of some dot I just don't see this being real. I just don't know remembered I was so sure about this earlier this morning remember those two girls. And I think it was an Mountain View high school here locally. Innocent girls were plotting behind the scenes again and got arrested wasn't the right before Thanksgiving or something like rocky sampled. Who was warm up just for their intentions and I know they posted some stuff to do before their intentions they've been arrested. They could GO ever ever since everything except what is now loses I kept. They're facing summary really serious stuff and this stupid kids at a high school. They had these claims by the since they did nothing they just talked about right right but they did talk about it. They did well if you've got these guys from the crowd and we should don't you think that they would already be thrown into jail. Didn't think so because they're openly he's talking about hurting crowds of people you know I mean they are threatening lives. Crazy yeah it's just out of the the whole inaugural inauguration digging misuse. Turned upside down right now ready to it it appears that way I have a million people there. I don't remember this ad prior inauguration. Obama any kind of threats or anything like this disruption no now. I don't think so just knew they are there grit and luck. I. And to make of this number okay. But they have this is not right number I can't remember something like 36. I'm pro protests. You know like a license or woody Clarke. You know they have that and people of the applied for like. 367 to protest to protest. Legal protection yeah yeah and they they give them that does ability. And always had that you've always had protesters on every inauguration every just about everybody's always had them. But it just you know all these death threats need I would team go perform and now you got to Bruce Springsteen cover bandits had to resign. For up from the inauguration in New Jersey it episode party at New Jersey that we then it's at its core it's out of control. 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