BJ & Jamie - Inflatable Joint, 16th Street Mall Dangers 7/21

Thursday, July 21st

People are bringing a 51 foot inflatable joint to the DNC next week.  The dangers of 16th Street Mall are also discussed.

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Vijay and Jamie marijuana activists. Set to take a 51 foot joint to the Democratic Convention you Larry. 51 foot only worry that headline again I'm. Marijuana activists. To bring up 51. Foot joint to the Democratic Convention everybody's getting hot or. Everybody's got to be happy next weeks and hungry. Yeah and Hungary it's actually a wealth and a bunch of people won't remember where they park their car well I hang on it's a bit misleading doll it's inflatable. News instant. Odd at all out and I. Or they're they're two obviously push for the legalization of marijuana in committee stakes. I don't know why they chose I mean what they need they do that for the Republican conviction do a me if you're gonna get a 51 foot inflatable joint these kids use it Warren. Idealize use it every shot why soccer. And it should head that they last night so that they're more everybody would chill out over dead grows his thoughts about it. It's loss caused that everybody's. Ian. I will say this and I think we've spoken about this a couple of times here on the show in the past couple weeks but I think. I don't know the exact number but I think like eighteen states. Are getting ready to vote on the legalization of marijuana yeah and obviously Colorado ahead of the curve. A bargain and in the courier Washington State ahead of the curve. But eighteen states are gonna vote November I sincerely hope. All eighteen pass this sucker. Meet because it will keep people plucked out of Colorado and I. I watered this past I don't care what happens out there I don't care if it's a problem I don't Gary I don't care that's your problem now that you're proud our ideology it we birdie Gatti and so it's here it's here to stay and you need it now also that you stay where you want to track. Okay that's that's my I. Should run for office on this planet want to at least it but I couldn't went I could be like Hickenlooper yeah. In part that's all the other states or miss that that airs this coming here for the pile. Earlier own pot is a terrible place except for that and for the putt no come here hot. All it to have yeah I mean I do I hope to pass. Passes it's good if it passes it will keep these Yahoo!'s that a year I have thought the exact same thing I saw his sale. I saw this on an idea I don't know if it's marijuana I don't know what's causing it. C sixty street Paul right now is one of the most dangerous places in our city. 60. Yeah that's right ideology he goes yeah I saw some of the videos. People laugh yeah well that was what video guy that would spastic when his pipe that's enough but but each espionage handling. Fights breaking out draw people on the streets people passed out he doorways. Just he just it's incredible they're just rats and pulled into a guy stranded at alliance people just out there trying to get to and from working there. They're little ho awards that are Rask and only want their money they want their secrets it it's entitled little group of you know who problems. I have little problem is I have no problem you know and we Oklahoma situation if you for the people there almost can't get all that aren't. But but you have people down there that are camping out now that come to this city that there are a lot are runaways. Young kid there's this. Two year old. They're down they're causing mayhem that's it and so obsessed. They're part consider sending it and they say that sixty street no doubt I'm not been down there in a while. IPad but a ticket back. I have been down there well what just happened there. I have been down there but I haven't spent any time I don't walk up and downs sees tree mall so I don't really know the problem the way that it's being reported. Yet you still India where you're headed to your business and get out but you get down there start locker I. That it's hole it's if it's a lot different than it has ever been and as a kid because he's too good out there and play around their kids knew it was felt safe. The Dow those little boards of these guys they just make you feel unsafe and they here after seeing some of these videos and things going on there. There come hordes of buttons and down there and in the place is he is really difficult to even navigate now. It will now be her since somewhat. Alias. And they say they're gonna the police presence is on the news last week it. Eating different conventions are having concerns bringing their people into Denver stroked the sixteenth street mall true so they gotta do something serious down I got. You are well. Thought I moved to Colorado about fourteen years ago and when I first got here and started working for Alice. The the radio station sits 2% which was downtown. It was they are next what used to be the SP and so. And you could literally go outside the building lunchtime or after work whatever and you could hang out be in the downtown area for four. You know hours and just enjoy yourself it was great you never had any of this it didn't exist it not to it was great town there and I'm miss being downtown I don't know if I miss it now. I Lleyton I don't know if I want to be down there right now it is like ought to be fun if down there in right in the heart. The scary moments. It's a. We have a shot at a thousand dollars to fourteen day giveaway committed to 7 o'clock this morning here's the way it works. We're going to be a code word you're gonna texted back to a static text and they don't don't send it sticks and they don't send it to 72881. Seven to 81 already a couple of winners on our show yeah yeah so thousands of dollars to be given away. 4000 dollars every day you're shot and it. The next shot coming up at 7 o'clock this morning Ko were coming your way you texted back and good luck to you won't take a quick break we'll be right back. Each in each weekday mornings on Alex I.