BJ & Jamie: Innovation teams at the Radio Ranch, Bj not happy about it. 1/3

Wednesday, January 3rd

BJ has a problem about some stuff going on here at the Radio Ranch. The new guy has started these innovation teams and the winning team gets a vacation stay in a mansion in Aspen. BJ is upset because he was not drafted for a team. So he and Sean are starting their own Dream Team.


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Vijay endgame and I want to discuss this at some point yeah. Artery station. On which we have a new big boss. And doesn't know her name. He doesn't really know me and Iraq are desperately. But but they have this whole new thing for 2018 which I think brilliant all were we have this innovation initiative that. Come up with the ideas. And the select teams from alien ideas across the board that get X and the winners get to go to this match in the hardy for like a week I have two weeks it may be never even come back. He did to go like to private jet to. It's crazy it's given this great first prize of the innovation gets better than being on jeopardy and really something just so they put together these teams in the draft different people when they look the most the creative people in the building. In order to get on a day of a deal were to. Innovative is that we've heard. A cutting edge of the negative you know that type of person up before we went on their Christmas break I drilled getter is what they're looking for. Would you explain it. You hear my anger here okay saying so before we go on vacation good Christmas holiday they they they put out the the draft to happen just like NFL draft. Meant the draft happens you find out what team Iraq. Sean and guy. We don't even get dressed and undressed. You get to the greatest minds in this building it big and get well inning give it to Bryant at least want. He didn't think. I could. And why not oh my god I can't can I brought the boss I might actually would you not would you say it. Well. They set what. I figured difficult to work when you're not a team player you know he says to me less supply a lady said did you really write him well. And are you know your impossible to work with an idea what it over the LT menu and Obama I'm a winner but. He would be at that mansion would be on a private yeah might have to do those ideas when you look you would give you the night. Tank and the UB later on but a room. We're gonna put together own team that after nineteen brother etc. call. If you're an article to dream team and we're gonna kick ass just a way to win this way he says it will sides seem a secret underground. A team we're gonna be like Hulu but not a big yes I went over well at. But we're going to be well I don't know what that means but we're gonna be a secret team that nobody knows exists in and on that final day of comp DC. With the best ideas the world didn't. I knew our our you know what it would take hardly get hurt your grades and your grade and it doesn't work well with others whether it's ten years. Yes that was in Jersey it would be impossible work within a team being. As it would the Boston eighty to look at what they eat. So we see I I wrote and sent there to help will be an Iowa woman out on a team I amber and itself yeah as brilliant you know what bush I mean you don't want this mine did it on your team. You wanna lose all kind of cool and he writes the leaders. The idea is that you were the secret went you can't rule. Good how much did he have to pucker without it now why didn't people like gears open for. On his part putt. Now would've thought about it yet had a couple weeks off. Yeah at a media from now. The panel I I need to concentrate on what school do you do it she'd come out strong but then maybe eggs and he sure Obama thing. On the dream to you can't. We could win this if we had the dream team but what. Guitar I don't feel like you of anything innovative. Plan to conduct I have to stop him yeah and go to the archives and that's what they don't want a then elect archives that would only things that maybe have done in the past that's what they don't want never been applied the. But that's what they do they stayed they went all news. So I can you do yeah. You do JL yeah not I. Option. Well I'm glad this is this what makes you crazy about people and data that we like this. You know. Art my glove well and they. Ads instead you giving it themselves you getting YouTube about your YouTube via people get so lazy days that it makes you crazy. And down. Oh my god and that's what you did you know we've. Well no I. At least put it I have put in jeopardy and I'd like you put in jeopardy and I just can't ski ranch for some reason I just don't have that. Technical brain know your family but I do I put I was put in yesterday really frustrates me is that a sit there for two and three hours. Trying to figure something out that I know for a fact that other people can figure out in ten minutes. Yeah it just discourages. You. Wired more for the you're wired for the recline are really just in crime shows encryption. Beloved by. Rights and good and yes so as a place right through march or so do you like have a game plan and we innovation community stoked. Relish and really adds stability no no I've I had to rate idea when I was. Why he'd drive did you have no idea to. Easy ideas and debate of them haven't done. Some waterfall that church I keep. I can guess want. Let Joseph the dirt yeah. Got up and I. Happen. In the importance on Alex I.