BJ & Jamie - Internet Dupes People 6/2

Thursday, June 2nd

BJ & Jamie discuss how the internet dupes people.

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Vijay and Jamie are you know we've talked about this in the past how the Internet continues to do this all the time we want to believe everything we see on the web. He had nets hit it like that little boy we play that little boy he called 901. Because his dad Rian red light that I feel like it was set up to get on Allen. We've been no. We've been duped on many occasions he here on our show but I think everybody asked everybody is circulated the video that we later found out comport with my. In my room my most famous one is the day film eagle that big that maybe everybody all in everybody bought into the sunset. I mean we shall we and we were looking to beat duke I mean I've felt for sharks in Manhattan after seeing him and if they had sharks circling. The empire state tell and I'm like always and sharks. I felt port. Both a teacher in Mobile, Alabama is in big trouble. And I'm telling you right now when you look at this woman's picture she looks Jessica like Betty White. Yeah I guess she didn't look at the test. She just looked at the title of the debt she saw a test that was called the LA math proficiency test right. And circulating online for quite awhile. Was she saw this test and she thought oh geez you don't want. Maybe I should say if it's good enough for LA it's good enough for Mobile, Alabama writing that. I mean Jay's having another big city but my students are just a Smart I give them the test. Little did she realize the test online is nothing but it just made. Racial. It's club violent thugs but I looked. I am not she think she just didn't look at it all just. Print out and does I know for example here's what I live that the questions okay this from the teacher. And she looks like like you said the again Betty White Betty grab you. You really deserves so she's one of the questions is Tyrone who knocked up for girls in the gang. It's kind of starts okay that's not a total question just yet okay I Niigata listened closely art Tyrone. It knocked up for girls in the gay rights that it ended there are tiny girls in his game hi I'm gonna do this math quiz okay Dana once it. War there are twenty girls who hit that K. What isn't exact percentage of girls at Tyrone knocked up 1%. I think dancers 20%. Aren't for you to imagine my interest when he percent since you can get this OK okay. I know I had to do actually and you're gonna do the answer I just got that went right for of two when he is 20% credit -- now aren't you we try it now all the let common core should give it to show on the scene show on Qatar from the subject do you cipher. Ever but ciphers a southern thing is it for. His eyes lifeless as I heard notes decipher is that Dean Edwards called cypher in the south can impact aren't shot OK Dewayne. Tim's three hoses that. The camps if the price is 85 dollars a trick and how many tricks. Her day must each whole turn oh my god to support the Wayne's 800 dollar a day crack addicts. And what. Wow. Aren't ready guy secretary to a it is three hosts. 800 dollars a day. That's is correct here but it had many times is three o's have to get out there in the paper 85 dollars each. To support his track and in. There aren't. Well I think the answers three EF three knows. It has to turn three treaty. So nice passing thing I think you'd agree totally right and you didn't get to tell rides are not don't count yourself and ain't right you're not you're not exactly a scholar on the LA proficiency test in Kenya. So I ask at this woman needs this tennis to her students. I yeah it says that LeRoy has two ounces of cocaine of these 2008 all the alt. To Antonio to two for 200 or I can read the number three it'd play dollars and two grams to wine for 85 dollars per gram. What's the street value of them rest of the hole and I. TN IT NT I can figure that wanna. Crazy now are you getting into ounces. Down to the eight ball or not I don't know all the math whom did you see this behavior that eight years for murder. I thought holy child that was okay go ahead I'll get out. So Pedro got eight years for murder and Nader six to see how I think deficit as I get that racing can run this is. Peter and act as six years for murder. He also got 101000 dollars for the knicks took. Aren't we got 101000. And his common law wife spends a hundred dollars and is hit many per month her mom how much money will he be left list when he gets out. Mark Newman's second. All right six times store web. She's she's she's been to have much of a hundred aren't. Our hundred dollar thing on 12 August is a hundred times so I see is 727200000. At a 101000 dollars would leave 2800 dollars. 1800 dollars easy answer I got eight AD and and is only unity will she spends a hundred dollars a month that's 12100 year. Right so he's in the clink for six or Sean say 12100 I I guess some six he's 2800. It seems like I'm the only one who knows LA. And has six. Product or twelve times except cheers. Immerse. Guys this is an eighth grade test we got better and has suddenly shouted Bravo. It's 2100 minus what's the number. Then 10101000. Though he did 101000 honestly 200. With whom nobody twos and no 72 our lives 2800 dollars went for it and this lady but what this Teddy White looking lady I'm telling you right now at these. Races it's all fun. He. Didn't let that should not. And it's almost like this that they're pinning this as she's downloaded this and as a joke bit bad joke by the way. She gave this test I don't think that's what happened. I think this lady not knowing the Internet the way he can do people saw the test of golf. That's the only news this is exactly how they think. This is it. Test. She could never come up withered on around she found it online she got duped me and it turns out it's just up the. Just pound she's been Dell placed on administrative leave. After Miley she should be we generally fared issue should be answered I happen to permit this trail here is arsenal here's why she should be fired I think. It shows that she's out of touch. Yeah yeah okay. She's out of touch and as the chief he can really she was did she realize what she was doing that spot but it also shows that the world's progressed in your left behind it doesn't show that you have no idea what racism looks like the that if you don't get it you're just not getting any have you lived in different areas who are are there a sweetheart yet nuts over sweetheart it's over sweetheart sweetheart embody what we aren't. Anyway it's done it's over there in time is past time to enjoy retirement Lincoln that you're so mean let's go. It's really mean and hurtful to all those people retiring isn't it. Mean and hurtful what she just gave to these are taught NetSuite are among. Come on sweetheart but the kind of boots. As boots I can tell the cook but I think what item Buick John you guys suck it mass. Well I act over there and look at what I borrow that might piece of paver they have. And look Sandra is in look a day. Well Sandra also has a boa constrictor. A that we did do this went that he needs five rats Costello all right I mean let's let's show under all. She's. She's a lookout for gang that wall. We'll show under also has a boa constrictor Paul that each five rats a week. Wall at five dollars per rat. If a starter show a drug that makes 700 dollars a week here's a look out for the gang. How many weeks can she feed but bola. On one week's income. That's it though until. Well let alone win and I she may she has defeated a hundred series I dollars a week. Term yeah Clinton comes in chief feed but bola. It's 700 dollars a week. That's a went belly fat in December and ended at four. The answers for things and it just looked on crazy and actually they're cheaper brand to come dollars and what the answer what Amber's dad was more put. There you go from day. We all get duped too. The inhabitants you do lose your job she is Gil is a doubt that Indians didn't really sad day at times faster by dad heard. Change everything and more on Alex I.