BJ & Jamie- Iphone Cracked 03/29/16

Tuesday, March 29th

BJ and Jamie talk about how the FBI finally got into the cell phone from San Bernardino shooting and what they would do if technology went away!


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Vijay and Jamie you know they have to hate this iPhone. Yesterday in DC and burning veto an iPhone was a big controversy DiPietro and unlock it will yesterday the FBI got into the phone. They made they got in there they got all the information they need to iPhone nasty things. And didn't do that Obama is on crack double. I think it's embarrassing to them this wanted to do it until I agree I agree but at the same time iphone's been all about hey look we have a system that you keep breaking and two that's what sells our phones. I know the bad guy who started I forget what tech agencies started that he said listen I can do it easy it symbol I can break into the fall. And then that's embarrassing because FBI's late. Will we might have to use yet and it could be that that is what that diagram that I can do Victoria while I don't have people that can do that. You would think we would I know I. You would think that the government could do anything they wanted when he came to you know the technology and in the security breaches. Yeah because politics is bad now. It's been what two months. Why do kids and you could on go on forever well ever since the shootings. I the FBI and I'm now dropped its lawsuit against apple which asked the judge to force a company to grant the government access to the iPhone because they. Get themselves if and yet it puts it I can get it well and I think is the one that said that we we have no clue how we've opened ourselves up against its actors. From China and from everywhere were still open to just. Mass destruction not to bring out down there but. Bought it on the grid and that grid. He gets to informally and there goes down we're in trouble is that we haven't thought about security when we we just went with it all the what would you do without your phone electronics without a computer. I mean think about it that would be a dark world. Well I get anxiety when I forget it here and who knows. I know but if I didn't have a computer tree you know I'm on my computer all day long every day. I guess I'd have to bison steaks. With a with a custom checkers affected. And I I have to mails about my after I. You know what you're right yeah obliterated if certain meal I have. I don't know if we could live in when I was in that. Third grade I had a pen pal. You did yeah his name is decent and yet he lived in Missouri. And we wrote to each other Allen couldn't wait for that limited him to my house was so exciting. Yet. So it in the third grade home you can hit your own merger version of Jeannie whites op. Yeah I probably not only was soon lose in the mail the even at mile of the and the line went. You know how exciting that was to witness that letter off my and I couldn't wait for that letter. And I just I go to the mailbox as we didn't have them. Our our town was too small Abbott an alien via till we go to the little males place and I get the team and I'll give the key to our little box. Thanking all of yeah. What what happened and what was his name. Seeing some steep what happened with Stevie when you have got to find out where Steve get these days and remember his Facebook it. And I can't remember his last name you know and and then they stopped I was in the third grade so right they Scott Rolen stopped Wednesday. And I wrote him again. Me. And then I hate email but. Please stop it died I don't know Pentagon's army person. In the third grade when I'm ready which can be on the back that if they put it wasn't that far back and by god. But just stuff. Me and I. Thought oh my god that she remembers he started writing this Stephanie Roland bowling team and son of me oh my goodness the act in the third grade I start a right to Stephanie Roland that's right because she said. Steve writes me now to then scratched in my own blood. Me you and me who. Art. But now. I hit wow that's a study younger and yeah. I don't cycle they know I started young and earned a. All my dad that was making you the bad guy you know the bad guys who drink a victim I. Actually the victim and then we email am at the park and then he got both of our address is and then he like we mostly know. Until he would send me letters and and that takes you think you mean ever museum and animal rights and I was at all. Who insists it isn't a bad back and then when nations like. Steve it's intimate letters that killed there. If I. That didn't happen did and you know she shouldn't I she's my FaceBook okay yeah the fact that I didn't yeah. Each inch each weekday mornings on Ellis I.