BJ & Jamie: The Irma coverage is getting repetitive. 9/11

Monday, September 11th

Irma hit Florida over the weekend and it was not as bad as thought but still really bad for Florida and people are stranded and still needing help. Even the Cruise Liners are going there to help and pick up people from the islands. The coverage is pretty much all the same and if you want good coverage go to Facebook and Twitter.

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Vijay and Jean Ari it's the BJ JB a morning show good morning Jane why I. City's wall. Idea you do you know the context. What did you text I I overslept I'm on my way my phones over in the corner it's charging. At gala. Sorry about that. To edge when you know I was a lot and came to see what happens. I overslept I'm leaving now I'll leave me now overs a decent chip onto nudges you are okay I'm on the bed sort of curse is there a I'm not miss that although I did against you text yes I'm super ex. Jamie post some pictures of the storm this are about which by the way didn't turn out as bad as. As he thought it would do for the most part of the. How bad ram make his personal and from the East Coast of Florida and you know your evacuate until West Coast of Florida yeah. It is sitting on the West Coast and that like. He thought he got a wife and then what you get did not aid goes even further than. Because what you've got to the West Coast of Florida the biggest surge was on the East Coast I just a few went that you got into the worst situation Eminem is all screwed up. Like daughter Tara and then people are waiting in the evacuation line like. What four hours north along the. I'm already getting to those places yeah. Nasty nasty weekend in Florida is carried out a good day to go the beach but it it got me all weekend I watched you know we can't let your job. Yeah like a total and I know what I. I could do it I tried it a few times but it was the same coverage all over in all great every quarter hour was to say I can figure noticed he was. So I had on Ford ever channels now I would go from the weather channel Jim and touring. And he was like he was in front of the hotel did you see him as Mike can I mean I'm not. I have a yes. Yes I did today but yeah. Those guys eight you know here's a thought he went to yesterday how watching part of the storm coverage or maybe it was even Saturday. But many guys out in the rain Jaime and he's standing with his legs like this cause he's towards him and he he he's got the microphone with two hands. He's got goggles are in trouble and wit that the rain is beating the crap out of this got it literally I swear to god. As soon as the break went all don't even tell me the cameras stayed only hit it each. Get himself up Clinton might give one hand took off the goggles and walked over an aunt and sit down and it should they air it out. It's edited chair he came out of life I don't know have deep water as I walked over to whether it was completely dried out it was John. They can to shock people it's not a bit of what fake job that. And it then I saw you gotta see this through this is on the weather channel. A guy I was out there doing reporting job analysts said he does well well well well. We have our first brought down from a palm tree we have our first any runs over like usually interview. Profit. This. All appalled that the yeah I think he's held up fraud isn't always an. Shrimp cooked well yeah it's a trip but what let's leave called its debt is got a name wants a paltry conference call little tree fine. Upon fraud brought up front yeah this guy the dark so it runs over what he's what they're easy to say that. Like it. They're double kind of like the director of the weather channel I'm like block mark. You can overdo the height you represent their people are gonna buy anymore because they're little smarter these days of the media where he said he would back off interview. You can treat the hip check that. The it is giving me even though I ran into him and he he was in the middle of the report any yelled out all right got the first operable paltry immediately we got it checked if he runs over there it leans over athletes and interviews that he hit it I swear. But I really do the coverage would always say I was always say you could find more I mean. Better coverage on FaceBook from people from their condos I don't know why it's set up somebody in the condos. Because that was way better footage in downtown Miami and all that stuff on yeah yeah and and people were there but I guess they have to ballroom learn about it. I guess there really severe areas which are the pictures he posted previously he's told you how video yet. You gotta go to our FaceBook page of the BC Jimmy Page because Jimmy put a couple of videos from France ranked right through that aren't there or is different. As in Miami yeah yeah yeah yeah aren't thought if he was down in the Miami he was at a Condo on the patio. And it looks like literally a river. Looks like something out of a movie. It's crazy isn't it is the oceans found out yet it's like what are these movies that you know apocalypse it takes out a whole city because of a tsunami that's what it looks like and in the meantime we've forgotten about all those little I am with small islands. In the Virgin Islands undergone undergone. They're gone you know here's the part part when those things which you know it's devastating for for Florida to. But in in those islands like Barbados and saint Maarten in places like that all the had a stories. Now they make nothing and now it's gone they they make nothing they're not making now iPhone. You know make nothing there it's all tourism and everybody that lives on those items work in tourism. And there's no tourists I tell cruise ships are going there. I already know to pick up people all pick up people yeah I'm out there I get him there are possible there's a great crucial ship's story that I guess it started on Friday. We're a boat was out the Norwegian peacekeepers something. It was out ocean so it had to get back to port they told everybody on the boat in about I don't know 612100. People. And they told everybody on the boat like here's the deal. Storms coming if you wanna get away from the storms stay on the boat we're gonna go back out to see all food blues everything's free don't know when we will be back. Still a no win we're gonna. Could be a week could be longer don't know if you wanna steal the ball the majority of people stayed on the vote. I do is they would stay. Yeah. I got Leo is she doing so it yet they got everything for free. Patrick Cleveland athletic on that boat. And now that's how you get good publicity do what Wright mess could advertise that. And that's why I think those some of those cruise liners are going to help not because they really wanna help the people that because it's been sold for the cruise industry. Emeka looked at again there's they're heading down to pick up people vote for him back gas along is that people that are leaving the island for good they've just done the day and. What are the islands that they're going to doesn't have any I mean it's just it's wiped out no electricity no water and it's just. It's that was when I saw we're won the population was like 2200 people. Cold but it just it's flattened and Muniz is flat greens yet there's nothing there that's when withers but even tree is left right accidentally it's just leveled it looks Cold War some sort of bomb was struck a dose or whatever you know part of our. Barbed you'd. Argued Barbuda and you know I think that's right RV I think direct. I've never even heard them until this happened known about the younger than him are being in not to de nada and I've done in her car dealer. I'm pretty content right now fifty you're you're you're just a good product I get different plus Richard Branson put out a he's wreckage list. Of the what occurred on his island so we'll get to that needed gas I guess some of these buildings are missing. Urges Smith and she can't what are expected to collect yet they're busy and I'm actions some of these fueled it they did a compilation of all the I try to find a replacement of older reporters in the wind. The show. Get ready for letting into its people just a lot to stop rewarding to figure out that's who are out there fighting got wind has been very nice now. They try to put together compilation of that and if the into a. And I ended of these crazy storm of the weekend down in Florida and more on Alex. I.