BJ & Jamie: Jack in The Box Commercial still under fire. 8/10

Friday, August 10th

The Jack in the Box commercial is still getting some backlash for the Look At my Bowls. We think it is super funny, Jamie showed it to her son and he was not amused at all.   

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Vijay and Jeannie and Alice 1059 BT Jamie morning show here on this Friday morning don't forget paperless at the park at the ballpark this weekend. Yeah you also can't take in a perks yeah. Acts gives you should say the stadium instead of the ballpark yet all they were baseball right you didn't exactly get if you go into the game this weekend you're gonna go down and see the Broncos take on the vikings for the first pre season game. Somehow or can take up first into the Rockies they can't take a person to that Broncos. Don't know that's weird yeah I don't know an air idea and he ETA come if it's clear. Yes Debbie Leggett Maggie I think I yeah well I think MIA clear looking purse. That that you can also buy and purchase that's hot that you can also take union with its seeking her and it's so hot isn't it the death. Look I don't know why I don't I don't even know if you can take a person the Rockies eight Cherokee team. Feel like I've been to an alignment nobody nobody to my parents I feel that way to nobody took my personally did your birth to died if I think your parents Edmonton Alberta and no action is it and present. Yesterday we played these in the 8 o'clock hour attack actually only one that's. I guess there's an extension to a these are the Jack in the Box commercials are that they're catching heat for. Yeah ski innuendoes they just say that in our current politically correct environment. That this is completely uncalled for and Jack in the Box has crossed the line. It's in college whereas Jack of the box is beginning Canon of of rice bowls like I am not gonna go pick up rice and chicken and Jack in the Box that's the real problem here we are a that puts yeah and you're on to something there that. I met. And then John married yet to make it's it's got to look at salad deal that's going on at the time Madonna is I don't go to McDonald's does Allen do you have a bit. Right six ever look at Arnold listened to the innuendo. Would this commercial and that's why everybody's complaining about it. All the murder was to serve the same old stuff I'm the only woman the bulls sort of something different and I mean just look at Nigeria are people. Just from steak or chicken covered in teriyaki sauce plus your choice of what are brown rice went up these holes that. The Purdue does bolster until the stand and Shaq and there's an apple. Everyone's gonna get hands on taxable. I'm proud. Now this would affect the lawyers are comfortable with the new marketing campaign what I do blows my bulls he bearing here you can see against the people of my bulls now. Trauma bulls hope to double doubles absolutely not. Try something different monetary people always talking about. It's still funny debate. Tech is that I should add to my son last night and wetter. It and he patted me on the back in Bosnia that super funny mom. And I don't. Again ball lenient than any of these twelve he's supposed to love that's now what problem. It hit it icky I am laughing yeah I'd love it. Girl right here at a concern for your neighbor funny and. I can secure and the humor. We don't do that I have to. It ran sixth grade you acted mad at them up. And easily capture is. Stupid but at things like that. It's different now I judge myself after that that the you know but because Ralf he doesn't think it's buddies who are out of yeah for the. The burglars deserve the same old stuff I'm the only one of the polls to serve something different. Let me just what the material or people to choose from steak or chicken covered in teriyaki sauce plus your choice of white or brown rice. It's a pretty nice bowls there until it was then I check the alert and flexible and bolt. You have to admit though we haven't talked about Jack in the Box in many years right it's true I begin worded did where you know they might pull that suckered in they might get some heat for it. I got a feeling their sales are going to be up yet because it actually we're talking about him. In. More on Alex. I.