BJ & Jamie: Jamie and the Lunchables Facebook post. 10/23

Monday, October 23rd

Jamie can’t get a break on Facebook. She posted pictures of all the Lunchables she bought for her son…Because he loves them. well all the judger moms on Facebook went after her saying she has a nanny and all day and she can’t even make her son a lunch. They have 10 kids and 6 jobs and they are able to make food for their kids.. Well Jamie read us the ingredients list for the Lunchable and it sounds pretty healthy to us.   


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Vijay and Jamie Aaron while I yesterday Jenny made oppose it appears she's mom of the year again according to you on FaceBook which I don't really cares about you on FaceBook but nevertheless. Yeah he starts and up. Anything you put out there. It seems to cause an uproar people just wanna argue you have. It's funny as mechanic said to my sense why didn't tanks and said listen I go let's take a picture of all these eligible to listen I'm shopping cart. I go people are gonna just go off on me he said. Why don't people care what I eat. It I. Makes sense. Anybody that. I go ballistic on you. Everybody on an opinion yes I said because it looks like a good and the bad mom like when that's what I like to eat so you could picture up yet legible. Because I putted up because. If your mom and you have lunch balls you know how hard it is to get the chicken and it's. The chicken nugget I even know let it carry the nachos or the pizza ones or whatever the nuggets. Are the ones can't find two on Friday we weren't target. Add a nugget out of the chicken nuggets they were gone. So I yesterday we went to the safely. They can get. It's it's almost like the second coming it is so great it's like while because you walking and just knowing they're not they and that there are their years so when you do see them. The world to see why bottom off. But how many are we talking. I would pac 1212. Pack yeah but that last forever because they're so I'm processed TF that the last like two years I'll when he five via via either. That doesn't bunker somewhere slated to zero. So anyway is that bottom I'd buy all of the one doubles with chicken nuggets because. School or you gotta get when you can get a until I took a picture of my whole. Cart full of chicken nuggets. Alien machine urged him dearly the mom chambers I. I don't understand my eyes until I don't make your son of Sam legs and oh my gosh I work job. I have five kids not make up my kids say images and it would not hate jobs you even have a may any. And whom he with a person's right. About you do have a nanny for two hours Nadal did is they baked sandwiches so they really want wrong that they were argued for a they were wrong. The news leaks and let here's my point is good for you. I made licensing which is and he doesn't it. Until I was really picky kid too like I never aid school and I can remember to starving to death because I would eat. Anything that they Africa's so gross. And then and my mama make its management always turn aside Nina. Like violence and mental side me. If I had those addicts. Event title have been better and so you don't cooking here cook ninth year of and a half an hour and ten years rights of the oven doesn't marketer and now. And now almost abuse down finding out of the. You can't even make a decent sandwich. Johnny Adams. Lastly noting that against soggy later and they don't meet him until one. They just they want this process crack yet not now and now here's the way I see yeah. The thing called the FDA concluded drug okay. Figured that if they're putting food out there like these chicken nuggets and their four kids. Is our government looking over this to make sure they get the best nutrition available. Except that red number three your floor whenever Stella Blair we're the only country and then world that still isn't the red red dye number whatever he we're the only country that still listen O it's still out they ask is it inside the net it's clintons -- everything overnight red dye here. We expect that to put it go about the red dye out ads that. It's it's really bad we're the only country. That has got to be. Yeah of the out OK so listen to it I I had Sean pull up at least six piece. Chicken don't excellent its combination all right it's illegible to upload it okay. And it says that basically it's it's we aim to provide accurate product information. This is it's full of vitamin CC twelve grams of protein per survey put to death an excellent source of calcium. Excellent. It says that the M Oscar Meyer breaded chicken is white meat. Only white meat right just think about this this is good stuff. Here's what an ace it's potassium lack day he loves loves to dance in my name surely does modified corn starch but kid doesn't. Potassium chloride. Debts extra dose sodium phosphates. Our rag GA and name it and then. Can't read teen and then. Sodium Dyson Tate he loves sitting member of the holidays like it was up by. But to the drive through its and so is sodium diets and Alia I was like your body he has a sodium dusty teacher beware U death similar that I are. Hard to lose sodium. Dead Strauss. Let's hear what modified corn starch. There's some gluten in there I think knowingly a lot of records starts to agree sugar. Saying via. It does have some celery seed which is like call at all they're all there has salaries well routed. Battered leads to wheat flour bleached. We'll wait that's the first flag I gotta throw up as badly doesn't matter. Does it matter if it's a word what each is it and that's not good food starch modified. Yellow corn flour and Seward access. Excellent kick out of apt recap. So that's again minus sodium. Lot of sodium glutamate. He'd love that stuff now who's to say. Now that's a very impressed with the way I am me you know mom had tied it try it you nailed it my man. When I remind him that man had trite right. It has that sodium bins light potassium sort bait. Man and two more debt so it's fine now let's. Say that the person that wrote you'll on FaceBook right well let's say if we dissected Dorset which is the one that you get up and make. Because you don't have a nanny did you make eight day. For the kids before they go to schools still have a job okay yeah that I get it. But let's say that you break you're sandwiched out with your processed cheese and whatever meat used to interpret. Probably no more healthier. Did that this list that you just read them. Ours Kevin eggs Cecil stadium potassium. I think knocked did have artificial color red number forty there's ranting and red number forty blue number one and BA today. Well it probably doesn't that's a good day in that's a bad or those of you supposed to go back to assist excellent it's excellent so those are the ones I'm guaranteed yeah. That they're seeing which probably doesn't know that that's that's good for your kid I think you're great my. It had never decompose. I can dig them up later but you know when he's ninety and the guys that get him up when he's leg on a 200 years wouldn't be likely expect that legible you he's not decompose and. You get yourself on a connection lists you need to get yourself like good friends would like store managers. So other than when they get the ship is that it's a chicken nuggets did they immediately text you. You can run over to the store and buy them a model boxes are being we're talking cases about twelve government. It's hard to ensure it yeah hooker give. Get a connection. Doctor Safeway irritating zippers connection there our our connection that would shipment comes in with a boat arrives. Home when I get doubt it's about the dogs and yeah let me just mention about. You know mom when I first got pregnant I did Alice dove Kim if her phenomenal. My plan was I was never ever gonna have my son eat mcdonalds that was my plane he was never his lifetime I couldn't believe people went through drive Dusan. And happy meals for the kids my son was going to be different it was going to be healthy. Well guess. That and they. The reality. Reality comes to play and that's abbey mill is day am convenient years studio for all you perfect mom and are you getting your kids eligible you know I'd suck up on the news Obama. All old mark I just near Obama a bit better feel better each inch we see more on Alex I.