BJ & Jamie: Jamie and Sean went to 50 Shades Freed. 2/12

Monday, February 12th

Sean and Jamie went to see 50 shades Freed over the weekend and while they were in there watching that amazing film it snowed.     

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Vijay in June so the dirty movie yes if she's free then I saw I did a pretty reasonable umbrella movement again Dell Miller but it still are over the weekend I feel like it's Oscar nominated aren't so come. It teaches a course it's horrible it's always worked on stare in these but it's fun terrible. Really sense Siena Italy and don't let Ortiz wanted to build good but did it and live up to your significant stations yeah that's it dead. It was what kicked because so that I miss 'cause I am threatening Julie. And just in my right. You have and we missed an entire engagement of somebody because. And he 01 of those no I think that Letterman's brand I was not a movie but does not get back to add that lets trade deadly wave that I think would dismiss something I mean we were. We're talking a lot everything's talking I'll probably stock chart topping. A little bit but not more than anyone else because everybody established docking as well I'd hate to become one of those movies where it's like rocky mountain and broke two and a half. Rocky horror picture show where you do like different props and do the different things because people were yelling when Pete barge were cheesy it's done so I think it can become one of the house. Where you make fun of it you know like rocky horror picture show yes where it becomes iconic like that because it was hilarious. A show your favorite part. Oh my gosh my favorite. Part was she well when she put that architect in her place and you will address me as. Mrs. green okay that's I'm so happy that you brought her up because what happened to her at the end. I don't know if she's built the house and leave. I guess OK so I didn't missing thing that can outlet to go I was the main story. And as well the last time we Sar was when she was in Aspen and I unexpectedly right but now we -- see it and and known nothing about. It went to Aspen ice time so any time it's enjoyable but. Your fifty sheet and expert that I. How he does when he hit it embarrassed and empowered the yeah. An hour and that. And when they shot that scene do you think that vibrator was really on. Now okay you know into that and then. If you hit. It. You know my nanny senate to the draw or teach you anything that. And I. Yeah there's a lot of unanswered questions left to them India the let's let yours how. That is that I was so dead it was at that doesn't mean a lot of antsy and anxious. This XXX movies like a baby at the end up in the house are. It fits that. The problem is that she's pregnant and we wanna be here but that's I think the reason why they ended did the hold trilogy the idea is good there's a baby down and weird everything. Then people has seen him. All right that's good news to people doubling tickets to a but I had good reason ended the babies she got a lot of those seated next and where they turn in the red room into a nurturing. I think I mean this has been. It is no immunity yeah read all the books and that blizzard and best sellers and in the pink than red room is it is among. Every woman between swayed by the 54 and shall but I. I want and. I'm at. Underlying. A lot of the movies haven't translated like the ball did everybody loves a book weighing on the blogs are full are yeah are more popular. Leon. I don't know why I guess he just couldn't leak what the book had happened on screen but people sit back Harry Potter two bit of the books more than in the movie name. NASA sin and Dan. Narnia. Except that the kind of an opinion and Kent and yeah. Haven't really we love kitten at richest old Christmas you know I had that great. There was a wave Angela can move songs and being with the. And our list goes on and I didn't but it's in this eaters now so I'm so happy there are two guys I asked how many men were in the house. And two guys and doing he had his facing endless and you hit and I was just happy it was I was happy to be there was out I think because it or cocktails you know. So there and I. Up that he didn't post he was there though. It's. Rather good car yet go to show on C out of the picture and stood back and yeah. That was August oh well. That was a dealer group flowed again a head and I tell you why. I brought a girls try to please a girls with what floated a host kids. But. And I think he did it like twice I am actually quite old I got I was like for now I'm sort of we do group photo let's just am I think faces I love it. I every anyone. And in real that reality none of us even notice these things that you bring exactly not one person I looked pictured in a great today. I'm like I don't see anything wrong I give it to make girls yeah please all of the web part of welcome our world if I didn't want to do a man's world it's just seem to lose and just when I fired at them but that's silly people are people are. It's great women. That's the way women are to look at ads. I'm look good and listen. In. More on Alex. I.