BJ & Jamie: Jamie is back on Amazon and got a dash cam 4/20

Friday, April 20th

Jamie is back on the Amazon and she is excited about it, she bought a dash cam because she sees so many distracted and angry drivers. BJ says she has been ripped off on the camera.     


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CJ and Jamie are Jaime is back on with Amazon and get a break there for awhile and yeah yeah I had a cause you to go back. I was bored. Oh yeah and I turned on my computer phone and I paid some bills online and then when you pay your bills online right I didn't I've been led to my electorate and adolescent. And then I was like there's icon for us. He's right there's just right there it's convenient I fall time though and I don't usually use a big laugh their desktop and so in. Can't chew as your weakest moment yet. Amazon's really good at that they they know exactly when I'm only hit yet and you go oh is that even though field evenly. I've known name in the it's I went on and I click icon because I was sitting there anyway and I. I had about thirty minutes to different picked up my kid who gusty and Amazon can't really start project can you gotta go get your kids are thirty. And the best deal they even got in your kids kinda concerned about this and I agree with him because I think there's some that I needed to tell what you know about Amazon. That I don't speak you're aware off. Well first off I've got another docked. I love that you think he echoed those Siena. After about a except you know for me for Christmas until I got another dots that way when I get ready upstairs in the master bathroom I have news. Can't and that she displays my my plate yeah. Tiger speakers not going to be as good meantime Irene OK and know that yet there it is not nearly as good Balkan hearts personal space is perfect. I shouldn't suck but Alexa dot com and start with and ergo yep and then I bought a and Abd Al I think like a hundred bottles of Fiji Water OK because way cheaper to buy it through Amazon and get it necked yeah. BT water because you love PG Laurent that's what you like all forgo shivered as a bad panel plastic but anyway that's divert Oprah should end. Is Allison a top and it's like if you like Fiji Water other people like this too and it was it is him. A dash cam mad dash cam and I. We can't guess what it was. And I three minutes tonight now why did you figure he needed dash cam. Well because I keep almost getting into accidents and I don't like anybody ever believes me how close I am almost dying here and this would record it. OK can I show people how distracted drivers are making me crazy you really think he uses the did you should see the distracted drivers it's and we have you drag it. I saw senior street this suggest what Walgreen what are your hundred places. This white van pulls in behind it I go into the parking lot I see that the incoming the van pulls it. Instant some old lady and in her husband and he looks like he's very feeble or whatever. The blue comes this Lexus. Screaming into the parking lot all woman jumps out and just parades this old couple. Not due to drive. And GS goes off and I'm just standing here. And I'm like are you could reach one now and already Estes. You said yes so are you crazy and that's on you said yeah and is considered it. Yeah I've got decked him car you how old room. Ladies scream scream scream scream scream and then drove off got back to car and drove off it was a while to sink but the point being. Get a dash cam wouldn't I can't escalate it's even further than that he would he would of got it all on video. Exactly so well. And and I just wanna have the tape because it's crazy how people just weren't over with and we play game drunk or texting by general idea and it's always sexton. Does it does come over there early on it and so it was it was light blue deal on the lightning deal. Until they give you like. In this particular occasion I have like three minutes to get this dash cam you tried no time to read reviews no time for another and the like India ins and it's the you bought my heart is one touch dying at maturity it was 3999. Sweet. I have one and I love my desk day yet the only thing I've ever caught on at that was cool was guy with a really long Moline on roller blades. But the I'm waiting I'm gonna gets all of it. Jack and I can't wait could you always see something driving it all and so now that's. You can got that guy travel with a mower this week so I'm excited about your gas can that the motorcycle got slipped in front of me and then stood up Jamie. You get ripped off with these my husband has my son a couple of problems that could put some college bitching at me. You know you got rip no I think I'm trying to give it thought it was a trend that it can't key on something here with Amazon that I don't most people realize. When you by the 39 dollar dash cam you've got some knockoff from China who hasn't gotten to know you've gotten that you've gotten a piece crap because this can not gonna last long it's. EE should have voted good quality camera. I original price was eighty dollars true but with no idea it was. You're not the way to do it I said it had read. It and there's like it go back to eighty dollars and 33 minutes and oh my god. EU when you find those super deals that looks too good to believe because it's not like. Being deal to lighten the odds are it's a counterfeit product that it made in China Amazon's. Are trying to. Yet all made in China where they'll these miners are in Fiji the fact that at an act. I believe all the best you know from time to update. I know electronics come from. Tried to EG I have a great it's a CG II. I've had certain things that I've wanted to order an Amazon and I'm telling you when you go in re deeply into the reviews of everything. There's a lot of counterfeits. From China made in other countries to the most part China. That life counterfeits on the air and you get the Super Eagles troop buying our debt with a brand name on it. So hairy is what my kid told me. Okay because he latches that Adams who runs everything now a complete ruins everything is an after calling this she told me that is supposedly I don't I'm not gonna say the right number because I don't know. He said if something had that 10% of its parts. Like 5% or 10% of its parts from the United States they can label made in America. While and it's not crazy. Some other creditors could be Chinese. But if that one little piece is is made and they say you know Americans are against him in America. Well hopefully it lasts but I've had a couple of items that I. Was gonna buy it I wouldn't read the reviews and people live ordered it it was overwhelmingly. Negative about how one apiece are wrap these product was it was dirt cheap but there was a reason for. Because there's no real boom. Counterfeit no mind to lighten deal I believe an Amazon I believe that lightning deals I think it's fantastic in three to would have been eighty dollars. So if I would have paid eighty dollars for it would have been happier. The 3999. Only suing three I would not eighty dollars that it would have to find it I wouldn't. Be a suspicious. I don't look at the happier I just wouldn't be as suspicious. Age of 39 dollar deals. I'm byways and they just text and said you're beloved dash cam actually saved us. In a parking lot accident they blame us but we got. How much you probably have a quality of product they're you've got a quality dash cam he's fought a decent crowd. Once I think you're jealous I think you secret wedding dash cam C you don't have an instant it was like out like I do I have I kinda my desktop. Two days ago there was a dash cam story and at seven Georgia. Up where a guy wanted to convince the police about some guy pulled out in front of labor RO one every name in that he was deep. Told the police he said I've been on dash cam out to be the dash cam so he signed the waiver they took to dash cam on the dash cam. Is him robbing a convenience store. Yes. It and the current lease are rested him. The caught him robbing a store I think it was convenient store he was Robby something and they caught him breaking and entering and that was what was on the Kenya. This story and it makes you speak to paradise square with a number of days ago I believe you heard it. But it doesn't make set that's crazy you wouldn't now be careful what he can trump I don't know Robbie stuff yeah that aren't good luck and infinitely should go to it. You know what I've wanted to dash Kia. They have one under phone actually. Well I put your phone in a holder put it up at video you record every drive Ime you read or write this as is I was leading and that is after he gets full it'll still keep Luke oh yeah yeah yeah. Sanofi it would you be like a fifteen minute tour or don't fret thirty minutes for an hour is a ten minute little ten minute files. I'm excited I can't wait to dash cam people up and she would never vote all you did lie he old ever hooked you know are at right after I get edgy that little. It got the team and they gave it I think if you go. W and Kennedy predicted that they could call our digital and I think it's crazy is they'll Michael my car they drive now not the G my car have died died Redknapp has. Ten cameras on right they have all these cameras you can look at from the rooftop you can look at it's weird. Why they don't incorporate made that recording device inside it should be built in spite of the us of course you have maybe ideas of the newer cars haven't. I don't know how I notice it's there I didn't know. He of that car probably has and it doesn't. Not until last month and I know amnesty ringleader our old writing code that class all the threats that you didn't I didn't have nice art class. Right the classy statement did you know I didn't I didn't mean you know. Absolute yeah yeah it's. On the other Karzai by you don't need classical. Noon each inch and more on Alex I.