BJ & Jamie: Jamie is a bit orange... 1/17

Wednesday, January 17th

Jamie needed a pop of color so she added some orange.. She got the tan in a can from her favorite store and she looks fresh.  A Meteor fell over Detroit but it blew up in the sky and caused an earth quack.


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Vijay and Xiamen. I hope the hell away here we go it is a web. It is the seventeenth. You leverage we just flying by good morning JB why I. I 8 I am a little orange you know see you are and what that hadn't happened let me kill the music we've got to get to marvel at. Except John. Lucic on loan notice she's she's Donald Trump orange and I said it used first. Let's see John noticed does maybe I'm not his or just I think I'm Mort. And he's the type though this not gonna say unique. He would if it's honestly I mean I noticed I had short notice what was going on this morning. Now yep and either couple buttons and there but. Hello. I got yeah I didn't hear that and yeah ticket I don't think so not. I think Donna. It's bad sometimes it seems like this that and another when does the same thing that may not look I did notice you're little Lauren yeah. I'm but I at wasn't Tom inoffensive orange could not immediately song Ole Ole crap. Hey used to play offense and I know this isn't what Michelle. That's not offensively George yeah literally grabbed a blanket here at the studio and wiped off the some orange onto the blanket in literally comes all I bowler. Josh I didn't know he was buff bubble but. But a matter of both will be out us off some boards that can be a transfer of Orange and anytime and anyplace. Do. I know it's funny because when you're. Headgear they say that if you make your fat orange he had more attractive to our biggest pain in. What ever anyway not so I feel pretty good look at it it hit it good. Yeah that's nice matter yeah. The pay day is right now man like look at the anemic elegant like pace the unruly kids went to how I know Nina as a I needed a come let. But it but instead of dealing because. You'd normally you go pretty high end on just about everything you do yeah. Com or on the tape and what I'd say instead and Walgreen. Every. Day and but he is who we've got to threatening to get it from the bachelor yes he has this free agents places in town yeah. But I with Tina they came from Walgreens I am loving earth with what works great. It does or you up doesn't look like I like I. In like a nuclear accidentally hit a I thought that you know when you look like you rating to a bomb shelter in the bomb went into the shelter with the I exploding and actually yeah out I don't care. Yeah and I had can a guy who Ayers teach nighttime don't worry that other people think you. I'm not worried so I went and I told you worry you know like just orient him gorgeous and I was like. And I can't what I did yeah yeah. Each you've pretty much if you try to he's IC off. I inflate the night. Yeah you stop the shock factor for me looking Ewing Goran what bill has value if I slammed me first yeah. Then banned that yet in the south there's just take away your super power to more than big elephant in the room you know. You certainly are. I don't you know what I have to tell you one thing. Sure we almost died last night we talking about oh my god that meteor I was asleep. You're in my how to slip through the death my gash you guys it was a broker. Kind of media ware and burned up in the snare. But don't they all know is a number of Britain and they're dead space. Yeah it happens you can see you in their within the atmosphere no this is a bug that bit of room. While law though this is a good fight the. Wherever they are attainable if they fit into the earth and then then it burned up is so it's a burden of the day it was it was a bright light distinguishing Detroit yes yes it was Detroit's. We would have been far that would head the fallout here only guy in Costa 2.0 or earthquake this thing. This seeing coming out of the sky view Betsy new video you gotta check it out online but DO video. It's a huge ball of fire it almost looks like a plane coming down. Yeah does it's scary yeah and and then it just it's gone before hits earth. And you know it's amazing and not a postage you because there's a whole montage of everybody's ring of cameras catching it here and everybody's Kenya's security can't because cameras are prevalent now. Everywhere and now and it's a montage and ever every angle that this thing came down he had so that guy well it's about being shot at the bread and is that a special kind of meteors a bit ago that the album yeah he's felt that bad the bad that would. Can't you be here beer. Bubba Bubba the Lady Gaga. I don't remember what can I saw a couple when McGrath for for the holiday vacation. Sitting on the backyard just looking at the sky to that again they're shooting stars for the most part nothing like what this was last night but it's pretty amazing to see. Eighties and when you get when you see a lot. And then 'cause the earth at an all would have a bit gruesome earthquake I didn't hear an earthquake you know let's not. 2.0 up in the U shaped that would be weird gluten that it would and then I made the sound of thunder they said it was really loud and got to see video. It proves to me. What's that we have no capability shoot down a comet and asteroid. Meteor and nothing would hit you you're just gone in one day it's coming in is coming one day. Hate to be dimming but this morning but I think what. Hey it's gonna happen really but we're renting right now a quick break here and really why it could be Jimmy more Richard. A rookie call up a right we got what he gets bad luck does play in the mornings on Alex.