BJ & Jamie - Jamie Bowling With DT 10/18

Tuesday, October 18th

Jamie will be bowling with Demaryius Thomas this Saturday!


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He's gonna nose you know plenty you watch this part of putting the xetra. Of quickly here now Jamie announced just few minutes ago that she's going to be at. I'm dean I used at the TI I used in a bowling late in. I did and treat him well and I was I on a bowling link but there's more budget. But I had a bag of the sun and I. I don't drone. Bowling ball and issues. Did your bowling ball have you were named Jamie why not it militant bitch. And it in greatness as a purple. And who had it done that way for you yeah. So when that ball came back to the return visit H got up there is nobody. Everybody know let's just all. Nobody got nobody gets my vote could do that purple and then as sharply in and then I had this really think coma and the Sosa. Sun is really Bangladesh and like a leash and so I'd like watt my bowling ball into the bowling Alley. Want. That's pretty cool NL record you are somewhat reprisal and feel like a night I think donors to Dick Pole today. Have my ex husband has. He won men who gang gunmen that were divorced. You know here's an example would support it yeah and I've met him issues. Answered this for about picture does not view now the audience how hard. Answer this audience. How does a guy in a woman. Get a divorce if he ends up the beach balls. It's just not there it was right (%expletive) that's our courts and it did not act. Actors just yeah. And it's not an age now has try to well I text him sure he's tried to Wear those she. I'm sure nobody is probably paint let it all island's seabees does not mole involved in doubt. I just remember TV hit overnight into this and you've got a baseball for a center. You gotta get that back that's what I would do I try to get it then what Deb ball went wreck I. It was Tim mouth why it happened ten pounds. It was just that. I just think that's a lot I Katherine at ten pound ball. Pop you kinda I know I don't I noble when I think of Jamie why I think and heavy bowl ticket did so yeah. Are talking about themselves some stupid don't let's go back to oh arrow which opens up on Saturday Japan time may be open now that they're doing the big party on Saturday. On Jamie's gonna be there all along with the Denver bronco one of our favorites to various Thomas will be there DT himself. And we ask sharp corners of the Jimmy knows what she's talking about when he gets their way. And I need to marries an imaginary as dominant as and that. He's going to be able Errol and from one to three say diamond's I'm going to be there right so it showed why don't you find some to Marius Thomas turn out nice kid yeah it's personal stuff easily Jamie can hold a conversation with this guy. Right and so we're just not only didn't supplant. Well I've iced out I've gotten reports on two different nicknames so I'm not sure if which when his route and we're gonna hold off we have to have the right woman but neither right. Right yeah he's a rumble on the end yeah that's why we're old enough on that. Most of the stuff I'm found group for right now is a key stats he surpassed thirteen hundred yards. No no no no no I haven't wide receivers and pro Clinton who is highly personal stuff. Lay's personal Iowa and you know as have easily like. That is favored the. Moods children do you think for a minute he's gonna take Jamie white seriously when she walks up is it. Congratulations on being seventh in the league in the Afghan team hundred yards of passing that you caught last year you know what he's gonna do he's gonna say oh my god she's one of those yeah. Also does just pays attention to what I do in the field like I am not real I like he Korea. Ariane let's go what every you know with our third setting up you know I thought my favorite sandwich. We're at what is favored tea myself. Let's do this damage to marry us because I know you love. You love a good route will be good news is they have found fantastic food at this place. While just right so I'll I'll bring him up or not. I'm not say Jamie white ones coming to Muster ordered appetizers because she talks to buy ferment. So she comes Ed and she she has to know what to order what if he hates wings. He hates the wing yet now that would not be good. Well it is hard to eat wings a mole on it and say that when it sells well. That makes it let's put that one is it's art but. I don't oysters you can play laser tag that would play laser that laser Tennessee like laser Ali I'm sure you guys know the only thing I. I don't know why this is. Why don't you winning on TNT and better me I don't understand why you let me down you know again why him why can't you. Help me be helped do you want her it probably shots. Not a window and John you know letter to get married when the idea that how. It's not a your blocking you I don't blame block put. The EUR inch let me show. The information she needs to rope a millionaire and she she likes old chicks yeah yeah seeing that no one ever heard of that wet day yeah. It's great to be doing chili cheese oh yeah he loves fried pork jobs and Collard greens. And I have found that out there for sure. Okay so we're on a it and Japan maize and Alice. Pork chops yeah. A report and that I. Plus makes the best college. I don't know if they haven't bowling Alley port jobs and collared freaking fast is the norm and no it's not at all. Heart what is today Tuesday via Sean you have until Friday to really have a list together right now you're doing a poor job. I mean really bad job okay is that all you've got to port jobs Collard greens. This beware of places like this super cool place whenever they play like it's that. The split like it's kind of like up it's like hit it's not like a bowling Alley it's like this right hip cool placed it hang out you know so shiny and bank and the swagger. Need to slacker friend and I she has no sweat no swagger. And I and I may not be the best person in the I think you would like real. Media content that power comes that he I don't I don't know that if he could be any animal he would be alarmed. It's so that's good season debts could tip the tests tests so we want we don't want to have many touchdowns last season. God. So I wrote my ex husband I said Katie stomach bowling ball any says no I don't even have my bowling ball. It says it was all in storage and then everybody and then it's against Siena Grachev announced but if you wanna come here we can go shop for new bowling balls. Well. Yeah I had and not enough see how you're I had you read you read and you managers as and we hit the button and don't look at my bonus o'clock o'clock for. And when I what went away because when you he didn't over a year when away let me read you can't just look through their clients on than wow. Did did you or your blue feet. I try to match or did move today well. Sonnet you say. Well I was let go by I'll hasten to look at. Today. JP GA need jungle album. But. Yeah you do a bigger than mine. It.