BJ & Jamie: Jamie Got a Roomba will she use it? 11/6

Monday, November 6th

Jamie and her Sam’s Club shopping spree she got herself a new Roomba and BJ thinks she will never use it.. she says she will.. Sean asked what happen to the workout machine she got last year? She did get rid of that but she will use the Roomba.


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Vijay and Jamie Jamie was in the club on a Saturday. Night yeah well as well. Magic can set the globe and Saturday I think there she is Luke duke inside the Sam's Club we. That's club that GM for instance. And then get this I did all this is working to a theory that I have okay. Which a black eagle get a Christmas tree I don't I don't I really felt art that's that's right that's. I only. I can't get it together and failed Christmas tree it'll literally fell apart in my hands yeah I don't know how they just rock like that but against the new. Yeah I guess they go against Uga. Earlier this morning Jamie handed me her receipt from Sam's Club it's been like 12100. Dollars in the clue the pinnacle on on a Saturday night. I scroll through her receipt. And one of the items and so on there was for 299 dollars a subgroup the our room in the clue I just like club think. And that's a vacuum that dad just takes off and just starts to. Yeah tech can I today silent put. I have one of these obscene and I have one and one half not a bad one. Out for fifteen years or so votes but while it's Miller time I. Think they're better now though as we get some problems in the beginning I think to do with snappy. And I have new and also they also. Mopping a floor. They had the room of my apple personal but they did yeah and a much happier would lower room. You didn't want to release for alone and I got my hopes my dream so you walk into the Sams I just picture how this went before you material at analyst bridge. This is Saturday night visits her card eating goat out of by the rumba. Now if that I've tree rushed in I had to use her husband's MTV but he saw the room room by he thought. At least. So here's how it I call of my friend into a pretty good I am like well. I only go to Home Depot and rent a truck. She's my legs and six dollar a really really really paltry this year my trees fell apart I have to rent Home Depot track first right she's like why really does take the big old truck that her husband has and go to seems club she added card. It is going to be cheaper there. So we like to Sam's Club trillion gallon those really big pushing also hearts and keep pushing ads. They had space after the Katrina. That's a big cart is his pick of Sam's Club has Tuesday union that lumber yeah like I don't have block current and future it is huge right. Yeah so so you see the robot while you're at Sam's Club right and you go home. I did Sampras and run price for your books yes. It was in on Taylor. Computer bug are here's my theory. And I've seen this actually I've seen this prom other people people that they needed married to me over the years OK I had a series. And her amateur was just one high it was too Denny got to think where it again. The rumba to actually do things. Here's my theory. Need to look at price you bought this on Saturday night. You haven't opened. You have to use it right. I have a theory and see if picks an old girl's. You just wasted 300 dollar and you won't use a lower at three or four typed it appears like you definitely are. I noticed over the years you don't know me. Let's give outlets and by the NK a Linda listen listen. My theory is this. If you go by something like this that it's that much money is to gadget type thing. And if you don't go home and at least open the box and try it in the first 24 hours of owning a that it was a waste of money. Whom it at that little bit of that law that's the model a bit. I'm telling you right now these he would say I hear you say they are. The huge shorts while we're eating areas that we would already used to suck I would live in Iraq. I can see that thing sitting in Jamie's arrives by late next week and never ever use again and always Adrian you got out eight. I would be using it within twelve hours I don't item busted a rat out but I am a gadget guy too I wanna get. I'm Lindsay is in custody charged. That apparently didn't even charge no idea I look at it I was like. To charge doesn't it snowed and I said Sutton it's at. A little letter you elaborate math. Bingo there you go that's exactly what I'm saying how you'll never get back to lay down hard not Jamie I'm Jesse Jesse can you tell them their room but now. And don't listen to. No go ahead and rumba I don't care if you room figuring this off I don't care I don't care segment of the black that's I do want to won the national let my opponent I do without and I feel like they can work together I. I need to get it. I didn't see them I would. Oh yeah. I'd just say it and I are Darko kid let's take you out of the question out of the equation doesn't feel like your little friend again among the if you go out like I have 300 dollars to enroll at a rumba that I'll never used. So wealthy. Kennedy's desk the room and I kinda horrible question what. Did you ever take that working out thing out of the box that you government Amazon. That was weeks ago yet okay I just. You lied cheated got. I don't that you did dot I did too. Guy it was on those police. Right and had spring resident not springs god goes on pulleys is that what your target and a yet don't you got to work out machine from Amazon getting ousted as. Springs and add to the springs and all the holes and all that and had the damn police is too nice as well happen. It's a blow won't play so I used it. And he was like I'm listening is is and then the next you know I mean you haven't 100 got junk people get an opponent. And took and it. It's gone off well. Look at you feel younger. Let's say you do yeah and when he 200 champions league they see you next twenty years younger I did hear that. They did get they were in the back of the 100 shut. Not just work it out I guess what that the treadmill at exactly 81800 junkie you're listening right now you're in the market for a robot just brought. I don't I'm Tony today. I've got a feeling well. I believe how many years I need it I want it could get on the right he hasn't spending I mean super simple so I think she'll use I don't mean to. Do both teams beat you purchase something of that nature. I don't care what it is if you purchased something of that nature Sean for that much money. And it's a gadget type thing especially and you don't break it out music in the first two or three days you. Since Saturday night and then and then. I am I in el Sadr and 800 you know the mover and shaker and then send a super tie your urge to break up I was out Saturday night. No it's not this kind of lazy day and then I did open up the Christmas tree and stare at it. Like you should be put together we have you can fit. This should help peer group like how we don't do this big well maybe next Christmas then I watched a little bit of the game some super busy but today. After I take a nap and Wear off this should've sent. I'm I'm a look we've never happened and what happened on I don't feel well today and then tomorrow. Charlotte on my heart and then you don't have all that's just my theory good good luck with the rumba. To change the importance on Alex I.