BJ & Jamie: Jamie harassed by realtor and wants to move next door to her BFF. 1/16

Tuesday, January 16th

BJ gave Jamie a little tip this morning. She put her info in on a Realtor website and they started harassing her calling like 10 times a day BJ says just Text STOP and they will stop.  She did and id did. But Jamie is worried she may be having a midlife Crisis here best friend has a house next door for sale and she’s wondering if it would be odd to buy it.


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And Vijay and Jamie did they stop. Yet they do it I gave Jimmy the secret about what he gives the secret to everybody else listening to our show in case you don't know this I think it is fairly common knowledge that yeah. So I am and that this realtor thing happened in all my information to a realtor in I was like I'm just can't simply just looking. And then I'll zednik guys texting me calling me. Saturday morning Sunday morning but what do you look for what do you look at Brendan I was like hey listen you're bugging me and then he wrote back I'm not meaning to buggy oh yeah are you looking to rent or purchase I'm just trying to help you. No this is being what a several day that's been any have been hounding her to death and I said hey just saved. Just because you don't wanna be me you don't wanna see my that you're just you know conceal who you are. It is such you don't Oreo really he may well they are buddy address a crowd mattress sale buggy that's not typically giving it did it dawned on me that there's a law. If you tell somebody to stop. Whereas a lot of laws not to act. Stop. No means no match for no means no means now but stop means stop. And it where it says and you it's not so implored no law. But I hope it works so yeah yeah I think now I'm telling you think this so my growth and I'm good midlife crisis France OK so I wanna move and Alan scrapped lovable. So my girlfriend Bridget she's fantastic and love her she's like my sister writes she'd like fantastic movement. Well her house right next door to her is for say yeah I'll let. Well little what was the problem is that answer it's much from Sanford Florida it's. Guilt so. I don't know him. Do you want to know for sure okay thank you could put it. I don't know I don't know what was going from there you don't know where it was going. I feel like she goes I'm looking in the use my official million dollars in the good outlook. You have dealt daughters the value of a damp a lot of guys out with from Sanford Florida though it seemed report. What I know I'm going to be huge tab to build. You know bill that does not I don't know the most well if you and she believes in yeah McCabe in that style network. It's my friend Bridget Wright love like a sister bluff her house right next door is for sale to new build and it's for sale you know. What do you think has ever moved right next door to the best friend. Your party your. She let sheik who boom boom boom boom should have a cocktail or twelve though a bad idea. Bad idea you'd he would be moving next to a friend who likes to have. Can't talk. But that's okay. You can't do that I let beat you really don't need to live next door to your best friend I'll tell you why yeah you'll never get a man. Okay you'll never get there and she'll lose hermit mocha is here guys she's not exactly sure loosen up with it because what's gonna yeah I mean that's okay with our. And what does our government to know that when nevermind what went I didn't realize the rocks and and it's not about to say yeah. What because you guys will become such body is there such you know you know a little tucked on the afternoon. Even not even that wade into the at the usage you guys gonna wanna do things together are always gonna be over. And it's gonna cause turmoil for her at it in he got that you start seeing it's gonna look like you care for her more than hit it's a bad I see you. The IDs Bennett isn't it long enough you know. Yeah I am with the lighting it sounds awesome. Awesome that so now I don't are used exact. Over the fans like Wilson. And just shares think I did you regret I think it's fun I think did BJ's totally missed the mark. The real ID gives the guys that are more of a solitary guy you know I mean isn't doing and why they clean guy. You can tell I have you've got to have people who make it's that we are still a big deal like that that be great down by a friend next door obviously it. Is my position and yeah. I'm really tired and he's like Indy and Iron Man with a. Yeah I I wouldn't want my best friend next door real I don't know I don't yet see Doleac he wasn't. Yeah I'd like they don't get me wrong I wanna know the neighbor and I don't neighbor but I can't have my best friend next door I wouldn't want. Do nosy what about the people get divorced and live on the same streets and then. Gallon about that to my parents did they did what they do. Well and my mom and dad divorced he moved catty corner got the house over on court closely and so I goal there when I get in trouble I go back to my mom's in the my mom it's easy to send me in my. Santorum. Took the court after a bug should always brings it all live across the street from your act. You could well. At every ball you're gonna teach others is this yeah. After the menu can help the member that's been a bright mixed region. Text NATO for 51059. This is a good idea or a bad idea for gene we need the war. Humor partying free and what are your parents aren't here I drink more than she does. Jamie the party here and moves it okay is that bad for her marriage I think so. No we have to. They had the they had big. Can you imagine all my god why don't you move in 11 side of her at the shoah moves into the zone I don't I'm next door to you now. Yeah. I'm now old and that aren't. The importance on Alex.