BJ & Jamie: Jamie is hurting and Elon is having a bad year. 8/17

Friday, August 17th

We now think that Jamie’s son adjusted her Sleep number bed from his bed room on the App because she has the smart bed.    Today she is going to Castle Rock CryoCare today see if that helps.Elon Musk is having a bad year.     

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Vijay and Jamie Alice 1059. How can we morning show we just figures of the round what's that. This is crazy. You know Al my son and I says why is passed out he second Merriman dangerously numbers adding he felt he was doing the right thing for mom because moms all sore from Pilates and he thought a stiffer bit of sleep number was a better route to doubt. So she not and did some investigative report is shut the school lab decided to live action news camped on these yeah yes so. Glad you lock in the massive question I was thinking about it because you said he snuck into your room and I. A felt that it was a little intrusive and I didn't feel like that was kind of his animal but maybe I don't know him. But then I realized you have one of those sleep number Smart beds. And does he have a. He could change if you're recently eggs from another of saying. Guess when they said actually not a bad ass about what the app would actually I had that white photos all cracked and it almighty god it would. Howard out it was old was before I did T-Mobile endorses got a new vote. And so do we would crack up Canaveral would never do anything right right. So I said quietly installed app on my Samsung does he needed to do that senate the better byways that. And tell myself like I willingness sleep number apple might scuffle with the I'm like you zip it I paid for the founder put it on her. And so he did edit so shines right from the other room from hit bet you're a. Now I would guess. He's done it both code. Your I would guess he's done it a bit because I know if he noted do it that quickly in fact he's been playing without sleep number for awhile. Yeah yeah he's he's been missing what mom for awhile and Yahoo!. They're values pop can I must look I know that there is no Larry I even think about that my dad's been crazy. And in winds and I have lies and rumors that I yeah I yeah and I now know a couple of you know suggestions here on the attacks NATO. Our cry okay here yeah I'm gonna do that today he got to get down there and it just doesn't know that's what it's all right well. And you know Christie goes dead to cast a rat crap Snyder as a you've gone Schneider. Disease in that boot camp here as she goes to cramp your ride after well I didn't I went and picked up my son instead. And so I should have gone right to the chamber he predicts that I probably would have made big if she earned him right about the half up. You know I am an athlete in other debt limit they've had to fill back up at training camp right decry the chambers to the used so much. No won't you have to go down there and literally get in line with the Broncos. Led they have their own and the dream on Hussein okay. Because they show that big track of them filling them back up yeah does he use of so much the crown chambers took. I mean I know about it but I just I was it's been well you're in so much pain I didn't even think. It only elite eastern. And it's stupid delay a bad too because that just doesn't make you feel better and you're better off giving up we actually but it hurts so. It's just don't you don't want to move up into it's tough it's still bad have we taken any pain medication. Yeah the mad Louisiana about Palin I. I don't know I'll look at title nor ask bill or reliever known and in that it might help. What isn't art OxyContin this. Time I've never taken a pain killer or would you suggest or regular smoker with the well if you want to it was not a good thing I asked all the only time I've ever played the and that pain medication is after and a baby yeah. Via the that is listed off stuff because he was ten pounds I'm big on that what I really simple and that the IBM and a lot out of the big bad neighborhood a better environment. But yeah that now I'm bill belly. And that tells it simply another. We've got to go belly Isa I think Patton now is while Venezuela made a you lives of older and grow the world with a bright idea you don't get other galleries dug in like in the Alley. I should be given drugs did you see that no doubt that Elon Musk can't. Yesterday now have all my gosh this guy eat he claims he's on pills. He EE EEP they could see that he's taken this it all kinds of crap out of milk dud yesterday he went to art it. Joint if you can find it I don't know of there's audio or not. But isn't this just dawned on me. I was reading it yesterday that he had a complete melt doubt it even literally went out and ask somebody please come and take his job. He wants out when he did that thing with with manipulating the stocks when he said dad dad when he texted I'm gonna take the company private. There was actress that came forward and says he did that. When he was driven on accident yet and zillion butchered in banks are yeah. I'm innocent so she says oh my god I would know they're just to hang out with them and the next thing I know he's like. Sorry kid out because he'd just tweeted that. He claims that he does even Lucius the that he's never met her before his flight that was his defense flat she said I was at his house with him and his girlfriend he had a complete melt down. That guy he started he got on Twitter he was on asset when he when he put that stuff out there ending yesterday. You have to start believing her side of the story because what he did yesterday. The guy who literally off the hinges yesterday. He really saved that company is in a world of trouble that. Ran high gas and then somebody from the company an ex employee came out it said. Drug use inside their facility in Nevada is out of control they're dealing drugs he said. Well there even cry he was crying yeah. I'm just looking at what's on for the neck it's cheerful he and masks melt down. Tesla CEO asked for someone to take his job and mix he relies on Ambien and that friends worry about it tell. But claims he was not time we need when he sent private privatization. Tweet whatever amid concerns about his drug use. Was she ever claim you were on weak she should you run assets. Mean aren't we will figure this out of my gallon while we'll. Here is in custody in I know that you are a big fan of the Tesla car and it's slower than I I love outlook I have a buddy of mine that just bought one. Yeah and I love added it and it doesn't like to breakdowns and all that will be this if you look at Inge and all that. I mean he literally balancing act fixes battered there's still engine it's crazy it. Even Africa under the look and go into it's nothing it would you go to the truck there's no agent HHS done. Electric it's just a battery basically an electric motor in there and keep everything in the cockpit so simple. It is unbelievable when you look inside the car it's so bizarre there's no there's no dash of instruments. Yeah you don't have any like you know have a speedometer YouTube and you'll see gas can that you don't need it. It's cute it's unbelievable it's it's it's almost it almost looks like the other side of like a golf cart. Yeah I hit the but yet it's also futuristic wizard does it eggs Clinton if you ever get a chance what department does not because they have a Tesla store. And you can go in and salmon and push a button is up you've freed. You know somebody's gonna think this company away for him you know his phone apparently if this is gonna be bad well we ordered directors is kicking out her because she's got to figure that the guys aren't there some of these cars. Yeah I mean it mean they're there to sleep they're 20. They're fast and Atlantic enlightenment. You know you don't need gasoline I mean it's a great idea but. I don't know where he's headed would this. It's ad test OK he's gonna Becton. Are in the print it says Tesla board members believe the 47 year old billionaires uses of recreational drugs. Our kind of bringing down a company. If any was crying he admitted that he uses Ambien and has not taken more than a week off since 2001. Well and then though. He said this is the most difficult and most painful year of my career. Mir and he says it's only gonna get worse and now federal securities authorities are investigating if his tweets. Misled investors so might be in trouble at that. Talking like this can include the. Well if you're having a bad Friday already just thinking that we are Moscow to confront it that's a great eight it is well written. Guys sold loaded so rich and he gets around and seen this for a long time the guy gets so much money from the government because ease. East is considered a guy that is. You environmentally. You know trying to save the planet would these cars being electric. That he gets the stark difference from the government the heat gets tons of money. Yeah and that's how we can he used to to move forward with the scars. And he had a brother that lives in boulder that dress is funny yeah. That's got nothing to me how things yeah. Yeah yeah how big motivator and a kid Bullard hit it's something it's weird it is like did turner. I can only guess is funny and it's got married yeah I got married and lives in boulder variety. He is when they caught that and not extravagant it's the other word. So hooked it eats at but it but it is little skinny jeans and cowboy hat Shawn did you pick a Smart as I now. And then they. Each inch are important on Alex I.