BJ & Jamie: Jamie likes to drive fast. 11/21

Tuesday, November 21st

Dilly Dilly Bj just don’t get it. Jamie loves speed.. not the drug but going fast a female judge was clocked at 119 MPH in a 60 MPH zone, she is a woman after Jamie’s own heart. Jamie thinks she should have been a NASCAR driver.   


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Each yeah yeah yeah. Vijay in June. Knew they do it okay. To lead OK okay. I really do things. Yeah into weekday mornings on Alex I. I don't get the daily deal with virtually dealing hit its commercial letters. How people are saying hash tag daily daily all over the place left on my missing I don't know what I'm. I'm missing I seen the commercial all the time the king sitting there at the feast at the table and then all of this you know is that people all citizens they have to repeat after him daily daily daily Healy what exactly is it me so. As his subjects bring him a gift they each bring him a gift of Bud Light okay and he accepts that but like with Delhi Delhi. And then someone brings him some of those really sweet meet wind they're really been into lately. And then they take him off to the hall of terrorism because all of tortured some of those. All of doctor Billy Ray so it's just a response cheered like yeah yeah yeah. Dad yeah that's hip shaking show on an eight thank you for that production energy of the Clinton as sentimental as pac. Jamie and I. And see where you were out and you know the lady that if you told me about a couple weeks ago that is a judge that's on Fox News yeah. Geneen pyro. I yeah I like her. Yes she's she's a cocky little lady she really is she she's very aggressive them well speaking of aggressive she was clocked speeding on Sunday at New York. At a 190. Miles per how my cat had. You know that's. I don't see support it what reason I. I thought this is because it was just lastly you and I were talking about excessive speeds and how much you like I love I love going to it and you know in fact have driven faster than I've ever driven in my life yeah. Yes he played in the and that Britain mode that lets certain culpable he pushed a button and then there was not some crazy though. Have yet to show and you were talking about or what was used that you've gone a hundred it and as they as one place X 126. You yeah. And I think mine's an 8113. Somewhere in that neighborhood yeah. Junior was rocked. The Judge Judy I 190. Miles per hour to 65 you know it. Sad is my son can actually tell you exactly how fast movement for the city. That is an artist is. The car so I told them after we did that so I sent it isn't okay exhibit ALC can you Clinton that mode cash Knight chairman of the mode that you brushed. Now the and I said you know. We talked about this on the show and did you nobody then it's a felony if you get it I get like pulled over with you and that and that take leeway newbie at Clinton Child Protective Services that we get on that asking yeah. I don't know what Colorado law is a region historian Jean Cairo and her warned that nineteen. If you're forty miles for New York City if you're up forty miles over the speed limit debate should take your license for two year. Yeah so we'll go past anymore after that show you sure you don't. We really don't you know we really don't amaze your crap out of me. So may I don't you understand that's like an attempt to me man's. The I meals endanger me out of balance trapped in the zone we don't know that passed him. So Wheeling about Bruins penalty. Yes. Yeah it's like we're being all cool and everything I mean I'm loved Golan back and leave you I love it ever since I I am drove that race car women attract new. And I think it'd be race car driver. I really do I mean it's fine I know that you single and it's certainly stupid. But once you get in a real glad NASCAR yeah and you're going around that track it's crazy. I think. Enjoy that actually or I I yet I'm not a big fan of watching the cars go around in circles right but would you rate it I don't know if you feel like you go around the circle but I think it would be accelerating the you don't. And that in turn is so let's keep you don't even realize. That we think that ball is like this Jimmy points. I was on the speedway in Nashville. Many years ago and and tried to climb up one of those embankment that the turns its well. It's like a melted in this game it's unbelievable for cleaner you cunard you can look at it really you'll slip and fall you fall. But it is stuff it's straight up and with those cars going to those turns there are literally just. Sideways like the stuck to wall. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Since it's true is so what happens you're. The judge it's pending she got a ticket and saying that she pulled over here's what are excuse. There. Yeah actually added a career. I. That's what I'm gonna go at I really are do you have an idea in my head like you're like LA absences are done I have to build up again. Yeah because they're not going to be like and didn't get it the yeah exactly. That's my go to pursue. Are you an idea pyro issued a statement saying that she'd been driving for hours to go visit her ailing mother now well. Had mugs yeah that's a good good visiting her ailing mother in didn't realize how fast she was going. But she says I won't pay the consequences consequences whatever they may be seen if convicted of forty miles over the speed at which could lose her. You did that you don't know how passionately in a really really good expensive car yeah I believe that you don't know professional and I Batman those tests. I'm never drew blood and Tesla you really am not because he can't. Hear the roar of the engine you know so I bet you really have no idea for national and that's that is true because I've driven certain cars that it's really amazing how fast you can going to not realize it ranks now certain vehicles you really realize how fast you're going to let but I got a rock. The truck Gina. Yeah or the tube the tube the tube in right field to speed in my dealing Jimmy who's very rich. I'd say she's got a pretty sweet vehicle. Yeah would you grade I've Tesla you have no idea gets announcement you'd like. And thirty and I'm never driven a Tesla but I hear there superfast so if it's got no roared the junior not hearing that rust. Then easily could be going a hundred miles per hour not even though I thought Indy yesterday why well because I saw five Tesla in a row yesterday and I dot. How can you say there are no Tesla is out there. I rarely see with. I don't think you know what they look like you acting that's a problem really yeah I don't think you you know they all look I don't really look for and to be honest with you so I can pass by being oblivious to what we hear that I really don't like guarantee them I don't really expect. I don't look at vehicles from driving I know that you said that even if there are so many. It's crazy. I would you know really Natwest three's I say this is because I'd be mad depressed and that pandemonium when Tesla. And then there's always tussle is random. I'm gonna do the tussle to us and today on the way to the airport in C a posse of tennis is about don't you'll get a text from Capitol. Hill didn't like that they're different. I'm still for those when that like an STV yes I'm a guy I know you're not really a man yes I am now. I a question and I are at your ski company. I don't like fast it hits crimped our slope of tartan but he. Or it wouldn't you Google fans cool the only people passively jerks. Q and you are the worst driver shouldn't have gotten better and Al yeah I had a ticket. Team does that unknown. Says no damage you just because you were so unaware of your surroundings in life who you are crap ass driver up up up up up. Each weekday mornings on Alex I.