BJ & Jamie: Jamie made out with a bearded man bun guy. 9/25

Monday, September 25th

Jamie had a make out session with a bearded man.. She had met this guy some time before and ran into him on Friday and before she knows it she has a mouth full of Beard!!!   

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Vijay and Jane let me any sentiment turned. Tell you T real issue here this morning yes America's last name is meant no no no no no. You mapped out with a guy with a beer took. Over the weekend and I think that's what's got you angry because you were so grossed out by that I think this. Morning what we. I am sickened. Steering clear it is kind of set and like really early window you know what they're president chance they are getting. About the NFL I think Greg get about especially in right now I wanna know about the bearded wonder. You got into this news than ever wonder via a round. The bearded I don't know who called I've known internal do I don't know I don't know enough you don't. Which did. I don't know it's more fun you know under the bearded wonder okay so the bearded wonder should be I have to tell the beard didn't. Mean. So the weekend guys yet is so. Switch. Let me set out to. I remember the very last words GB white said to me when she left the studio on Friday. She said. No chance this weekend. A crazy about our candidate and that's exactly what she did crazy where I'm at manulife and that's what I did say. And so. Like percent as if you put the cat what's that they aboard via TV and be safe outlet and I happened. She screams that yeah goes out the doors skips down the hall. And when she's skipping yeah I know something's up. Well I'm a few let's switch out to an establishment. And then lo and all this guy and seen is he lived. I was like yeah. This. The bearded bush. There I. Don't think I haven't Pallet then. Oh years yes did you guys Mac before now. Never ever know I'm never rule. We're loose. This time Mac yeah and don't think for a while. What clicked on that night to them well on Friday night yeah I never died was in what was trying to what it would get to that point in the back out. It's been a. You blame it on a dry spell I think. Not fast ball I was I was out on the mainland this guy so he's much younger than me like. Legs like you do. Younger. That canyon. This is not about me me I was just I was at I was channeling my inner being chief. You're being. I think that socialism Q philly's we were all younger way. Under the tree hit it. Right QB I've. Yes you can put. Yeah I don't have a problem with apnea so soon are you are in establishment yeah spotty the first time you won't want to recognize it did you don't want. Millions hip. Even with a close so he. I've never let them in the late like that she could I guess so and so did what happens. So low we talked and we were talking and then we are talking and Smart and as with four other girls rent and other like common I ran and as you know start let him at the table well and we well I've. You know I do your public Jamie. Now we get what is not Cambridge how did you go outside so we are being what what's it like that. Millennial beard thing going on you know command that meant looming in yes it's really grungy Graceland. And a man by video of a man and a man on EU and maker out her. On the wow what a Friday. Night is blur right now. Buys will be a little short and bald that's I'll blow my mind this. Man. And and in a beard I young as the so. You go outside yeah and we go outside and that he approaches you and he said I usually you know I have always. You know been attracted to you on an MI LE and then actually just went on tap for frightening yeah I am lunched of its. Tell recruits you I mean you haven't heard from music and I don't and you really I don't. But he's in low light chatted a bit about you forever and if it is another thing I think you need to be a slide I mean there's going to be huge and now you've heard it still and then. We got my cup. All who monitored Putin's. The car and got my cock what was he told you needed the heat yep actually. The good. Volleys. The it's this thing out. If you could actually why. Like elect them an excuse me. Anyways it was cult like I just gave you wanna play well yeah school. I remember being very core I. Remember I was cold hard sell and get the card into the Atlantic say at what point did the beard gate gross. I I. Because that's an hour later. He says she could taste beer it is geared geared. Anybody at a big full blown mountain man look he and by and things Elena and sell them. Instantly at one point where kissing and I wanted to move hair Lieberman's web site actually touch yeah because. It's got in the way I didn't taste like Miller Lite or something you've. Yes Miller Lite in the wings. Huckabee I just think so there are heavy and like I know that there. Hired traps and out of the Blue Line but it's you didn't stop. Now he kept him he'd kept going even though it was do or not we weren't there. You still kept quickly at what point did you reach around behind his head and he felt that. Yeah. It back there that's holding debt load aid if it drops to show him slowly slow his hair like that popular. I. Out the I've got out I didn't think it comes rigidly and we're gonna go over year. It doesn't snow I'm like OK okay. It in the back of her car. You're in the back when he the back of her car he cheated front. Old. Girl still has those two it. That's even where to next week. Oh my goodness. Where I teenagers you know thank you Gary HT TPT. Well well well well well. We'll be right back. I'm embarrassed horse. As a shell and embarrass scores. Thanks a lot chicken and dramatic change weekly morgue on Alex I.