BJ & Jamie: Jamie is over the Protien diet. 3/20

Tuesday, March 20th

Jamie is over the all protein diet so BJ is telling her about the 5-2 diet. You eat 1800 calories for 5 days and 800 for two days and you lose weight. Jamie says she is just going to get a tape worm to get skinny or start doing crack!


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Vijay and Jamie. It 32052. Is the new diet trend I gave it to you yesterday FC here read this I think you and I could do this I think this is the perfect thing ports and you cut it. I gotta put booed me. I did a brilliant. Because I was still yesterday as a yesterday I was still dim I know carbonate ya but then I weighed myself I've blown up like a day gamble of friction of that. I throw away the information on the five to but I think from my memory from what I read I think. Five days a week he just he just you can think whatever you watch you know don't eat huge portions but you can eat anything there's no cards to camp there's no children to there's enough. OK for five days on The Who de snow two days a week. You gotta cut back yeah I don't watch what you're reading he got a really lower your sugar intake in half and so he only works guided that two days that we can't seem to. I think the whole attitude is just a winner. Yeah I'd like this all approaching seven them crack and crap it makes legal entities like. I'm Sugar Ray just where really what sugar so like my son has kit Kat bars in the pantry. I to glance look at the math and anyway yeah yet we're just not inside it. The link to click yeah. I'd get lifting sign. I don't think words just designed for one type of flu like getting credit cards from. Need to cart and I I think that if you would edit diet let's say ice cream let's say dairy queen Nam ha. No one knows now when I don't think after a couple of days you'd be like okay I'm sick and tired area where I got to your body is not. Just not designs that it's dry out I think it got to be able to do dairy queen didn't hit PF Chang got an. He sprayed it and you bet I mean that's just the way it works and I have in June purchasing and you you can only get anti one. That. But there are some side effects. I take part. You can bilateral aid form and swallow it and you know consume your food now the only. Have to get one that's a really good pet because some of eat into your intestines. You're looking into it talent these would keep warm weather map like on the limb Larry. I tabor. I. Go would tell me. Well thank you high and so will go over lots and all he swelled Tammy. And then he stays in the going lives there and listeners don't make any eats all your food and then let it initially. It's the street here because I am not a tape worm expert and he seemed you've done some homework this. Taiwanese that didn't. Yeah. So you take the worm swallow the war in the words it stand there with a mouth open and little birdie and I don't like deliberate waiting and anything you Lee yeah. He's got an. Yeah now what happens with with he's got a discarded at some point right and so then it knows of and I go to Taiwan hotline in line Kia and they make a decision and it candidate and they pulled him. In the east and so all the food that you eighteen he's now got in now they're gonna take to get me out so it's like you never eat anything although the joy every exactly. Timmy did not. Today Andy your contestants and then you. There is always have to get a good what you have dished I cannot Timmy could actually started periphery your contestants. Because Timmy he's still hungry at -- not beating him up right where he didn't get Ali down into your stomach caddies and in your intestines. I mean. Via I just slipped into government and everything seems to be risky. So what we do. Like is guaranteed success and it's easy. Yeah. But they easiest thing I've found to do now comes to lose weight you and I helped and helped save them shoes no no no no. Give you the easy just to throw in the towel and it's heavy snow from burger in France you have not been chopped it all the big DQ and first day of spring that's he did Olympian and I just just yeah. Yes because I love being fat right yeah. It's depressing. I like it I love food I don't get it quick fix he got anything. I vote just couldn't help. Correct what he tried like. It. No doubt that used to carry around 2530000. Vet a jar I feel like you have your skin left handers skinned it and play it down. Get that taken two I'm sure there's a procedure for that. I don't really like that seems like at least in an Olympics makes for that him. He's Craxi answer. What I do not the entire. World. In. More on Alex I.