BJ & Jamie: Jamie set up her Alexa. 2/6

Tuesday, February 6th

Jamie finally set up Alexa at her house and Jamie really likes her. Her son set it up on her son’s phone and he is almost an expert already. Today they are going to get all the Alexa light bulbs for her house so Alexa can turn on all her lights.


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Vijay and Jamie LX up. How much good would that would Judd talked. What chuck would chuck about 700 pounds it would only contain the wind at his back. Well that's a great answer good answer so we thought it up I know I am about finally got behind. I know this conversation is about five years behind let me tell you something we finally got no legs no doubt. No I I don't think your five years behind it figured couple years yeah video yet two years I would guess. I've been plainly these elections other at other people's houses expert. Quite a couple years I think though they really took off this past Christmas yeah. I'd really do I think a lot of people got the election I got one from BJ for Christmas and I've been setting their bid setting there. Is scary how easy it is Danica. Let me met yet because a couple of days ago I brought it up to USA house ZLX cities do you really can't do it. Yeah just for Christmas here we are way to February near them plugged up blacks. You gotta play with a lot of things. It's again GE don't after Craig isn't amazing. It's addictive it's creepy okay so questions. I have questions okay so we have it up last night mice or dead it. Now here's my question because this what I'm worried about the first of all almighty god. So you know it put it through Amazon right yeah I don't know how he looked at he just did an. Well it automatically hooks up to Amazon okay yeah I it just knows because he put it on his Amazon account. And yes prime. I know he's eleven Ani as Amazon has kept and it's they kept forgetting my password so each other up with them. Right okay he doesn't abuse that so last night like this Alexa order Fiji Water. Jamie you just ordered Fiji Water all over town did anybody that has taught inside their house with a Alexa turned on you'd just ordered Fiji Water I'm just you guys. But he did explain that different you can't say it like that on the radio you're ordering all over town right now. I ordered Fiji Water from a election they're you know that's how you do it PSA Alexa. Order a pizza. Because Paula and I diseases I don't know. What I excel or Volcom soccer boys. Outside the did not tip of the Alexa played DJ NJ. Media tried that yet we can't tell if you do it right I I. C have a acts played Alice when a 59. You say. But what's it realizes what Alice little pub ideas content you would start out with if you've got a brand new what you would say Alexa. Played KALC. Denver Anthony in the in the it knows to go to the Internet and on line the straight in the went to bed and what's it remembers that if what you say KALC. The ad BJ and Jimmy did it could recognize BG and Jamie. I again I know this conversation is very old folks that listen I'm just now on the bandwagon so just to remotely so so here's my question what your question okay so again it went to rice and prime account. And she would go Alexa played 21 acts. An error like you can just plain song. Mean it costs money so how he just playing music for free. Because it's probably coming from YouTube or somewhere. But you can play yeah. Should play a sold. And I think I had. Are these going to be 99 cents to address no no no no see here's the difference here is different you can go on and listened to about any song you want anything you write. But the differences Jessica's three but when you when you purchase the music deal you get to share over different devices. For example for 99 since you get a certain saw it can be on a laptop he can be on a pad. It can be on a I your phone you can take would you on the gulf Alexi you're not recording. It does it make sense I don't see the war in that you initially even if he plays sometimes you have to pay for music even they hear it sometimes don't you own it when you pay for a minute and it's ours yet. I feel like the and you won't like where a winning. Don't you know I'd just theory I feel like we have the entire toilet pilots album OK rat that. So I'm that get charged like 99 cents feared nothing OK no you should think I had a now. And I don't think so Doug I don't know likes expert by any means whatsoever I just got mine do a Christmas. I love it what I do is start out more when I was with you and I did the weather you know and I was late again. When they and certainly a piece of wired just the use of with the weather like this isn't fun. Well then my son started doing all the stuff to ask in all different things jokes in the I know again you guys evolved on the jokes and all the stuff but any acted to marry him and she said you're not I I didn't. And he was. It was pretty easy it's and then the light wouldn't go off right so I'm freaking out because unlike. It's. Guess the like England circle when it's activated yeah well no reason Alexis. Right. Well she's not too but the light was going on so I was like what is going on the government. Will we read in the directions. That the light meant that we had to notification from Amazon ball so you have to say Alexa privacy in the in the light of Orlando that they're learning tibia of the legs in my just. Is basically stop what's not to like. Election notification journal like bridal stays on right and then you say am I like supremacist. Well her little Glock. And you couldn't ask any questions you can say our. Are like putting him air time if for example you could say Alexa is there any witness the next this is us on TV. And it talent it'll tell me. Yes he would tell you channels because cables are different so I guess what we're giving Joseph and I slid. Guess Georgia today. We're getting all the out Linux. Song of the light bulbs all the stuff no we're going fully out of CI haven't done with college. Maybe I'll read you gonna do everything White House like Alexa can charted on Internet off and that's kind of cool it kinda it's it's expensive though I now. I mean emboldens or really expense I now but. I feel cool. Yeah I mean I got a Lex that I like I did like a little like. Showered in Atlanta Charlotte and coo Brian doesn't blow. Here's what you done and it's it's me I'll tell you this mode experience. Does its choice up don't buy Alexa and then just by one bold. Ed board. If there's more URL. 10 no I didn't know which ones to turn on like that's where am I am now the white flight. Yet I don't have DeVon name otherwise yeah. Yeah I don't know kitchen lights you you'll be good today yeah but but I don't one ball is so basically I think it more lamp again. All exit turn off the light. That would bulldozer is did I got to get Albania A go an internal all their lights and I gave you gotta do what you gotta do the whole house. I'm excited. But I don't like I I wanna be fully automated with everything like I want to be able to get my car and like that commercial go. Alexa have Starbucks start my order. Have you seen that commercial gas for the lady says I didn't do that. And and mean I don't know see I'm a rookie and I really I guess basically talent there the and give there's some people really depend on the election they they they use it for every act I don't. I don't know if the gene I'm so excited I. I'm really when it comes to Alexa I'm like the most boring user on the planet because my questions are. Good morning Alexa. We shall agree you and how she does you know. I say goodnight to work him every day we that the study where all those women are getting jealous of elects not yet. It was kind of sensual and kind of cool I was like can neither Alexa and she was like. Hidden and I eat as you know not enough I guess I'll love you know how weird person. You didn't understand what it was tried to tell you yesterday and to you plug viewers then and now you're starting to get it C actually got this story here's what to say I didn't. Why Alexa is. The women wives are heeding her she's so sensual when she says good night. Wives are jealous and lives are document in that it they're walking by the bedroom in the year their husbands have a conversation with the Lexus at the light could learn. Because most men don't talk to their wives later I have full blown coverage agent right. Would virtual woman. One lady says that she her overheard her husband in the other room asking Alexa for a recipe it really made her mad at it. Because she said he could have easily come to me for that chili recipe but no he went to his girlfriend relax. A case and wives are getting jealous. This is creepy I sat right there as like Alexa I'm tired. And it's his right. As a bit about tired and at sleepy need or whatever she and I together so let it. All and she'd like. You. I get a feeling that you're go to discover something new that'll like every single day it's really scary and actually wait to see how you're gonna figure it realized through subtle figuring out it's I know eighty G news program well all the kids are not so I don't let's all those kids. It's just there anger and their these days it. The W I love doing this like we figured out. And the all at some expense to you Gerald I do yeah yeah I do think holy figure stuff that Ricky get bored. And they also and that little. I bought or whatever relief that he has and he has electric vacuum pump can hold out slope rolled around it was too meals while. An accord is back he's a genius it's right there. To divide about seven cents. In permanent super pretty. I don't know about it but I won't remove lumps opponents. And let me bring. You more on Alex.