BJ & Jamie: Jamie took her son shopping. 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th

Jamie had to go shopping yesterday with her son and they went to the outlet mall and she was not happy about all the walking outside because it was cold.    Then we find out that BJ wears his jeans for a few days in a row with no underwear.. but people on Textnado support him.         


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VG ANG good morning Jamie why. You know that Mario. That you buried about. That was even let. It close shop and did you score your son yes. He is is he like growing out of his wardrobe every watching every is that it I mean I swear to. He ran it but there may add to their high waters like a quick acting under the where blacks. You know so it looks like their longer put those weapons to whatever. Don't know nothing this dull and oh my god does not the answer a few using nothing worse for a dude then to have the hot water. Could do right now I've got a pair that I put on it was so I don't know a couple of weeks ago six I go to the closet diagram pair pinching on I normally have like. Two pairs of eyes swap between great racket and wash wash and Wear one for a week or so why should other right. But I grant it. Here everywhere for a week for a few days whenever. You do in a week trial under way are well we could there is a round pick in this in this that I read the highest in the next day you don't ever. Apple. Wouldn't ever Wear these kids tomorrow never won the hole you're not supposed to wash did them then all I like good. No I don't know what you're not supposed to okay well I think it's very common to Wear jeans more than once they don't think it is back. I have just sticks NATO text you know I think it Edgar. Aren't you Wear something different every so I grab a pair pianist demands weren't same pants are weak data and a rash but I grab a pair that. Out of blood genes that are not in the rotation. They were hot waters reopened yes. My waters it's the worst feeling in the world and in fact if so would you ever growing browbeat the books that help. No I think it would've liked kids would they lived with the left him there. I think that the people or the Austin cook it. Like I don't think you can grow the demise and the divide us where we probably. Yeah. There are waters though but it's a bad meal into the outlet malls Obama again. And then that all outlet playing reacted trigger and try to figure out where a yeah is blocking I and it's cold. I like outlets at all difficult place. Yeah when it's nice yeah. I'm just saying it's because Hillary was right there with a local and it nineties only at the backside over there and Linda Davis is over here and then we have a number. You're missing my point is we're gonna have one of those today who just don't seem to what is your point that early point via I have to have a point about your outlet mall Michael port on the public lawless and I just have a point about your outlook bowl experience pretty cool that you can go from Eddie Bauer. To Nike and it's all within its. All of the skull them all these cool heated Amal that's needed it will partner products. It's all night and enclosed I was freezing and they actually. On. So we went everywhere and after about 400 dollars and down. And yes you know 400 dollars is probably want to help kids and I think one thing for me. Not what you think nothing new but the dude I don't need anything that I am proud of them aren't you. Good good. Clothes racks of clothes and we got and issues need to do attend issues yes we'll all come together we can. Because that's really important for kids we got apparently deed instead of super fly differently and I. I like those and we had their neck. Really and the size of I am here tonight we're next Jesus Lugar Susan but the if you ask them is seven and enhance and don't ask me. But the thing that's looked up both Peter slowly as if I'm with you so attractive and it's important. Italian jeans for a weak figure. What gallant I think the car. On the demo you can Wear dad I'm home from multiple bang on this month bogey here. For years. Don't Wear one time why should you just don't do not him. Will my poor idea. I would you be and I think you're missing my point what by pulling in and says. Is an idea the planet has been on the way I think they realize. I'm an Atlanta and a few times you know a guy at school where do you put some skewed he's on gap in between the end of prayer barrier with. Banana stuck crazy. There's that I you know ridiculous all right why ruin others Leo fabric I thought is stick the. Yeah they're watch. Clay. And I. I didn't think you are now. We'll be right back. In the mornings on Alex.