BJ & Jamie: Jamie wants to go see Hamilton in Denver. 1/17

Wednesday, January 17th

Jamie really wants to go to Hamilton when it comes here to Denver.  


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PGA and Jamie. Alice what about nine BJP mean what you're you've got me curious that. Was with whom we hero in the future on the world wide wed the yet what he looked it up WWW. But he knew nothing here. I'm looking up the Hamilton tickets. Yeah yeah yeah. Well you've heard us then to get off my wet wet wet wet wet but these are tickets for the Denver show okay. Yeah me and does it start on who's to say the 27 what. The actual performance. Who's guilty let's hear what the tickets until Monday and that's what I am concentrating on yep okay now February 27 is the first showing according to this and I'm just curious. Yeah because YouTube brought up how tickets are just flying out the door of the preachy. The Freescale is on right now for him to and so if you are a member of the performing arts and you know a bad like a backer Britain's. You know he usually go in the season to get older you there and resell for all of you guys now I am contact denied it better. Season did get members and ash. They're probably. Here kind of makes sense is their season to get older you that it is the big showed come down a long long time I was supposed. But that you mentioned to me earlier this morning the tickets were who didn't use it like 250 dollars. And here's what this one cents up by the end of performances are February 27 through April 1. There's a Mac and maximum purchase of four tickets per account for the engagement. Now these are for the preset. So it's. 75 dollars to 165 dollars. But at 3 am seeds are available for five I damn party five dollars a short can't read some Hamilton. A audio plays five and 45 dollars for premium seats all right. Debt is what you have there aren't I bought a place called ticket expert yeah that's what the warning you about though. No I don't know it is very legit but it's obvious that these people have the the blocked. That they can go in and buy some tickets in their re sell him projected price right for the cheapest ticket game. 951. Dollars and rights and pro am balcony right let me let me go through the mezzanine. Little bit lower 11147. Dollars. The rear or music per ticket not had a couple protection okay. Rear orchestra. 12143. Dollars. A place called the golden circle and this. 14136. Dollars per ticket. Now best seat or else. Orchestra that injured downtrodden probably maybe 45 roads near the center. Each ticket. 2153. Dollars. Well like it is that's owed to get expert yeah yet item and this works but I I'd just Google basically. And I'm going to stub hub you know. Well I remember the guy says the big cheese so for the Denver fastener for performing art says. You know attempting to get tickets anyway came and there are many sites and people who are selling overpriced. And fraudulent tickets in some cases to be very careful so Monday they go on sale at Hamilton dot Denver center dot org again it's Hamilton died to embers that are. Dot org that's Monday morning. Yet and thank you guessed it are saying now here's what my problem as yeah my shot and let's dig out for a. I mean only need a little play people. And he's looked at you with those little baby boy actions mom. All of a code Hamilton. You know you have to do everything gives you the kids that love performing arts right and you want to do everything he can make Jerry goes the. Art it's a good sign that you know that he's into a yes that's a good being culturally. Be you don't. Excited about I. So first play until I was 26 years old. I mean as far as professional in another school player simply ran right by a professional. Theater the tea chat. Yeah until and I didn't understand about coffee and I afterward run all play you don't have dessert afterward. Did this this is a big deal it's a big deal done it's not the actual performers set that that do Broadway right in New York which is this the travel troop. That show to do the show but it's supposed to be just as shallow but now. And again tickets pre sealed that's a big story this boarded their Roxio now that if your subscribers and then to the public on Monday. So you know it's gonna happen Monday. We need connection a big you know we didn't connect I'd try somebody I I don't need connection I don't know we need somebody pulls stray dog. Audio. Does not so little baby bullet let's go to Hamilton Sean wrong choice in his conviction divert the meter relay it back. And now forget you know if they're able to work coming to the old block public yeah I. Yeah. They ever put it DL slots they can get this right up rob. Canadian she hit it I would love to see the elks performing on both Hamilton and movies so you know it can it's yes we just didn't he got some audio and a bit of fired up and it is the mood. The price of my it's not a price that you know winning in toothpaste. Mixing legal way for. He's doing T. C wouldn't Seton supposed to be phenomenal in the eyes. This is my George what strikes against it. Box thing here's. Internet and then it went past the presidential pick of the great. I think it would be fair you and your son to go see Hamilton. I think. It's probably. A 250 dollar ticket. 500 bucks and that seems fair right. I mean you got to remember that the Hamilton tickets on Broadway if you go to New York City to see it. These things are going for the cheapest set to get the house like in 2000 dollars and people are paid 10151000. Dollars in New York City. Think 500 bucks here in the door and. I think I'm getting a higher realized why did you after limit my son is coming off a cruise with his dad so I got a little. Given he's not gonna know what to pricey is here you alluded to Campbell I'm in a zone Devin I think. I don't and he's gonna look at me like. You guys did and I got to win so he's just coming off the cruise with the data you know would suck the Oakland you know I know it's like Carnival Cruise Lines. What if they have Hamilton performance on the cruise ship a book or. If you're like yeah beauty Democrat but I mean it mama Marty saint it was on the cruise ship I keep writing my kiddies in ninety Thomas Reynosa and MI. It is like I'll like I'm not so great here in yeah. And that doesn't make up. Yeah part a couple of like you're on a cruise that now. But I'll he's loved him and he instantly daily beavis in me yeah. I. Knew he would need to be ready. Unique will be able to if you mob and as soon as he jumped in the car he throw him to succeed in his lap to go we go boom. Nike and the organist. And that's that's good experience because when it gets going back and forth mom and dad it's always carpet out is you know. He's taken in this CDs figure out your game yes and then remember him drugs is dead bottom clintons act that right now dad's a roll yeah I really I had to choose right now I don't look at them. Oh. I think I can go up. I know Archie I think dollar yet but we're gonna just say this even despite now dads kicking Europe are Justin and junior. Whipple that yes if that's the didn't get up and got beat you to a bloody night there you go that's Hamilton tickets on sale for you subscribers if you look. Guys and girls. Then Monday they don't see of us public. And why and 10 AM. And listen let me tell you get up look at all of that because I have the press release your we'll put Allen are pleased that page in their website knowledge separate let me redo what was beginning Hamilton got. I can't I can't put put to link up is Hilton dot Denver senator dot org okay ten. I'm sick and I'd change we see more.