BJ & Jamie: Jamie wants to know what is better? Botox or wrinkles? 10/23

Monday, October 23rd

Jamie is meeting a boy this weekend and she is worried about him seeing her because she feels a bit wrinkly and wants to get Botox but is worried because when she gets botox she bruises and is wondering would a guy rather see Wrinkles or Bruises? Bj says get that botox and get it fast.. Sean says that natural is way better because when you use botox you’re presenting a fake product.


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Vijay and gene and I got on it and people OK okay I am ready to write down. At all the things you have to go through this week in order to get ready for boyfriend he's committed Italian prime product. Cameron democratic front running. It's house right up and they've I guess I just don't get it like I said if it were me and I got some to come rolling his town on Friday for a day. For three days and we're gonna do is get a haircut may be driven those heritage that day for itself. So it that the. So I ask you this is up there the problem is taking here with the guys to science so. Need to get both actually I haven't had it in like a year and Donald really long time it's I think I can make a statement when faced in the. These New Orleans yeah it would only room so yeah. And I. Also it knowing you can pass you know 5 eastern studio every day I really can't tell. Win and you do get Botox. And I can tell you don't for how long. How many days it takes for too really yeah and then what it looks like for a week or so but the judge it doesn't really have. And so it's like honestly it's been a long time suggest that and then I get pillar around my nose right here and again and he and had that while have. Since you know I'm just asking you now I haven't come very painful to Clinton is the shunt. This thing. Hope it's so weird it's all due. And it goes up under your cheek and it and then she fills it up with that. Miller don't know how he is that don't have I got Botox once I it was a radio be it known that we didn't end up and we couldn't. And in light of all I know you he heard the current of like an NFL like after she idealism. Well I felt like after he didn't that was wearing a mask did you lose your forehead yeah I know that field big trees threaten between your eyes Sierra. Feel it played a finger yet see that things. Remember it was gone there that that Yellowstone. That huge thing that makes you look you know twenty years older you know was gone and accurately accurately Carter. Logically England's when he. You let your forehead that money instead. My friend my foreigners felony so are you gonna go through the Botox what actually comes as Italy that's at parliament okay right so you know examined him as well and look through the list though of all the things you've got to do to prepare yourself. I say Botox. A PDF I say vote you'll get another vote but yes gonna show weekends what happened is because I'm anemic yeah. I bruised really easy to me you can literally touch me and I get a Bruce. And so I'll have a little dots Graham eyes flick little purple dots like and you know. Like I don't know some got it Indian or something and nearly actually took a lot I don't know some kind of you know aborigine your stuntman on public aborigine dots around me. A little purple and around. When Nina who. Could just. It's just kind of strange though where. Donald Duck under because I just terrible Rosie I can handle and says it's a little power in a brick Botox or no Botox I'm gonna vote. Both talked about I think I think if you get it done to I have to get it done today and like Sunderland Friday and in nineteen that possibly with a good ice packs. On your face and a it may have. Several of them were. Ever hear her burden. For a fourth sort of sound of the export idea that now let's go to show on. Our producer Shawna you listing shelters Sharon did get caller ten he's poly is yen to. They showed you gonna vote for book Botox or no or you go to those wrinkles. I have the flu like yeah that's the way I invented it that it might not. Here's why do you what are so instead it's like that since I have facial lines. Okay. Expression lines ershad little bruising all around nice on Friday. I think you. Have natural beauty differ you don't need to vote glassy and I'm not looking at it and that's I am from I love so I just I. I don't I don't ya got guys that says Botox is necessary let the natural is better because. When the Botox wears off people like hey where you don't look the same year different. And what you wanna be is your true self and I think these are beautiful and well. Tally right now TJ fine. BJ voted Botox I am just beautiful the way Sean says he just took eight Sharma quoted wrinkles. Nolan now he said facial. Facial. As Reggie out and Botox shots at any precedent now text NATO 5105 tiger hit the books. You can't let let me get answers if your main cancer of your woman you cannot put opened a case of me and only answer taxed at five and a front nine men only. So would it cute to see girls these little purple dots all around her eyes okay. And stride to cover a map like look at the consumer govern those purple spots yeah iron. Because no matter how great you are your needles I still brews obtain a node you're the greatest needle people but I still Bristol. All our debts it she let me. Yeah I mean you aren't so the noting that just seeing what I'm seeing here OK so so. He thought I'm a guy OK I'm a guy hit by terrorists hit a senior from several years and I have complained that you are there and concealer raw and have done a pretty darn good job concealer to have to keep them more if he really good job but I think you would bury that enough that I would be like. It couple days ago a bunch apartment yeah yeah. But that's the way I would think connect with Jamie about walk off the plane get in the car needs he has said he prays. There's just Aggie re cold crazy and sad and crazy for. There's number I might get would echo Y where does that come from there's a sagging and that's adding well recently. Wrinkling is not Aggie ring I just say isn't movement. Stop. Where might sagging shut me up so we have body where I'm sagging show me show me where are easiest and I'm not falling into that you know me now. I'll quickly point. They'll take that first guy I was telling the Dolly right snag hit it well let me when he hit it. There. That's it now that's the only two places that seat. Well anyway I have a joke he got it wanted any yes John Edwards is likely yes he did yes he is deployed in Italy pointed. There there there is I'm I was only did the and attention I want to you have to press a hit a lot of work to do Botox. OK listen to me and millions. Good lord let me help you all right so today how successful I am relationship it's mean geez it hurt our global Botox saying I. I wouldn't do it because I hate needles and I know you can handle it and I you know you eyewitness Mississippi there on the market I would totally get rid of that big huge. Grand Canyon between your eyes like after liking Doug Imus women where there let let's go to Britain in between indeed. What do. Oh my god this this isn't about me I just yeah I've heard very like people live down in that increased I'd be cleaned it out. Do you ever like separated might get it Q tip and try to get people out there. Between your eyes. You're getting these are getting Botox giving them he legal the ever separate and I. I don't know if you look at there and hold them last night as they do it when last I looked at Mac. When is the last time you looked in there. And that big slip between your eyes. Open era to invoke the sort of vagina and your head. I don't knew me. And so much. That family friendly. And we're gonna do for corporate strategy and sniper when you see it Thursday just take a gander at the of the dar bingo. I feel like it's not written John aren't you. I think beaded beautiful. And shot. I. Let's can I let you move so I thought but let it. It's only what you prepare a speech in the immortal John Alex I.