BJ & Jamie: Jamie writes a letter to the HOA. 8/11

Friday, August 11th

Jamie got a complaint from the HOA at her house.. the complaint is about too many cars being on her street and none of the cars are Jamie’s. The HOA has targeted her and are saying if she does not fix the problem she will be fined. So She replies to the HOA and boy is her letter colorful. She explained that whoever the busy Betty is that complained about her need to get her facts straight because several of the home owners around her have kids home from college.


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Vijay and Jamie I city here this morning way to unions went. Jamie is reading me back her complaint to the H away a couple. He did IRA might get you a little bit but not your husband this is hysterical and hope that. So you got in trouble and yeah. I got a letter from that age LA I got last night okay should Citigroup. It's not her fault she's normally a nice person on my guide but he chill out. That's not add that you know right before I got the mail and and it's like. All of the advantages of looking at a company that protected community as the god that just made. It. And I am and character of our community. Anyway who goes on an and it says off street parking them off street parking problem and amazement and obstinate. And they. Tag Jew as a person that's responsible for this off street parking yes which is a big no no I don't let me right now living at covenant protected community. I get that part I do that it. But the problem is it's not your vehicle. It's here it's its ads you have ten day stood i.'s management or the board of directors the plane into corrected falling problem. Jamie why it breaks enough rules to be doing if she does need to be accused of something that's not hurt it. OK so so this is Cheney's reply I would like to read it for. We go. The replied for the pointing the finger at her when it's utter well into my name is Jamie why and I live at Clinton point blank in bowling. I received a letter concerning off street parking. Did not meet the aren't I. So. He had ever seen me like some camera setup and how can build Hitler didn't. Living in our home I tell my eleven year old son. This person as part barking up the wrong tree and wasting my time. Please tell mr. That's my neighbors have home from college and we'll show. Returning to school so are you should be soon I'm why. She'd be a hobby is fairly. There you go. That is the reply now because it's gone on to and I simply said to Jamie and I probably you don't you don't need my opinion. But I say it doesn't sound like comes from a longer. Now let me give you a couple of that cannot not a lawyer read it but I've kind of noticed about four items in there that I would pull out of military we sent. All shots she delivered. Lindsay. My lines so her panties action soon be unblocked. Right now it it got. Barking up the wrong tree doesn't sound very legal. Ms. Kravitz doesn't sound very illegal. Big sheet Betty doesn't sound very legal. And unloading the pennies but definitely not there and a legal. It's a few votes to. Edgy need not me it. I know some days you just get these letters to a joy like. Complaining about me. I can't believe he delivered blows me away the focus for many years. I can't believe the power. And enjoy Hanson. If you would H oases. Yes they didn't. Devastate the deficit it's worse than owning the pop owing the bank it's crazy right it's more red tape it in more hassle than owning the bank. It's it's just so unbelievable I mean I should give a rat I know whose parking there yeah. Caroline it that it doesn't bottom in their kids home from college so they have extra Karzai right and it's two families and they both have. Kids in college and driven cars and let's icu right. And yeah does. Oh my god I so are. A it's a vehicle sitting on a streak right where they boom boom had not okay it's what they are definitely towed. This letter because it's a private community said that they will be towed and they will. Hear that they'd like to push their weight around. It is this person and the cat is by the way there's only four of our house is on the called him back and into and out of the college kids and I know the other people we don't okay. We don't care so it's not our call that it's some is looking on the next street down called Bryant epidemic since the zen like arranged via. And then I think. My guesses. It's somebody that's on the board. That because they drive that helps and it ran out all the time in actually turned out that I had to go to a hearing would be choice I chilly here. All like it's a court it's so I don't win and the person who ratted me out several times in these condos. Showed up in it turned doubtful on another board. Because nobody cares. Everybody yeah everybody else is angry with them but its support people must probably say well you can gash run for the board. Yes yes to run and I think cancel all the rules. All right is gone weeds or everyone believes everybody. Yeah yeah. Blood and.