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Wednesday, February 21st

Jamie has a great DNA story from her weekend in Florida. Jamie and her son met 3 old ladies all sisters of a family of 6 all over 70… On the beach and she told Jamie a story. A few weeks ago the whole family did the DNA test and found out that the one Sister Rhonda was not her dad’s but their mom has dementia and they can’t ask her.  


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Vijay and Jamie Ancestry.Com. So I'm. Tree that's not a view of the weekend. Actually laughed out loud and I couldn't wait to tell you. I couldn't wait to town because you know I've been on this whole Ancestry.Com. Actually for me it's when he's really kick right in I've got a lot of questions in my life and I wanna may have to. So in this is I mean you guys. So I'm sitting there in clean. Lot of Florida and with the golden girls. That's what we named him we named him the golden girls Kazaa a three old ladies yeah until and they were. Total now is is that hotel this is on the beach on the beach yet on the beach. Picture white sand and knew full ranked well in those weird chairs you know that can't lean back and it that are being in blue yet when those an error and error on that. On a media you know what are those called a symptom Ron dike. They're they're named. Aren't Adirondack. Isn't debt named after something like upstate New Yorkers track it's from the Adirondacks forests yeah. Named after a snake. No that's no contact via. The Doug called me and kind of chair so I OK anyway back it's nice to our place yeah Iran. So we are sitting there AMR eaten hot dogs. And these three year old ladies commencing in the decks and that those chairs the tightest in their lap. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah and me not now. In so we simply stopped him and them. That's the what was just so now image she was just. Talking and you might think you mean viral on my debit and naps you know like. And settled and they started telling us how. There son. Lives and something that sounds like Manchester income at a and I said estimates and you like. Our first son yes the Ursa yes it sounds like that and faster Internet governance it's Westminster. So much anyway and he nice Chinese girl. As soon as she said it. We had a nice Chinese girl that graduated from Harvard and in an. Today. They were talking about the wedding and then the one other golden girls said well you know I'll she isn't even an added that's the other sister that sports is usually three and a Brent. And they whispered something and they start cracking. They all started their six siblings in the whole can't. And they all start laughing and she's attracted me to be rude to EC we did Ancestry.Com. In India LeBron and it doesn't have same data Nash. Hit a hole and she's. Just slick action is so there's six of us now these women are like seventy okay. And that 67 and she's at an arm is 98 years old and she has dementia so we can't really ask her about it. And he is a more easy. Right now when did they find this out how long ago so it was about three weeks ago and I guess Ronde is all day by god because she was in the Stanley and they always so now I'll just keep it simple. So there's six it. They've always kind of picked on Rhonda and they've asked that Americans are all Portuguese and there are. They love the sun and they get really TNU Bryant always burns. And they always made fun ever that she does them out means dot. You beat because she always burned into his only kid out of all the Portuguese family. That Bernard but and didn't think that she slipped a little different you know like card she you know is different you know different that's at duke Courtney isn't. Now slowly. You don't spell ovals Presley looking at right yeah so there's always one kid that looks a little different and you try to figure that would then they sent. Steve ancestry all six kids. They do that the ancestry in their seventies. Us if you're Rhonda. You're thinking. One of Ayatollah outage it's gonna come back everybody is known as you're not even thinking you have different and well at all at all so yeah man go ahead or else the tube so they all did it and it came back and based Portuguese. I'm designer actually your opportunity. To and you believe it's O. All the other siblings are cracking a little arrogant or seventy and they think it's funny back against run news. Dan is day. In jest like devastated. At seventy she's devastated. And they tried to pick up and say it. Is using the data we are all out they have it doesn't matter now. And like you said the data is deceased but the mom has shot horrible dimension they can't ask her anything knows she's this dozen members snow remember anything on behalf. Can you leave. I think. Colorless he falls in line did you find that out of the six kids whose who like the young and she's like a third or four. Yeah so that middle there yeah that makes the ninety year old mom or. Total total available in a way. She had an affair that went back in bed kids would with a husband the dad. And here's the other weird part about the story they said that Rondo was their dad's favorite. And he had no idea there they all talked about so much so that that. He had no he's probably passed right yeah he's dead he's dead at least and so we had no idea he died thinking this was his daughter his famous study and he is Ed. Almighty. And she's the most sensitive about all the group of kids and it's it's a place it's like destroyed her life. We'll see where. Now let your whole life's little lie we don't know who your biological father news. That happened to the giant Merck. On stepped up ahead she found out that her dad was that then when jedi she's I would. Don't think so I'm with Jamie I think when you get to seventy years old you just found that first time your dad was dad he's passed on probably Demille millions pass on to a bright he just did just have a big laughing. All of my god what a life. That's the way I would yeah. And it got in. Cuba have kind of day you know in my entire life cut it oh my dad wasn't it we had five hits in three different dads. Nobody knew their debt was. So it didn't know we didn't know anything right so it was kind of I found out later wasn't Ancestry.Com. But I was told later. But we all knew that something different about all of us he that was kind of weird. That it. We were all but bull so yeah it. Yeah I mean between herself just you know my brother could pick a card like you wouldn't believe he would take our lawn mowers apart. And in Libya had Doerr about how to back together he was an element can't write could even pick up a Auburn and I still cannot but they're stuck the wrong. Here bright and let's all look different. Completely with the army gumbo lonely figure him. Had kids at three different who will yeah. Hell. Yeah. Why do you think she did that. She just forty but it's. A. Scored border security word if it's you know the very orchestra since. And I. Ridge. Is a sporty girl. You lose the support young lady they even called ancestry and I said can we re test now that's and they. They went through and they said no this is really this is is that. And I should have talent there are some you know. We read some stories that they were taken out that their lines we're ready it's that's great story is. Craze yeah and as I've been saying I got to 23 and me for Christmas. I since two back couple weeks ago I got an email over the weekend from 23 me and they said you should have results in about four weeks. It we have you're you are too but. And we're ready to go and so I'm about to find out exactly what mine is and I've always been told since I knew my dad was at about 030 years old. He's always told me that report Cherokee native America. So many kids injured that have. Five. Light screwed up. What did. What a loser wonder how did you wonder I am who what I Miami does and picture it would ultimately bush it. Our bush runs for a mile. Did big rush. It's it's out of control. But what I meant when he three and me we're gonna mile okay and am that's my biggest fear that it's gonna come back and I am not part native American I'm nervous at all but a lot. You have to take off those moccasins you know I don't know what other cash machines there. Are the and they native American Jews. What specifically is a specific she accused the clogs likable. Yeah the dogs. To Whittle yourself and she used you have to take up fear caucuses and some logic which. You know secret that it's a well. These kind of joke or not funny in this day. He doesn't back off I just think ancestry were talking about to Singapore shoes and but but but. I do out there would shoes yeah. Abroad and hall polish it up media that don't you don't you can buy a yes you you can buy it if you go to Holland to go to evidence. I bought the shoes I've bought shoes and they fit in and you can you compete among Euro. Let me get sitting in my grudge against the big yellow shoe that's right there in Amsterdam did you send an. I did and it's real I did I took a picture that big yellow she'd cook should use the word dog and uncle. I galas. That big you gotta get out of Jefferson County. Could she do it does show you push your picture's not let it. In. Importance on Alex.