BJ & Jamie: Jamie's friend Kristy supports Jamie's stories and will be in Cayman Island 6/18

Monday, June 18th

Jamie’s friend Kristy calls in to support Jamie. Jamie says the story of the little girl with a bow and now arrow is a true story.      

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Vijay and Jamie yeah OK okay let's get the bottom of this. There or else I'm very curious to know about it today and and I have proof Paula things that I have a new group. Little restaurant in the mysterious that aren't so Christie is on the line your Jamie's story about the bone marrow. I and this is I guess the sorts it is a source to even reach the phone because my unicorn you're unicorn got a unicorn injury. I am. Like fixed it's that. I think Chris each morning and if that's typical. OK so listen I told the story about your daughter has been a bell with nowhere else oh yeah. Right yup yup and then she'd get Tierra. There was some kid in the neighborhood that had an aero until particular for a quarter. It's all a lie the courtesy I'm sitting here listening to a story this morning. A late kid who has a boat with no arrow at the young but yet. Loverboy has an arrow would know he's all these seem real good at it seems. Actually hit with a bit of a few hits. But let me call eight. Christie Chris Christie heinous act that would do little plug and OK because I think this will have to sell something worse or cat or not depending on just one segment. Christie. Is a lady with Jamie that's going with us to the keep an -- and yes yes you are going to one of Biden's trip okay. You go because the lady you're listing to you right now obviously drink all the alcohol she walks. Well again it's well worth the trip itself that right there is the value of this trip so go ahead and call a number that you. 107284397. September 12 through the sixth but. But they know what does it Chris favorite thing to keep an eye and ask yourself think yeah. Aggressive now. Hit could be worth all the story that you're gonna hear she cluster terse energies. In key in my heart got opt out. Because you're dead aero bits he shot through the neighbor's garage this happened at Parker day this county and I imagine what's gonna happen in the demons. That would include the people if it's Vijay does have a good play in this story is why did your daughter have the boat without the Arabs. Com. We'll. It was my son and he was done with that and we just in the garage and she found its machine to cruise in the neighborhood with the boat and came upon instead to hit that had an farewell. Address one point one the equals the cops cops. I'm telling you it's like a Christmas miracle. I didn't miracle I don't showed up. Till about our stories are. The real people may be in the Cayman island to succeed achievements. I think you can be high I am not Columbia. Told you and affected travel what's that won't happen I just don't novel. I can't see the seems like it's gonna it's gonna be a liability not district and that's what you're gonna won a book this trip yeah I wanna go with this guy at. And the Internet and give the number 1807. To 84397. Let's go ultimately an inch immortal.