BJ & Jamie: Jamie's Friend Mia Called From Carolina While Hurricane Florence Is About To Hit 9/11

Tuesday, September 11th

Mia called us from Carolina. She is right on the coast and her area is under a mandatory evacuation but she is staying with her 9 year old daughter and her cats. She says that most of the supplies are gone and she is having a hard time finding sand bags. She says she is not scared and is actually at work today until 3.     

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PGA NG and they at least maintain their intensity ultimately overall and maybe even get stronger we have to watch out that possibility as well hurricane could get stronger percent. If you live even outside the tone don't let your guard down don't let your guard down people impacts not just from the wind. But from the rain and from the surge well away from where the center is do we get a save a life right now. How sad it well didn't I heard. I did well. Jamie's friend mania from high school we meet our lives in Wilmington, North Carolina I mean. That's the target that is bulls' side for this. A category four and she refuses to leave the area because why I dummy and yeah I watched. As credit union needs are or yeah well the credit union probably does meter but not to. During Davis. Did you see those lifeboats. And an icy like boat after hurricane I the National Guard and people were connected credit union while they have the credit union logo onside bundle of sudden lifeboats yes that's a great time to get publicity. Now now all of her friends on FaceBook including. Jamie and haven't tried top media in the leaving the area she's not the only person in Wilmington that's gonna stay. And right up her. And here is me on the line of may yeah. I. I. Talk about knee. We did she just what did you send. Great well mart Wal-Mart all all you can Wal-Mart you pray oh my god you think Wal-Mart herky wal mart's worsen though Florence. I really an error Aaron I can make any idea idea. Leah Reynolds may be being. Of the idea well a drill Mia. Agree I agree right. Your giving it up you're laughing about this this is a serious situation media. This is not about wrestling a grill from somebody at Wal-Mart but you're about to get a hurricane via we're trying to talk you into getting the hell out of there. I I any and I. I ain't even seen him maybe he. I want don't lean on and among actually work today. And and I won't eat or and then around thirteen and eighteen and it. Angry. Students. Sustain Leah Leah yeah he knows he does. Your decision to move there has nothing to do with getting the heck out of there before this or genius or Wilmington is a beautiful place I'm very familiar with this area of the country. And it's gorgeous there and I would love to live there myself but. When hurricane comes it for the hills they did you got to give the west for GP. We can't worry. On my desk and she didn't he and Torre with the other way Jimmy's very disappointing Jim can Torre to sport a silly and short yet. Yeah Berry. Mentioned he. Certainly all. I'll get back posted picture Jim can drain next a diet and he looks like he's about sourced wood to Diddy EU uphold the stats yet. How you like it is Friday so they have but I feel like. I feel like what they do in TV world is and like all of us like with her weight on that yet driver's license I feel like he's about 55 would you bid they've budget. And you know how walk around saying where he. Still. It wasn't certain she'd Wear flat sheet behind Nicole Kidman of Jim can divorce I certainly coupled three inches myself I'm always Sam run around sixty. A really difficult yeah equipment I'm not gonna unite to get my heightened my sense not even close but the. But I say to our. It. You can keep just gonna lose all contact with you regarding gonna be well and the does this tell sponsors I don't see that. Okay the net and through a hurricane. Why not. All I mean this is a 00 there are gonna get pictures. I wrote everyone else I wrote one out in Tampa Florida it was a category till it was it was very scary in this was a four hits double. It idiots and I had eight. And out and they can't local. I'm G-8 that's. And she's been either this or have named it in the situation possible right now. Meet your system. But I think. And again. Aren't. Marina. Arnold. Will meal what your daughter though you don't Yemeni girl. I seen ninety. Per. And he and normally only on iron I. Eat at all. Or most. Well. That's why I. Mia is in Wilmington, North Carolina friend of Jamie's from high school she's decided she's gonna ride the storm out big dummy. Everybody else in town is getting the heck out of there but media is like the only person with her daughter are gonna stick around to write it out at Wilmington north. Then I hear Al this I bigamy and know what's the chaos like Mia is like he began as people are leaving town. Not getting gas I. Can't. Not let alone now I. You know at 89%. Over attic gaps are out. We're like let's get the votes in order and all in saying why they're getting water in its don't eat well. You're not indicate any where we are not getting any worse or bullied. And the water. Water. I did get worn over the weekend I I thought all that we're prepared and records. What did your bathtub with water. Not yet and and get on. The scene. I. And the goal right there and mayor to be a wash. Michigan. You know that's one of the Libya that are washing machines that are gonna keep the face it's gonna melt in there when you get a giant. Cooler. Want to eat eat well number yeah cooler. Yeah. What should be here of what it'd be easier to be in Hampton kids somewhere Virginia it's. Isn't playing the angle is so it's easier to ask don't tell is it TNT and don't go to Charlotte, North Carolina just go to go west. Go to a Knoxville Tennessee or somewhere it yourself you know motel six to be a lot easier. Car. Are you glad you fork apps. Are now we can't be strict and on your. You really read. The letter that caught our daughter in the car. In cancer gonna freak me. Well. On. It's a good idea good idea you. And a gap because of the Dresser gonna go through this morning. Yeah this isn't gonna. Be this storm in the week to rock your area you have no idea you've never been through one. This is not elected tornado the tornado can be bad don't get me wrong but this thing. All this will last for hour. The problem worse from the midwest she thinks it's like and am tornados and it's not. Let me read you some detects that are getting real quick okay hey you big dummy you are supposed to ice in the washing machine don't like out of our. Never heard ice in the lacking right. European area and it. You never know I knew about the bathtub you're supposed to build up of water just so you've got water on hand. I actually said this. Right listen me I rode out that hurricane it was category four with my daughter was the most ironic title things that we've ever done and she's still to this stage talks about how stupid it was and she's whining now. It is up via. I said yes your decision as the column know I just worry about the title but it saved from I don't experience if you're in England say. Fifty miles maybe 6075 miles is it. It really decreases once he gets inland but you're on the coast bureau Ed willing to North Carolina you right there in the bullseye. Yeah. Even dependable guy he got he got beaten with your went to guard for some isolation best wowed me out. My husband works for FEMA and its people like you that spending it's like Indiana went on. Wilmington island demean those of who like somebody else said I'm out firefighter and people like her make me crazy and Ellison on that. Tonight yeah why do I have to put my life in danger because Stephen meandered down cat you know I can't via. Yeah three and live from just Shia so did you put your cats in the wash or they love it but I. Concurred it on the ice. I don't I somebody else said this is a real thing please put your Social Security number on your arm so we can identify your body. While it's. To hell yeah we have a tough crowd here yeah. Yeah they take no mercy on even honestly they beat us up every day. Of well yeah everybody though we used to McKinley had a problem and that they they they actually could deer camp senior editor at the big dinner that's got to I mean yeah. Yeah. The key to our little. He ate at all. And me out OK and and look at the pictures washing machine I've really. Well actually yeah Jamie Jamie and I will be here were leaving for the team and islands we have grown to breaking down their list. So yeah I you were about. You have and ours is nowhere near where yours yet is used and when you're as bad boy might delay I takes hit a tee somebody says hey is me hot I really am ever. A woman. Is hot and she is single. Still there you can we can bring Brad to comment on gay and she has a job a great job should not smartest person in the world. Because of this decision says hey would you dad right are we have a great day you good luck. Good luck I have not. Let stealing your daughter I laugh at home leg. I think she I think it. So she is she's got such a carefree attitude. In an and its like she I know she's under radios and therefore hemming just a bit but I don't know she's taking this very seriously it's that's what she is on my face updates. She really eyes on time. I'm a warrior she's never been through once he has no idea what they're about to get in this thing could intensify to a cat five. I think my friend Brad who has been through her game. I'm heat he was writing her and paste and as well and he said I don't think anybody ever thinks this will happen to you. That's a problem we all have that mentality like that it will happen so now she is going to be different than everybody else I was in floored. It's been several years ago if you remember there was. That went into homestead Florida. Eighty leveled that town I mean literally leveled it I hope this doesn't nipple where mail lists but these things when they get to category four category five. They're ugly they are devastate. But we all have that thing that we think it because this is not a good. Example but it is an example. So there was this car right yeah. And had the worst rating from JD powers that Dayton is JP JD out whatever JD powers & Associates were spreading ever. About the cart is not going to be different. It was a different you know. Joseph is a crack she. And I. Haven't may. I don't know you just everything he do that they are we I'll elaborate you did your you have that mentality there are people Jimmy and it went in these hurricane areas. Their deal the throw hurricane party. I guarantee you were meal lives right now there is someone some Yahoo! that is organizing for he and his friends have herky part I do it in its just a crazy idea but they do it all the. And well it happened she webware wasn't where at the superdome or whatever nobody could be that New Orleans did you ever thought that event via an entry had and I feel like everybody's talking about this month. That it's as big as Katrina I mean people are freaking out did you see that picture of that the map of Colorado and then they superimposed. The one that does not make incident yet they did this storm on top the Colorado covered up. In with a hurricane I don't know if you know the snub to get a double whammy. A lot of times especially if you're the target. Bullseye of these storms like Wilmington is. You're gonna get probably three or four hours of storm and it's going to be asked to end and then it's gonna call me and you think it's over with but it's really the I'd distort. Because in the eye of the storm it's very call it in on the backside of that it's even worse. So let me ask you something. Why would go in the Cayman Islands ma if there's a law that's a that's a small boy. Down there that's that we don't know yet we don't know I think. No it's a category one to go around serve and she won an inch again to step three in the capital a but they're not forecasting that went to get anywhere near what this witness this Florence to use deadly and I mean absolutely does and India. Unique and new you journalist to journalist Alan. And we see more on Alex I.