BJ & Jamie: Jamies Morning is already upsetting 11/9

Thursday, November 9th

Jamie has a photo shoot today, she put up her 12 feet high tree, and also is summoned to jury duty, and she is thinking of ways to not go


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Vijay and Jamie it's not. Good morning Jamie Dwight Howard you and I look at your cool disheveled and as well what's. You know there's nothing more than having to get it where photo shoot here in the morning you know I I thought of that when they shouldn't have to. Leaving my house this morning I thought boy she snags. Had I just because you know that's been amendment but you know it does because you know any time you have that extra X. Extra extra stuff you have to do it after the show it kinda throws that it's the best hole. It's getting up X well early going to get a shower and get everything together right I. And after it's the before I know but what it was saying is that any time we have something you have to do later in the day that you don't really get to go back home you've got to wrap. You gotta be Brady to go listens to show's over. I think this talent there's talent there's. There's there's now yeah sometimes happen till we just wish that I got video where he parents not to let what exactly guys shooting. We're going to castle rat crap okay. Yeah I'd love those guys super funds item I go in there afterwards at all on and I loved and the chamber is that legit making a hyper and it and deeper 800 calories so I usually did cheeseburger and he went into the agents then. Have to bring them back at Kirkland yeah well it's going to be one of those days again as their biggest problem for him for a bit well. The studio just yet he so I had an. Connected Christensen would be I had. I looked early on badly did the train thing this year I haven't done anything yet I'll put it up it's twelve feet hi all while just putting an app was a whole thing. Until I got it up there and I have all these boxes and then today it was. You have so that take actions Alfred state. So life's not easy and most measuring your single mom didn't ask and hello I am driving away and I looked at the floorboards. There's my son issues. Since he shoots her my card. So I turn around her to take back issues. And helps because I forgot when he got the car is what it's like day. Hey you know late they'd leave she loosened some of the poor kid only has one pain we felt the that the likes only when you're there than it is true that grow out of every five minute drive they've actually gotten. What Blair who feels would bear it yeah it does to get everybody knows that they grew adamantly today you don't know. More than they go well and they get them all wet and they stink so bad hit after you have costs and he kept. From that point right in those socks and and get them wet you know did I I arguably got mail over there. What's going on here what what it would you. They. To confirm me neither report to this number. And press two after 5 PM the business day prior to or log onto a web page. Denver dot Colorado jury got are all know you got the summons if your juror number is Liz did. You must report. Chief does let's list it could be missing for a few weeks does lets list. But listen my juror number yes figured that you read that asset. Yeah so yeah you're going to be on a trial yeah it's like you're gonna be gone and show probably for at least a moment. This probably a big news here are some missing you out there because I have ideas. I have ideas. They love skits of the the pick and a lot down there. He didn't do that that's look at this. Especially when prudently and to market with a little trust me Jamie yeah I know yet via mail and see you're gonna walk in there and you go you don't have to act music. Either got to look at and they get a safe right now and a now that we don't we don't they go on home. Wolf we'll take care this honor what hope does a person in the team and on her own we don't need you. You'll be five you would find that puts me I need to take. Art CD box but for what because there's no parking around there. They tell you to take a bus to get down there do limited parking public transportation is strongly suggested RTD passes are available on Iran. It is tough to parked it is that the main courthouse don't know where that. It's not lately planning in the courthouse whose Lindsay Flanagan I don't know why did you have a courthouse and I guess you season dropped a you go out against is in trouble my aunt are so what is he a jury will be important there the day after Thanksgiving. On Black Friday and I'm sorry the Monday after Thanksgiving whom you should be. You see it that means that he had abstinence that's in the Denver criminal court house has said. All right yes fox and Colfax com and visit this week is written you could be sequestered. They can sequester her you are are you can't stop bird can't sequester. You're not gonna be chose today provide daycare. They sense about him to cut a plus yeah yeah yeah ride right giving him to run a school Oneida. Give our siblings daycare give it to me for a week and a hug not being able run. And she used to media except that you are similar problem with it as a template issues that house. What what a day hunt. This is used to but I don't. Six royals out little boy Jihad can't fly if you live and it's a little stressful until I profits rough I mean you have grown and you get all the crap that goes with that kid I thought yeah out of my life is quite peaceful. I tell you Ike again. Is this. And now it out here. It tells you want to do what's crime shows put it over the sport to tell you what to you that you could do would be happy. Boxes around you life's gonna ask really I don't double hectic stuff that you have going on and pressure either way of thinking but that wouldn't forget a blonde wig. And so but TK. And you need me. I can put little you can you know you give me your drivers OK and yeah he's completely cool at night saying run down there in. Right I get a feel of crime chosen a more complete I get a feeling if you sit me down there address that way they would come and rescue later but it. I think when you have to show up you got issued a lot I don't to give Joey yeah I don't get it took time what time this is that you have to be there and I 8 o'clock is evidence that they're all we're gonna think they are currently. All right and. A backpack for you are I've never been on jury duty either I think cold fronts. Several occasions but I call the number and and I might never never comes up. So I've ever have to go. There was once when I was a question or old to be there just to go through the process of the screening. And I made some silly excusing got out of it. Let's not that's a shot like you have to call this number aren't but and it has like OK good he's like you know you might not get on it and then it says if you're number appears in you have to go. Yes I did and now because oh what I am talking about when when this happens to me this was many years ago and maybe ten years ago reception you actually talk to somebody you would call down there but now what do you think talked did you work ethic is all prompted by the the total. Well and it it right I dated and I call those the number and it gave me the range. Jurors between range 296. And 495. Do not need to Sheila brat and my I was in that range and that was it. If you were number. Is it do have to show up I don't think you actually gets talked to someone where you can say hey look you go out to be out of the country imminently in the it each yeah exactly dissent if you are number is not and that rain still up at 8 o'clock Danzig. Time isn't what you do you have a kid. You bring them and I don't know rain and a car hit telltale coordinate. And I I don't know I don't know how that works because I'm sure somebody can tell us. I got a feeling that and might be a good out. Well yeah good it's it's an Zardari did. I did a great I think it yeah. Haven't seen here. The postponement business is I understand amendment I have to I have a vacation that health. You know I don't imagine a student at issues. They shouldn't keep you out of there. Check the path. Into the importance on Alex.